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What choo doing man?

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Nice lot of pics Mark, yeah I like the permanent loading dock for the auto wagons,America has adjustable  ramps to access three levels on their triple  and double auto rack wagons, I have 5 of them, one of my projects be modelling the US double wagons sharing one bogie, the roof is a lot harder to model than the Swedish Auto wagon, will have to check them out.

That Electric loco is a Swiss 460 class electric loco, nice loco would like a couple and like the double deck train again some research need there.It wasn't a safety course  , were there a lot of other captains there as well.

Do you captain different cruise ships, was talking to my sister yesterday  and she asked me that question.

Back into finishing off the last of the wiring on the approach module today, three blocks and only sort wiring, next module is the important module, it connects to the control panel.

Tony from sunny down under

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Back home once more with a few more shots from my travels.

I was in Rouen recently. Not far from where we docked plumes of steam and smoke could be seen rising above the warehouses that lined the docks. I found out after we left that there is a large marshalling yard there and its home to a steam locomotive collection. I missed it. It was only 30 minutes walk away. I will definitely do it next time.

There were however some other interesting items of French railways moving in close proximity to my ship. The truck that was used for shunting was interesting. It was moving 7 fully loaded grain hoppers about. Not bad traction for rubber tyres on steel rails. The tanker vehicle was taken to help with some weathering ideas I am collecting for future use.












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