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O gauge wagon collection


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In readiness for a possible house move and construction of my 3rd garden railway, Ive started collecting a few O gauge wagons 😉 - dont worry, there will still be a OO gauge line as well.

Ive had a few of the wagons out for a bit of weathering. Here are the results.


The first, is a kit built, 6 wheel milk tanker. Bought off EBay (bargain for £20!!) I removed the private owner name and added some distressing and weathering.


This is a Skytrex 12t plywood van. It has been renumbered / new transfers and weathered. Since the photo was taken, Ive added some chalk scribblings - empty dates, destinations etc and replaced the missing vacuum brake pipes.


A Dapol 16t mineral wagon. Has been lightly weathered, as this style of body was added to underframes in the early 1970's, so it wont be completely rusted out by 1975/76. Ive weathered the interior too and added a bit of coal dust, as it may be run empty.

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... now if you just change the wheels to HO gauge, you could run your O scale, as On30, on your OO gauge garden railway. ;) 

Those are nice models. It's such a problem being into a variety of scales. I managed to offload my G scale to a friend's son.

If I examine my collection I still have: N scale, HO scale in american, uk, and continental themes, and my lionel 3 rail O gauge set.

Must try to stay focused and finish up my 55n3 models.




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