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Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

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Have made a start on marking and cutting the  arch sections that will make up the arch, I will use the first pieces as a template for the other sections, I am cutting up off cut pieces I have for each section  today and be starting on the very last corner module, level it and set up all the sections and modules, be an awesome site indeed .

I am not sure what size dowel I will use 9mm or 12 mm , may be for the first one  as it will be taking the main strain.

Tony from cold down under.




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What with a ship and now a suspension bridge plus a spiral on your layout, all at the same time, you dont like keeping things simple Tony! I find it difficult enough just getting the baseboards down and level. Keep the photos coming.



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HI Mark, I like to keep busy, gets my mind off my health issues, the bridge isn't really  a  suspension bridge, designed on the Sydney harbor bridge and modern construction methods modeled on a concrete arch, the bridge has to be in two half's, join in the middle.

Hopefully will turn out and look ok, haven't done any work on the ship for a week, being watching Australian Coast, two more episodes  to go, the BBC did a doco  on NZ Coast too, which I hope to buy, two seasons

Where are you cruising now, is it still cold or warming up .

Tony from down under

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