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Adding Photos to the NEW GALLERY

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The new forum now has its own integral Photo Gallery which I really do hope gives us far less problems than our previous one. It's pretty easy to understand and I'm sure you'll soon get to grips with it but here's just a brief glimpse using my own experiences over the past few minutes. Do bear in mind that there may be different ways to reach the various stages shown here - this is just one way and I'm sure you'll discover others once you become acquainted with the basic procedure.

To access the Gallery you select the 'Gallery' tab just below the forum logo.You'll then be presented with a number of categories containing all our members uploaded photographs (not a lot in there just yet). You can view images by clicking on a category and within each category are the albums created by forum members, each of which contains their own personal uploaded photographs. So each category is just a collection of individual members photographs contained in their own created photo albums.


To add your own photos, click the 'Gallery' tab below the header again and just above to the right of the album categories you'll see a button to 'ADD IMAGES'.  Click it. You're then presented with a drop down list and are asked which category you wish to upload your photos to. Please choose the category carefully so that your images relate to the category itself.



Once you've chosen the most appropriate category you're presented with a screen asking you to 'CREATE A NEW ALBUM' or, if you've already added an album previously, to CHOOSE EXISTING ALBUM. You can add as many albums as you wish so try to keep your images nicely sorted.


If you're creating a NEW ALBUM then the minimum information required is a 'NAME' for the album. Choose something appropriate so that you and all future viewers will be able to identify you or your layout etc. You could for instance call it WORSLEY DALE CONSTRUCTION or WORSLEY DALE ROLLING STOCK. You get the idea.

UPDATED: You can also include a 'DESCRIPTION' of the album you are creating which allows you to add any further details about what your album contains. This is optional and can be added or amended later.

PLEASE NOTE: If you click inside the 'description' box the text editor will open fully. The text editor is only for adding the album description and allows you to attach images as part of your description - this is NOT where you add images to your album so please don't attach any images at this stage.

Then click 'CREATE NEW ALBUM' and you should be presented with the screen below.

Then 'drag and drop' or 'choose' the files you wish to upload - multiple file selection is possible. 


When you're done, click CONTINUE at the bottom right. Your images are then displayed down the left side with the opportunity to the right to add captions and descriptions for each photo. Select a photo on the left and enter any required details on the right. Continue doing that for any other images.

If you want to be notified when another member comments on your image then click the button at the bottom of the screen to enable that.

Finally, click FINISH EDITING IMAGES and the images are added to your gallery.

That's all there is to it.

Please try to add captions and a brief description to each photo. It isn't required but it does make the gallery more interesting.

Oh and one more point, it's pretty easy to use your gallery photos in a forum post. When you're writing a post, at the bottom right of the editor window it says 'INSERT OTHER MEDIA'.


If you click the down arrow it allows you to select 'INSERT EXISTING ATTACHMENT'

You're then presented with a screen showing all your previously attached images and on the right you have the option to choose GALLERY IMAGES. Select Gallery Images and you have a list of all images you've uploaded to the Photo Gallery


Any problems then please post here.


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Hi I can't seem to upload images. I can select them from soapbox, it starts to upload but says that there was a problem uploading the file. This happens when I try to add photos to a post as well.

Any ideas?



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