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Delivery dates - better kept quiet?

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Over recent years I think we've all become accustomed to proposed delivery schedules of new models slipping back so is it worth a manufacturer trying to give a firm delivery date or not? Here's some responses provided on another forum when questioned about the arrival of one model which sees the stated delivery slip from July 2019 through to possibly early 2020.

23 Mar: ....Pre-ordering is now open with a delivery date of July 2019....

4 July: All going well we will have a limited amount flown in to cover pre-orders and the rest will arrive by sea in a few months time

24 July: Production is still on going but they will be on the way to us in a few weeks time. A tad later than hoped but they'll be here before you know it!

6 Aug: ....and with the alterations required we must revise delivery to the end of September...

26 Sept: ...They’re due in early December at the very latest, but should be with us towards the end of November...

1 Nov: ...However, it's coming to the final straight now and we are still on course for December...

5 Nov: ...only pre-ordered....will arrive by air in December...

11 Dec: ....due to fly out of China on December 16th, so there is a very very slim chance they will arrive before the big jolly man in red arrives...

18 Dec: ...we envisage delivery will be post Christmas, late December and early January...

I've been keeping track of these because it's a model I've ordered and paid for in advance. I just wish they wouldn't provide what appears to be a firm date only for that to be revised again just a few weeks later.

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