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Giving money to people on YouTube

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Before handing over hard earned dollars/pounds or whatever currency you use on YouTube, google a persons channel to find out how much their net worth is. For YouTubers who've set up Patreon accounts they can rake in a huge amounts of cash and will often ask for more. There is a YouTuber who is the richest YouTuber ever who put a video up in September 2016 saying he was broke. His net worth as of December 2016 was $61,000,000USD. He then set up a Patreon account and got another $4,000 from unsuspecting people. I personally don't give money to YouTubers. People say that they put a lot of time an effort into making their videos. Well I put a lot of time and effort into my employment but I don't ask complete strangers for more money because I think I deserve it. I can't anyway. It's illegal for government employees to make extra money of that sort.

There is another person who has 1.7 million subs and has a "how to fix your car" channel and he asks for regular donations. I googled him and he earns $650USD per day or $240,000 per year. So he hardly needs more money from me or anyone else. He gets paid from product endorsements etc yet he asks for more money from viewers. It always pays to do a bit of research on people especially when it comes to money.

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Further to my post above remember that these people who ask for money usually to make better quality videos, well they're the ones who decided to make and upload videos in the first place. No one held a gun at their head and said "you will make and upload videos to social media or else!". I think it's a bit rich of people asking for contributions from viewers to make better quality videos. If they want better lighting rigs, more sophisticated editing software so they can have more HAY WOW!! graphics etc, then they can buy those themselves. If people give to their channel via patreon and later these people have a change of heart and stop making videos, do the people who gave them money get their money back? No they don't.  

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