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Hello from Lancashire

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Hello All,

I just happened upon this forum by chance earlier today and thought "00"? "in the garden"? That sounds interesting, what a good idea!

So, a quick look around and here I am! Some of you may have heard of me before as I am on quite a few forums, all "indoor" based jobs though. I have many times contemplated an outdoor line but always in the larger scales. I do like to chop and change my interests and it gets stupidly expensive to do that in the big scales, which is why I had settled on 16.5mm gauge track. I run a mix of 4 and 3.5mm scales as I like trains from all over the world.

My name is John Edge, I am about 50 y.o. married with no kids but three cats! The wife and I are both big cat lovers, we have two Bengal girls  (sisters) who are now 13 and one Greek boy who is three and a bit. The cats may actually make it easier for me to go outdoors as they have a large cat pen and associated run, this is due to an adjacent busy road, far safer for the cats!

28853788534_083bd5cd24_c.jpgUntitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr

This is the main part of the cat run in an uncompleted state, last summer. It is now finished and has a connecting "tunnel" that is about as long again and reaches back to the house. The "tunnel" is actually a mesh covered walkway that is between 3 and 4 feet in elevation. I have been thinking that it would not take much to attach a slim "plank" upon which to run a model railway, to the outside of all the feline constructions. In fact the cats would probably chase the trains! Everything would of course be physically separated by wire mesh, paws cannot reach through to cause any derailments. 

What do folk think, please?



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HI John and firstly, welcome to the forum.

That's the first time I've ever seen a cat pen and it looks like they've got plenty of space in there. I understand your concerns over their safety close to a busy road as we lost one of our two cats many years ago when the roads were much quieter than they are today.

Well I hope what you've read on the forum so far has convinced you that OO in the garden is possible? Clearly if you think it's 'a good idea' then we've already won you over.

It can be very frustrating at times but providing you follow a few sensible guidelines then you shouldn't have too many problems. The main concern is the weather which restricts the amount of time we can spend out there. It also tries it's very best to undo all the good work we've done so it's a constant battle to gain the upper hand. Despite that, if I had the choice of indoor or outdoor layout I would certainly choose the latter simply because it looks so much more natural.

I look forward to seeing how you get one if you do indeed decide to proceed.


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