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 I bought this from "Ebay" a few weeks ago for the princely sum of £14.50!  

As you can see it had been crudely and thickly painted with some gloss yellow and blue paint. It had also been fitted with British type couplings.



So it entered our workshop where a complete rebuild was undertaken:-

It was completely stripped to its component parts and cleaned thoroughly, and all paint was removed.

The internet was then used to get the correct number sequence for the company that we are running at the moment.

Upon rebuilding it was discovered that it had a faulty wheel-set  which caused it to de-rail on points and on uneven track, so a spare set was installed from a scrap SD40-2

I think it's turned out pretty well in the end, these next two shots show the the completed loco at rest in "Jamestown East Yard"

Not bad for £15.00!!



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