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Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale


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Have found a new sideline hobby that mixes well with model trains, Model ships, this ship I have thinking about for some time now, and only at the time had a side PDF plan of the ship , with the help of a couple  others on the forum I decided to contact DFDS to see if they could help me with my project, to my surprise they came back and said they could,a couple of weeks later plans of my ship in PDF and DWG files arrived in my email.

I did have a go with guessing from pics, when I starting working on the plans to calculate  from the plan scale to 87th scale I was way out, no more guessing, is not  an easy task ,then I found a scale Calculator.


That was no easy task indeed, my model is 2.160 meters long, beam 305 mm's and height around 14 inches to the water line, building the ship in 4 sections and gluing each section together with two 18 mm full length square dowel  two dowels either side of the keel the whole length of the ship to the first bulk head starting the shape of the BOW , the hardest section of the ship, get that out the way first, well under way. {87 scale}

I have some video of my ship has a lot of pics of the decks, all up 4 decks, she carries trailers, containers another mixed freight, cars as well as the 4th  deck is adjustable.

The first post will have just pics of the ship and second post the pics of the starting of the BOW section, tomorrow I be doing more work on the BOW section cutting out the BOW bulk head so I can start cutting the first card sheet to shape the BOW , the hull sides will be 3 mm thick, I am  using 1 mm sheet cardboard, not cheap and only one shop that stocks the cardboard now, so bought 7 sheets 60 cm by  50 cm  sheet, $27 later.

Tomorrow I will be working on the BOW cutting the bulk head and gluing them to the BOW's keel and then starting to cut the first sheet for the bow sides, the  hull sides are 3 mm thick and same with the front bow, not going to be easy as the bow has a raised deck where the winches are housed and a weather clover, I don't really need to detail that deck I will later, the bow section has open windows , could just blacken them.

There could be another project down the track,  modelling the latest mobile cranes  for the ports will be modelling a Ro, RO port as well later, forgot , Finnlines  also has the same class ship second and third pic.

The last two pics is my ship ship Tor Corona  and sister ship Tor Jultlandia, all up 6 were built, I like the shape of the ship and the low super structure and bridge.

Have put aside the Santa Fe F/7-B repaint project, concentrating on the ship and layout ..

Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead

5bea8e2e18770d128b4cbfa4728f5df0    a.jpg

FinnBreeze .jpg



Tor Corona.jpg

TOR jultlandia .jpg

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The ships bow section build, first pic is the side plan of the side flat end line the beginning of the bow shape, the next pic the first bulk head o the bow one the  pencil line between the deck and top of the bulk head is that side line, the deck is where the winches sit plus  the anchor which, to be detailed later , the next pic  with the two trailers in the main deck , then the forth adjustable deck upper deck and top deck.

Next pic the square 18mm dowel will go the full length of the ship and a second one on the other side of the  keel, last pic I glued in strips of card I bent  to strengthen the  raised deck and bow keel.

Tor Hafnia a ship ship to the Corona, both ships on the plans.

 Not going to get done what I planned to do n the ship today, will glue the keel to the first cut out hull bottom, will be three mm thick.

Being working on the spiral planned for the layout, keep posted on Camdale .

Tony from warm down under keeping on moving ahead.

IMG_0751.jpg a.jpg





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Hi Mark and Thomas,, thanks , I have another update on the Tor Corona Bow section build, I glued the bow keel onto the the water line base, got two more of the base to cut out , will protect the front of the bow eel till I glue in the sides, want to work on the frame work for the main deck to sit on, next step is draw and cut the hull side flat end line and move onto in inside  the hull sides.

How are you going Mark , still in New Zealand , what is the weather like, still hot here , we , weekend was very wet, had 140 mm's  in 24 hours and a bad storm Monday night 55  mm's  in 30 minutes  pergola was  like a lake , I wasn't there to see it, just made to a meeting before the storm hit.

Thomas how was your holiday in Egypt, home yet , or still enjoying the warm weather.

Pic one put the see square to check is the  bulk head is square is , pic two reinforced cardboard to strengthen the  bulk head on the water line base , third pic the bulk head is perfectly level checked the measurements both sides,last pic , with the square dowel for the keel, I am thinking of cutting off 6 inches off  past the the bow section . Cut the the dowel  in half to the first section so the next section will slide in flush screw and glue in place, won't be able to glue in place the main deck  till then, just an idea, saving to have have to slide in a full piece.

I can't wait to start bending the bow sides, then she start looking like a ship, while off, at least the next section be a lot easier to build, in between working on the layout.

Here is a video clip, this internet you Mark, showing the winch deck  and unloading the trailers, enjoy.

I am not rushing this scratch build , she will sit proudly passing under my bridge , still haven't worked out what bridge to build, she will be a double deck bridge , 14 foot main span , 19 inches clearance to the water.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead 





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Hi Thomas, no wander the dog wont go outside with that heater, is it gas fired, can you control the heat, you couldn't survive with temps that low, from what I have seen on the news still pretty bad all over Europe and England and we are complaining about the heat, rain is on its way should be here today, very heavy cloud, is it unusual for that cold snap to happen since it is spring over there.

Didn't do much today sorting out Spotify playlist.

Have made some more progress on the ships front Bow, the next task is going to be a challenge, ready to mark out and cut the shelter cover, once I cut the shelter cover the construction will start looking like a ship' bow., will do some more tonight.I am hopping tomorrow to set up the new spiral, finely got it right.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.




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Hi Tony

I can fire it with wood and with coal. So very classic.

