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Stenbrottkulle Järnväg / Quarry Hill Railway

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Hi all, 

bit of a transfer from the planning forum. 

i've finially got a baseboard in place! it will be joined by another and then i'll put a small amount of track down.

Since the photo was taken, i've felted the baseboard and fixed the roof and walls in place.



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Good to see someone else making progress. If you're sticking to the original plan published earlier there's not much further to go!

It can seem a daunting task when you begin but as was said earlier, just work on small sections at a time and it will all eventually come together. Look upon it as a long-term project because even if that's not the original intention, it will turn out that way for sure. By completing sections at a time it gives you somewhere to run trains as work progresses, even if it's only back and forth.

Keep up the good work and keep letting us know how you're getting on.

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Hi Mick... thanks for the comments! its definately a longer term project! However I've made some more progress! 









sorry... i'm on my phone and not able to fix the order...

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note about pics
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made the most of the good weather we had, and the dry days since the weather turned to get further with the build. 

2 new 2ft wide, 160cm long boards have been added, which will feature a small loco yard, a goods loop and a couple of sidings (when the points etc arrive from hattons!!) 

the control panel in grey shown has the final track plan in this area. (a couple of printing errors on the sheet which i'll fix later)

The remote / local switch will eventually switch which controller the sections are attached to... remote will be hornby's hm6000 when it is released. Local is a gaugemaster  w. 

back in the shed, another switch will do the same thing... but for now, switching it to remote takes the controller feed from the gaugemaster w. local feeds from the gaugemaster D.











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well.... it occurred to me i've not updated the post. After a promising start, i had no further development over the summer due to peco not being able to fulfill orders... this has since been resolved and some points, motors etc are waiting in my hattons trunk.... however, i've had a problem with my fence and taken the two boards down so that I can deal with it...so it will be some time before I can carry on. 

I have however decided that i'm going to replace the shed with a larger one, So that my tools etc are not separate. I'll also lower the railway so its more stable, as I won't be attaching it to the fence.


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