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Dapol class 66 in O gauge for £276!


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Dapol have recently announced they are to produce an O gauge version of the class 66 diesel locomotive with prices starting at around £276 for the analogue version. Compared to the price of some Heljan O gauge diesel models that's amazing value for money, in fact you could just about get two Dapol class 66's for the price of one similarly sized Heljan diesel loco. Is that great value from Dapol or excessive pricing on the part of Heljan?

We recently had a post from one of our members telling us that he has decided to give up on OO and enter the world of O gauge so I was wondering if any of you would be tempted by this new Dapol offering? 

As tempting as this offering might be, and I don't rule out getting a model of the class 66 myself if only for static display, there's always going to be the problem of space with O gauge and I for one wouldn't be happy running a heavy diesel and a maximum of four or five wagons all the time. There's also the fact that 36 'O' gauge MGR's would set me back an additional £1,680.


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I had not paid much attention to the Dapol announcement (or the Heljan class 40 one either) because, as with my OO collection, I am sticking fairly rigidly to the timescale (mid 1970's) within which my O gauge models will fall. Luckily, short trains will not look too out of place within this period and I have pretty much all that I want, from whats currently available r-t-r. so, despite the price, its a no from me. I was just relieved it wasnt a class 68, because I think I would have caved in for that! (thats a point, if you see a OO 68 for sale in TPE livery can you let me know - I cant find one anywhere).

Its an interesting question you pose Mick, regarding Dapol and Heljan pricing, especially as lots of "experts" on certain other web forums take great delight in pulling Heljan diesels to pieces, without mercy. £276 seems an absolute bargain for an O gauge loco. Having said that, Im not adverse to paying £400 - £600 for a Heljan loco. Its about horses for courses - what can I afford and what cant I afford and if they seem to be value for money. Im currently wanting to buy another O gauge loco, to operate alongside my Western, but am having to do a bit of saving to do so and also balancing that expenditure with costs involved in rebuilding my railway (which are adding up quickly) and paying for a couple of other OO gauge pre-orders that arent far off delivery.

Maybe you might decide to thin out your OO MGR fleet, to finance an O gauge fleet - just kidding! 

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48 minutes ago, ba14eagle said:

....Maybe you might decide to thin out your OO MGR fleet, to finance an O gauge fleet - just kidding! 

I doubt that, in fact I've been adding to them when I've been able to grab them at the right price. Some on eBay have been going for over £20 each but I've still been able to drop on them for less than a tenner.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Heljan class 56 hopefully some time next year. It's the loco I'm most fond of but I doubt it'll be at a price comparable to the Dapol 66.

I'm sure there'll be further 68's released in TPE livery if you don't manage to locate one before hand. The Accurascale MK5 coaches should guarantee it. If I do see one I'll be sure to let you know.

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