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Foray into O gauge

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No I'm not about to jump ship and cross to the other side but after learning of Iain's dismay at discovering he has insufficient space to run O gauge alongside his OO gauge Summer Hampton Railway I thought I'd start a topic to discuss our thoughts on O gauge rather than mixing things up in unrelated threads.

Iain's not alone as I also have a number of O gauge loco's but like him I also have nowhere to run them. At the present time I have no plans for constructing an O gauge line but perhaps sometime in the future I may decide to do so.

Yesterday I actually ordered two Dapol O gauge HAA wagons because they were the wagons I was most closely involved with during my time working on the railways and although I have a large number of them in 4mm scale, the larger version really does appeal to me. The trouble with O gauge is that there's no way I could recreate a typical MGR train formation because I don't have the space to do so nor do I have a spare £1,400 for a basic 30 wagon set! However, MGR wagons lend themselves very well to being shunted around and all you need is a little old class 08 in order to do so, and you can get an O gauge class 08 loco and one MGR wagon for little more than the cost of a 'new' OO gauge loco these days.

A limited space O gauge shunting type layout would appeal to me, especially so if the loco was fitted with a good soundchip, though that would increase the cost further.

I see that Heljan plan to release an O gauge class 56 locomotive too - now that again is something I would be tempted by because like the HAA it's what I used to work with and there's no reason why it couldn't be used for shunting duties as well. We shunted HAA's with class 56s regularly so maybe a small shunting yard could be a possibility for later.

No matter how much the larger scale appeals to me I wouldn't want to lose the ability to be able to run the scale length trains that modelling in OO gauge affords so there's no danger of me turning my back on OO just yet but I see no reason why we can't have a little dabble.

O gauge has seen some remarkable changes over recent years in the availability of an array of models at much more affordable prices but have you been tempted yourself?


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As you say Mick, I will post a response to your comments on my Summer Hampton thread, here, so as not to go off on a tangent, over there!

I only intended a bit of dabbling, as it were, when those naughty people at Dapol offered the 08 for less than £200. I had 2 or 3 sheets of board left from the Summer Hampton construction, so sliced them up, with the intention of making a long shunting plank to play / shunt on. This I was going to attach to the fence posts on 1 side of the garden. However, when I checked out the strength of the fence, I decided this might not be such a great idea. It might be ok for an 08 and a few wagons, but the Western weighs a ton, so, I am steering clear of temptation!

A house move would be the answer to my prayers - but that's not going to happen in the near future.   

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My intention is for just a bit of dabbling too. I already know that there's no likelihood of an O gauge line alongside Worsley Dale and even though my garden isn't small I would want more available space for a decent run in 7mm scale. I'd certainly like to do something with the O gauge models I already have but for now I'm trying to concentrate fully on the OO gauge.

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I received my two O gauge Dapol HAA wagons today and I must say I was blown away with them. They look amazing and have a really heavy quality feel to them weighing in a shade over 400g.

I would be interested to know if an O gauge loco would be capable of hauling 36 of these around - just in case I win the lottery and move to a home with a garden large enough to run a full rake of them.

Here's a few quick photos of one of the wagons


Unfortunately, Dapol have chosen not to model the full interior detail.


Lovely detail - just as I remember them!


I love the detail here, even the adjustment disc on the brake cylinder is faithfully modelled.


There are a pair of instanter couplings in the pack for fitting as well as a lamp bracket and tail lamp.

Wonderful - I want some more!!

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There are some things you cannot to in HO scale.

Your new wagon is nice. BTW ;) 

For instance if I want a decent Shay model, my best bet is to go On30.

I've been playing with an odd scale lately, It is sort of an inbetween- er scale for those who want to do 3 foot narrow gauge by using Ho scale mechs. And of course there is also 35mm scale which works out nicely for those who want to do 2 foot gauge.

So yeah, whatever, run some trains -- But make sure to post some pictures here for the rest of us to see. :D


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I dealt with thousands of these wagons Griff when I worked on the railway transporting coal from colliery to power stations. That's the sole reason I'm so attached to them and why I have over 100 of them in OO gauge. The larger version is so much more impressive though.

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On 30/09/2018 at 19:09, ba14eagle said:

...I'd be itching to get them dirty :lol:

I know how you feel Iain. I just need to pluck up some courage before letting loose on them. I've also got all the OO gauge ones to weather!!

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