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Heljan Class 26 possible chassis defect

Clay Mills Junction

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I've titled this with possible chassis defect as I can't be 100% sure this is a defect as it is not like the other defects widely reported like the Class 47. I will try to get photos but since I've now modified the parts it won't show.

So last time I was up at my Dad's I decided to run our Infrastructure 26, since it is actually quite a nice runner and a nice model. Immediately I ran it, there was a regular clonking as it went around the track. I opened it up and discovered the plastic components that the bogie towers hang off had broken at both bogies. Part 38 in the below spares list.

I've repaired both with metal brass rod down the middle of the horizontal prongs that had broken off but on replacing them into the chassis neither of them fitted. The strengthening webbing on the prongs was too wide to fit between the chassis legs. The loco hadn't been dropped or anything prior to these parts breaking so I now think that the chassis might have expanded and put the squeeze on the components causing them to break. I can't rule out that it was down to temperature though and also haven't found it reported elsewhere so could be a one-off.

It was a simple enough fix as the brass rod down the middle of them will give enough strength and I've cut back the webbing by about 1mm each side. I will buy a couple of spares when they come back in stock.
It is a shame as I really like the model other than this and I'd probably still have another if and when funds allow.

I will keep an eye on it generally for other signs the chassis might be expanding but as it stands the chassis deck is straight and the body isn't tight or anything.


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