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Asylum have room for one more?


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Have been quietly lurking for a while, daughter has been asking about a railway, I have wanted an excuse for years. 

So I have been reading up and tried a few things at home, the biggest annoyance for me was the trains chasing their tail. While in the garden I absently looked at the perimeter wall around our patio and with a couple of 'bridges', (trains don't do 90 deg) I could see two loops connected by a good 20ft of straight with station/shunting potential. Think wonky sunglasses. Then a couple of small adds dropped around 100ft of track in my lap, well you gotta do it eh?

Anyway, have the primary loop down so the daughter can mess about, its probably 20 ft of track with one 6ft siding and a 3 ft. I have certainly learned a new respect for the words 'flat' and 'gap'.

So I am mechanically sound in my skills, normally used on automotive but im sure it transfers. Will be on with questions im sure but its a lovely way to pass the lockdown time, wife is onboard too. 

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