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Camdale HO scale Garden Railway


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Hi Roddy, good to hear from you yeah being in hospital for 11 weeks is enough, only lasted to weeks and had to go to the Ipswich hospital and at long last home ward bound tomorrow all up have lost 25 kilos of fluid was i5 at the PA , lost 10 kilos at the Ipswich.

Will rest up fort he first two weeks and not going back had enough even tho the nurses and doctors look after you  can't complain there and the food is good get afternoon tea and morning tea I usually get a lemonade .

First scratch building project is model the British HST coaches they are pretty long like the new colour schemes for my 66 scale diesel to pull.

Glad to hear from you , take care care Tony from don under keeping on moving a head 

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Hello everyone!
Unfortunately I have very sad news for you.
Desley, the wife of Tony (aussietmrail) informed me in the early morning (for me) of September 24th that Tony had passed away in the morning (in Australia).
He must have been very unwell the days before.
To be honest, I still can't quite get it.
I will definitely miss the "Talks with Australia" very much.

Kind regards

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It's heart-breaking news. Someone who contributed so much to the forum but who has sadly been taken before he could realise his layout dreams.

We've shared Tony's ups and downs for over 7 years, and the poor man has endured his fair share of downs during that time, but he somehow managed to keep smiling and 'moving ahead'! I will miss his presence greatly here as I am sure the majority of our members will.

My heartfelt condolences go to his wife and to all his family. Rest in peace Tony.


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Hi, Yes, extremely sad news. It came as a huge shock. We had built up a really good friendship and we were in touch with him virtually on a daily basis up until he was admitted to hospital. Her really was a truly wonderful human being. We even swapped some of our rolling stock, one of which was his beautiful Flying Scotsman and 12 coaches. I will cherish these for ever. 

It's also so sad that he never got to finish all his big projects that he was working on.

My condolences to Desley and his family.

RIP Tony.

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How sad that cheerful, optimistic Tony, always so full of ideas, new projects and revisions to the plans for his dream railway, has now left us.  All the regular readers of this forum will share his family's sorrow and will miss his fascinating contributions, and digressions into shipbuilding and other things.

The loss to his wife and family will be tremendous.  Tony had shared with us an earlier family tragedy which must have been a great blow to him, although his positive and ambitious approach to model railway building may have helped him cope with that.  It certainly kept him occupied, and the way he revised his plans to adjust to the recent house move was another sign of his can-do attitude.

I shall be very sorry not to see any further contributions ending with that cheery byline: "Tony from down under keep on moving ahead".


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