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iv just brought 1 of these and being new to it all i was wondering the wire that goes to the track to give it power can you buy these or do you have to make them if so what wire is it thanks in advance 

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Hi Anthony,

You can buy a power connecting clip that goes into Hornby track or pair of Peco clips that go in to Peco track but you have to put the wires to them yourself. This method is only really fine for a small 6'x4' or 8'x4' trainset type layout (e.g. Hornby Trakmat).
For anything bigger, if you use flexitrack and certainly outdoors, you will need to solder power feeds to the track. What you do is run a thicker 2-core wire or two wires around with the track, this is called a bus. Then you solder smaller "dropper" wires between the bus and the track at intervals. You can't rely on the rail joiners (fishplates) to transmit the power reliably in the long term.
A guide to wiring can be found at https://www.brian-lambert.co.uk/Electrical_Page_1.html

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