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A Garden Railway Journey

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This is a Gauge 1 British Garden railway with a difference. These three videos tell of story. The youngest loco on this railway is the 7F and it's 30+ years old. The other locos are much older and they and the stock they haul are all tin plate. The current collection is all stud contact or for those who don't know that's the nail like pins between the rails.

I know this a a OO Garden Railway Forum but this is extra special and must have taken many hours to make.

This video is Cyril and Daisy in Duck or Grouse.

This video is titled Not Quite Cricket where England plays Australia.

This video is Cyril and Daisy go to the Seaside.


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I'm glad you posted it. I'm so sick of people getting all bent out of shape over what scale is being used. I just like a nice railway regardless. 

Thanks for the movies. Now for some watching!

Video numero uno watched:

Ok, that vintage tinplate is wonderful to see. All those old figures of people too. The smoke scenes are awesome. It must have taken a lot of time to make this video. And they did a nice job of telling a story as well. Very very nice. I've often eyed older tinplate. I have a few USA outline pieces, a Lionel set and some American flyer pieces. Must remind myself to fix the layout I have and not go all crazy switching scales and tearing out layouts now. :D


I had to go do some searching and reading to figure out what Gauge 1 is. Literally twice the size of my O scale Lionel trains. WOW! I've seen it in some older train books I have. I think I have a facebook friend who is doing garden railways in that scale as well.


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There is a model village called "Beckonscot" and it's located in  Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire UK Griff and has a Gauge 1 railway with most of the locos built by Bassett-Lowke UK in the 1930's. On the three videos it's high likely that the models featured are from Bassett-Lowke. All the Bassett-Lowke locos at "Beckonscot" have got new motors in them as the old ones wear out. They do around 350 scale miles every year between April and October and yes they even run in the rain. All trains are in fixed formations and a permanently wired so all wheels on the train pick up current from the rails.

Here's a cab ride video of Beckonscot Griff 


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