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This week i've become a convert to Print at Home. I've had a few freebie downloads hanging around on my hard drive for years but never got round to building them. I even picked up a DVD of them at a show or sale or something, sometime...

Lockdown, actually, a bitterly cold day in in Lockdown, pushed me toward Print at Home. I started with the simple and within an hour or two I had a perfectly reasonable back scene building.


But my printer wasn't cutting the mustard so I got a mate to do some. He got carried away and delivered me half a ream of print out.

Taking this more seriously I decided to spray the sheets with lacquer before construction. This was rather satisfying as it darkened and enriched the print. It also protected the print form later mishaps with glue! The result was great


I upped the complexity slightly with a lots more windows...


Improving my techniques with each model I stepped it up from very low relief to stander low relief.

This was a much more complicated build. But the experience on the simple stuff helped and I knew what I was doing.


Especially on the adhesives. The office block had bowed baldly, which I put down to the use of PVA. I've developed a system of switching between Prit-stik for large flat surfaces and PVA for wrap-a-rounds. I also placed glued elements under a brick or while drying.


The final result of the 1930s factory is very impressive. 

The plan is for them to form a moveable backscene for Amblethorpe which will drop in near Colwick Station.


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I built a three unit version of one of the kits for a mates back scene. I had to trim it down to size by 1 cm per unit, but this was done in the software and the plotter cutter did the hard work. Got through another 9 cereal boxes on this build.


I think I cut up a dozen cereal boxes to build a 1.2m retaining wall for another mate.

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