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LNER Dynamometer Car - Golden Age Models


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I'd never thought about adding photos of this before but with the announcement by Rails of Sheffield of their planned model of the LNER Dynamometer Car under their recently introduced RAILS EXCLUSIVE brand, I thought it would be interesting to offer these as a comparison.

The following models are of the Golden Age Models LNER Dynamometer Car No.902502 in the unlined 1946 or 'preserved' livery. This is a brass built coach.

Upon closer inspection, and to be honest until you take actual photographs and view them on a PC you don't realise just how much you overlook, one of the stand out features of the Golden Age models is the large central ducket as seen in the first photo. I hadn't noticed the way the end of the top curve had been formed as a brass infill rather than a smooth curve as it appears on the actual vehicle.


Enlargement of your photos also brings prominence to gaps between the raised clerestory and the roof below, and between the roof and coach ends. I offer my apologies for not ensuring the buffer heads were straight at the time of the photo - entirely my fault there and nothing to do with Golden Age Models.


Here's the opposite side view, again showing that curved infill - something that I'm sure will not be evident on the recently announced Rails Exclusive version.


Some delicate patterning to the clerestory glass.


The Dynamometer Car was built by the NER in 1906 and was used to record Mallard's World Record breaking 126mph run on 3rd July 1938.

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It is, for all its faults, an excellent looking model.

Trouble is l don't know if my body would function on only one kidney as l would have to sell the other one to be able to afford it!

When l see them at exhibitions they really look the bizz, think l would be to scared to run them at the price they are though

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