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Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale


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I am watching your ship take shape and am really impressed. I watched two new passenger ships being built in a shipyard in Venice for Seabourn and other than you using card and we used 18mm steel the build is almost the same!

I hope you are keeping the ferry company up to date with the build. They would be delighted to see it.




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HI Mark, good to hear  from you, a question how can I contact you on Facebook, I am under my name  and  pic of me dressed up for a wedding .

I have made more progress, actually made a start on the second section layout the keel for that section and bought  a small bottle of Canadian club Whisky, nice drink.

Ready to cut out the first bulk head, doing it different to the bow section, the water line to the bottom to the main deck be part of the bulkhead, should make the construction stronger, is 18 mm's longer.

Be working on the ship tonight, yeah that is what Thomas said, I am building Corona Sea like she was built, amazing what you said I am using 1 mm card and the real cruise ships use 18mm steel plates, do you have  pics of those cruise ships being built , what I am thinking of building next.

The last pic being the bulkhead marked out with underneath the main deck added.

I have being working on the double deck bridge, have cut out where the brackets the will support the road and the hangers for the main arch, I have marked out the brackets that  the hangers to screwed to, all up both sides of one half of the bridge, it has being very hot here, high 30's all week every week. 

After tea I have being working on the bridge, has cooled down enough to get some stuff done, might finish of the first half of the road deck, still a lot of work ahead, have to make brackets that will screw  the hanger brackets for the rail deck, then there is the arch to build, keep  me busy for the next few weeks till it cools down enough for the Camdale to take shape.

How is your layout doing, are you back on your ship again, let me know as I can track where you are like I can track Corona Sea.


More on the way next week so no work on Camdale till it gets cooler wont be till March, two weeks of summer left, tonight I will cut out the first bulkhead out glue the two together, mark out the inside panel that will be part of the hull to hold the first one in place.








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Have come a log way since February, an actual milestone indeed, I have finished the keel and bottom water line plate last night, 14 more bulkheads to cut out and glue in place , looking at the four sections she is turning out to be a stunning ship indeed. I don't think anyone had modeled a ship this size and out of cardboard. I am going to put her into a scratching building competition and see how I go.

Going to start on the stern section and get it out the way, a lot of work in marking out and cutting, like a challenge.

Tony from down under



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On 25/04/2019 at 11:51, aussietmrail said:

...looking at the four sections she is turning out to be a stunning ship indeed. I don't think anyone had modeled a ship this size and out of cardboard. I am going to put her into a scratching building competition and see how I go...

You get my vote Tony!

You're right, she's going to look stunning when you get it all together. I hadn't realised you intended modelling the whole thing - for some reason I thought it was just going to be the front section like a low relief effect.

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I have always wanted to build a container ship or Ro, Ro ship , fell in love with the ship I am modelling, even better I am good friends with the captain he takes a lot of pics of  the decks ramps, some more pics for him to take when he joins the ship again soon.


You're right, she's going to look stunning when you get it all together. I hadn't realized you intended modelling the whole thing - for some reason I thought it was just going to be the front section like a low relief effect.


Thanks , no idea when I will finish building the hull, what to finish it, so I can rebuild the bow section and start on the superstructure and bridge. I am looking at using servo's to work the hydraulic rams on the stern ramps, any ideas, that will blow people away when they see the ramps coming down, got plenty of room where I can hide the servo's

will start work on the last stern bulkhead, be the hardest one, tomorrow night.

Tony from down under


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I am now working on the stern ramp, going to take a while to build, couldn't use cardboard for the framing on the underneath of the ramp, had to use styrene  instead, might have to styrene for the decking of the ramp as well, as you will see in the pic of the  real ship's stern ramp.

First pic the real ship, sister ship to the ship I am modelling ,next pic is a test pic of the ramp closed and next one open, last pic a close up of how I worked out the pin, tooth pick, the bolts I had, even though they were only small still was too big..

There be another bracket on the other side and be think styrene to lock the pin in place, if you look closer at the first pic the end plate  past  the stern bulkhead goes up on an angle and those brackets go down to the top of that plate.

The length of the ramp is 235 mm's in length , all up be4 of those long frames, I still haven't worked out how to power the ramp to open and close.

Tony from down under

IMG_1072  a.jpg




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Have finely  made the double deck stern ramp, took three attempts , I had to use a tooth pick for the pins, the smallest I could find, the stern ramp is taking me longer than I thought just as hard as the bow section, which I will rebuild later, glad the ship is in four sections, if I make a mistake can start that section again , is a learning curve as I want to build a radio control model.

Pics one and two and second last pic  gives an idea  on the hinges, can notice more on the single stern ramp which is higher up, my hinges are different,  didn't get the  pics till after I made my hinges, take a closer look there is acap  between the ramp when it is down and the main deck , mine is 7 mm's, I plan to use tape glues to the ramp and the bridge plates for it to work.