The stove is also connected to the central heating and relieves the heat exchanger in the cold effectively. So it's not just a "nice look", it does a good job.

But it's getting springlike again. Your ship is really breathtaking. Especially these curves ....

Thomas from today very sunny Rhine Valley...

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Hi Thomas,  good to hear you finely have sun shine and starting to warm up yeah I figured your would have to have central heating through the whole house with temps dropping down to -20+, I had a German friend that often talked about central heating and nearly everyone had trains what they did in the winter months, he passed away a few years back.

Some more progress on the ships front Bow and shelter top cut out some good curves there and that took some time to get right , got one more to cut and glue bot together, next job to start on the Bow sides going to be difficult.

 I contacted DFDS again to ask them about the shelter cover, in confusing, on the plan looking at the second pic what I have done, 24mm's is level and drops down, going by the ships pics  it isn't like that  

I will do some more calculating tonight on the side of the Bow, coming along looking like a ships Bow now look much better when it is all closed in.

Tony from wet down under keeping on moving ahead






dsc00085_0  a.jpg

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  • 4 weeks later...

Back on track building the bow of Tor Corona, not an easy ask evening with plans , still not looking like the pic of the ship in the second last potlast pic, this build is a learning curve and the second one be heaps better, have a DWG program, that has a 30 day trial will download it, the bloke that sent me the link he said it iss printer friendly hope so. Then I will reprint all the sections of the ships plans and print in A/4 then get them scanned to A/3, that is the plan.

Be happy if I can get the bow to as close as possible, glad I started on the bow first get the hardest section out the way, I have stated on filling in the side where the windows are  in the other post last pic , very hard indeed with the angle and curve, I have to build the sides in strips. Will waste a lot of cardboard getting it right,  wont cut the windows out till I do as with the steep sides I will have to recut as you will see.

Looking at pic 2 ad you will have to enlarge pic, where I have marked the windows there s framework and will have to the same between the next set of windows, that takes time to work out and will have to make a beam as well, because I wan to to be able to lift the weather cover off to get to the winches.

Here is that video clip of the sister ship to my ship, great video because they show the raised deck where the winches are and you will see the sides fame work between the windows.

Haven't don any more work, my brother and his wife paid us a visit, he bought over a 12.5 mm drill bit so I can drill the right size hole to fit the 12.5 mm dowel saving a lot of time,be  working on the layout tomorrow cutting the 12 mm strips for the bridge tower, need three and 1 mm card to may  inch and a half.

Once I get the side I am working right the other side be easy,  the sides are 2 mm thick should look ok when built.

Easter over for another year for down under.

Tony from down under keeping on moving a head.




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Hi Deano and Mark, yeah sure is as you say like building the real thing, the bow side of the raised deck is turning out to be a big challenge, very hard in working from two different scale plans, I am thinking of downloading a link I have of a DWG program today and print them out  in A/4 size, then go to the library and reprint them out in A/3. 

Our turn we are copping rain off the the last cyclone, they are copping it up north, saying it is now a category three storm ,Commonwealth games opening ceremony tonight, fingers crossed it will be no rain.

I have being working on my bridge cut the ply sections that makes up the tower width, heading over to m bridge post for more up date pics 

Tony from wet down under keeping on moving a head.


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A slight set back made a mistake in the calculating with the main deck, should be wider, three truck lanes in stead of two, glad I found that now and not after finishing the bow section, so I decided to cut off above the main deck and concentrate on the frame work between the main deck and water line base and work up from the keel, will be much better.

THere still is another frame to go in front of the first one and this time the main deck floor will go right to the front of the bow.

Plan on improving the construction of the raised deck, knuckle end line and shelter cover .

Tony from down under keeping on moving a head. 


IMG_1007  a.jpg

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Nearly back on track in the ship construction, next step is to mark out and cut the main deck full length, being checking the calculations to make sure this time the measurements are right, mian deck be 2 mm thick, then I will start on the bulkheads, the Bow section be a lot more stable to what it was before, glad to see of this section of the  ship, restbe easy.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead



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Hi mark, thanks, I haven't being on the ship for a few days, being working on the layout and sadly scraped the cable stay bridge, back to an older design I worked on before, still will look stunning when build with the ship sailing under the bridge..

Heading over to Cabdale to post some pics of todays effort.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead 


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More update on the ship  construction, the bow keel is just about done, should of gone this way in the first place, the fist pic I have cut the main deck back three inches for a sleeve to be glued in when the the next section is joined together, the main deck is double thickness 1mm cardboard, the second layer be glued on top.

The second pic I closed in framework so the sleeve be glued  in, hopefully I can get to the main deck next I will cut  two more water line bases and they be the  proper width, reason  is to protect the cardboard sides, be able to start working myway u to the bridge soon.

Once I get past the bow section rest of the ship be easy rectangle shape and stern is square no rounded stern.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead



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Advanced yet some more closing in the the sides between the water line bottom and main deck,  next job to  cut out two more bottom sheets to the full width of 2 mm's wider all around and one more main deck sheet , then I will cut strips to shape the hull, not an easy task as I found out, be some filling working what to use that won't sother thecardboard.

THe bow section is starting to get a bit in it, that 18 mm square dowel will strengthen the hull, next section I will slide the dowel in the channels when I glue the main deck on the framework of the keel.

I will close in the bow sides once I have glued in the two mottoom sheets and  main deck sheet, then I will start working my way up to the top  deck, the  bulkheads past the  raisded deck.

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead


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