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1210 and 3016 to Michelago

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Filmed in 1993 two locos run a six coach train to Michelago from Queanbeyan. The line has since closed but when open ran all the way to Bombala in southern NSW. The two locos have a history.

1210 was built in 1878 and at one time was the oldest operating loco in the world. It was withdrawn several time but due to economic conditions it reentered service finally being withdrawn for the last time in 1958 at 80 years of age. It was plinthed outside Canberra railway station and the ARHS society negotiated with the authorities to keep it clean. Further negotiations saw the loco removed from the plinth and placed within the confines of the ARHS at their Canberra base. It was restored to operational condition in 1988. 1210 is 8 years older than Caledonian Single 4-2-2 No. 123 which was built in 1886 but the Scottish authorities think that she's too old to ever run again under her own steam, or they're just being very tight fisted which is a well known characteristic of the Scots.  

3016 started life in 1903 as a 4-6-4 tank engine hauling trains around the suburban network in Sydney. When those lines were electrified in the 1920's. The loco was rebuilt as a tender engine in 1930 and she received super heating in 1941along with an extended smoke box. In 1965 she had more miles than any of her 145 sisters nearly 2,000,000 miles. She's been a very active loco in preservation so she would have over two million miles now.


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