Tonight I be starting work on the single ramp, still won't be able to glue the end bulkhead in place till the work on the ramps are finished , I have made the ramp to site 2 mm's lower that the main deck, can see that in the second last pic and ramp ison a 45 degree angle, mine not needed , the last pic showing how big that plate is on the stern, must be to stop wash from the props flooding the main deck 

More progress work tonight , still have hydraulic rams to make, like the m to be working ones,thinking of using heavy string  for the rams, any ideas.


Tony from windy down under. 






66761738_672724586484345_3842441849407012864_n (1).jpg


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  • 11 months later...

Progress pics have come a lot further ahead sine last post, gee 10th of August 2019 now July 2020 and have moved to a new house since then, I am now working on the second last stern hull section, decided to glue in place four end bulkheads so I can join up  the four hull sections..

WOW she is going to look stunning sitting just past my bridge birthed at   the Ro, Ro dock on my layout , still a couple weeks away to finish this hull section , spent a couple of night  over the weekend to glue those bulkheads in place .

Once this hull section is finished will glue together the two stern sections so I can mark and cut the  starboard side panels will take ship like in the last pic talking about the upper deck to the top deck .

It is pretty cold here and windy no work on the layout, hopefully tomorrow it is warmer.


Tony from down under






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It has being 5 months since last update, which has come a long way, concentrating the bridge construction rear window panels wasn't easy buy I have found quick way of gluing them in place.

The port side is done I may use 00 scale figures will see the difference when I drop into the hobby shop after hospital appointment  early January . 

The bridge was prefab construction.

Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum  .

Tony from down under 



IMG_0247 a.jpg


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Good to see you're still making progress Tony. I'm not sure I'd have the same level of patience or the dedication required to keep me going for such a lengthy time. It's going to look very impressive once completed.

Have a great and safe Christmas and a much better New Year to everyone.

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Hi Mick, hope you had a great Christmas, and was out of the way of the covid19  .

When I put my mind to it I stick to it,  I should of used a ply construction and built the draft after 

, still could and  water  proof the card ,

 The model is getting a name change from Corona Sea to Jutlandia Sea , my captain be changing ships in January , strange thing that because that was the ship I was going call my model after , was built in 2010 only ten years old .

Back on the ship's bridge tonight working on the starboard side  window panels , will get there , being at  it for 3  years .


Tony from down under, have a happy new Mick .


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  • 1 month later...

The bridge is well under way in taking shape, the  rear window panels are in place and the port side window panel  is also in place, I have also finished the interior fitting starboard side , now looking for the office chairs in HO scale.

If I can track down the cab interior seating of a loco is very similar, if anyone has any other ideas be a big help.

Haven't being able to work on the layout, hate February  to unstable weather wise, rain for the rest of the week, possavble storm today. 

Tony from down under  




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  • 2 weeks later...

More progress work on the bridge gluing the port side window panel in place, I need to finished the window sill  starboard side before cutting out the front window panel which has 8 windows to cut out, getting pretty good cutting the  windows out , a sharp kniffe blade is needed . I buy a pack of 10 blades at Big W like Kmart.  

Our days are starting to cool down now, in the 30's and high 20's can't wait to get back to the layout build , full swing making the most of the cooler weather. 

The bridge is now glued to the roof of the front accommodation decks, it actually lifts out wont be be glued in place , plan to have lighting to light  up the windows .

The last pic I had a square piece of dowel  in the keel channel , couldn't get it out, had to screw in a screw and hit that a few times with my wife holding onto the bow at the stronger end finely come lose to pull out . It was lifting up the main  deck in the middle looks far better, now will make up cardboard strips when gluing the second section to the bow, ship will be in two half's  once the decks are painted and  trailer lines drawn .   

Tony from cloudy down under 





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That's coming along nicely Tony. It looks more impressive with each posting.

Hi Mick, many thanks  be more progress Saturday night , oh yeah her are the latest 4 pics of the ships bridge progress, Saturday night I will mark out and cut out the 8 windows that make up the front window panel starboard side. 

I am waiting for the captain to re-join  Jutlandia Sea, no longer captaining Corona  Sea, no route and ports. so I have changed the ship to Jultandia Sea which was going to be called funny that .. 

I am going to make a start on the bow section finishing off the upper deck and strengthening the bulkheads, plan to wire in leds to brighten up each deck, wont be able to see right down to the bow bulkhead, I haven't glued in the end piece with the second accommodation deck access steps, as in the second pic .  Lots of detail still ahead , the bridge deck had a set of steps to the comp deck, need to tidy up the bow sides near where  the anchor sits, then be able to join up the bow sections together.

Tony from down under.





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