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Dapol track cleaner voltage adjustment

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Anyone know how I can limit the voltage to 9 volts, the limit for a Dapol track cleaner? I have a 4 function Hornby chip that I intend to fit but can't see anywhere in the instructions where I can limit the voltage, as anything above 9 volts can cause the solder to melt to protect the motor.

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As it can operate on DC and DCC l would have thought it would cope with more than 9 volts but dont quote me on that !

What l can say is that although l haven't converted mine to DCC yet it is apparently very fiddly to do.

A friend of mine advised me not to do it myself as "you dont have the patience to do it", hard but true!

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The maximum voltage at the maximum speed step is set by CV5 and the maximum voltage at the middle speed step can be set by CV6. The basic Hornby R8249 decoder does not allow CVs 5 and 6 to be changed although they can be if it is a R8245 Sapphire decoder.

I have never heard of the 9 volt limitation on the Dapol track cleaner but if it was used on DC, the available voltage would probably be reduced by the propelling locomotive from the maximum set by the controller.

I have fitted a decoder in my own track cleaner but it is not very successful, mainly due to the poor electrical pickup on my model. I never persisted in looking for a cure.

I should be interested to know how successful you find it.

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