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ICI Methanol tanks


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Hi ba14eagle, what do you want to use the spilt Methanol for is it thinning the paint or colour changing , a very dangerous stuff to use , no good for your lungs will have to use a full face mask and open room, I came up with the same nonthing.Asked a friend if he had heard of the Methanor methord , never heard of it he does a lot of modelling, he surjustered to go to a paint shop thay might be able to help you out.


tony from down undle keeping on moving ahead.

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16 hours ago, ba14eagle said:

Any chemists out there who could tell me what colour spilt Methanol would be??

I've some Hornby wagons to do and I'm not sure where to start - I've checked the usual internet haunts, but found nothing of any use.

Theres a Bachmann wagon on Google Images that shows it to be a lightish brown. You had better check, because I'm a bit colour blind.


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