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Deano’s Garden Railway.

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Hi Deano, Thomas,  I have being  told to use heavier wire for the main line, some modelers use house wire, too thick for me, the thickness wire I use is about 1mm thick for the main line and using thinner wire for the station track  blocks close to the panel., that price is pretty good, I buy by the meter , working out on the length of the module . I buy at time enough wire for a few blocks , so there isn't too much wastage.

Did  a bit more work on the corner module today, two more blocks to make bus wire harness.

Tony from cloudy down under.

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Hello Tony,
So you use cables as they are installed in cars with 1mm² ??
I use cable with 0,25mm² and these should be at 16 to 20 volts for min. 5A be good.
That would be about 100 watts of transferable power (or 0.1 kilowatts).
That seems to me sufficient even for DCC.
For cables with 1mm², you could chase through 15 to 16A at 16V, so an output of about 250W.
I do not know a transformer for DC which creates more than 70W.

For a cable of 1mm², the price is okay.
However, I do not want to offend you, but I think you spend money unnecessarily.

It is not a problem to use thick cables, I also use house cables that I have from the construction of our house still there.
But spending a lot of money in my opinion is not necessary.

Best Regards


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