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Could someone please advise me as to whether the TTA tank wagons were in service at the end of the steam era in the 1960's. I only ask as I have a Telerail DVD which shows a oil tank train in the shape of TTA tank wagons from Heysham ( probably wrong spelling)Moss to Leeds Neville Hill being double headed by Black 5's and 9F's and also class 24 and 25 diesels double heading with 9F's


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From the information I can find online on the LTSV Wagons website it appears that the earliest TTA's were built from approx 1961/2 onwards:

PDUF 52000-52027 1961 TTV Bitumen Tank Wagon

SUKO 52230-52344 1962-1963 TTA Bitumen Tank Wagon

My usual reference site for wagon photos is unobtainable (what's happened to fotopic?) so I'm not sure of the similarities between the various 40-49 ton tanks wagons but it would appear to be possible that the wagons on the video were indeed TTAs or a derivative of them.

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