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Magnetic reed switches

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As you will know when it comes to anything electrical l an a bit of a dumbo. So l have some magnetic reed switches that l wish to fit to my battery powered locos so l can isolate the battery when not in use rather than keep taking the battery out. I have tried this on one but l can't get it to work. I assume l just attach the wires to either end of the switch and pass a magnet over it to open and close the circit but zilch happens. Now when you all stop laughing can anyone point out where the village idot has gone wrong please.

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Is the reed switch designed to be off until a magnet passes near it, or is it designed to be on?

Try taking a 9 volt battery and a simple light bulb and making a small circuit like so: battery > light bulb > reed switch > back to battery

What happens when your apply the magnet?

It should solve your problem for you. 

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you mention that you “pass” the magnet over. Do you take it away ?

The reed switch only operates when the magnet is near it, it doesn’t latch (stay in position). 

you’ll need a circuit / different component otherwise. As Steve said a link to the part would help.

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