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Shed Or Out Buildings ALARMS


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It's not good to recommend security systems really.

I bought a new system for my house from that well known DIY shed under the name "Response". You get a control panel to site in the house, a siren to fix high up outside the house, and 2 PIR movement detectors, plus two magnetic switches for doors or windows. Also a key fob to turn it on and off without using the control panel. The beauty of it is that it is a wireless system. I have fitted it to my house with a sensor in the detached garage. I set it to "Part alarm" when I am home which just covers the garage, and "Full alarm" when I'm out. Apart from renewing the batteries in the sensors it has been flawless for over four years. I do need to change the battery in the siren which is normally solar rechargeable, but is on a shady side of the house. The instructions are comprehensive and the whole set up is easy enough.

I have no connections to either supplier except as a customer and you must check my words to satisfy yourself.

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Similar set-up here with sensors in the sheds all connected to the house alarm system and accessible via smart phone for real time updates and viewing.

Best to use the alarms in combination with other intruder deterrents such as high fences with anti climb spikes, lockable garden gates, plenty of outdoor lighting, CCTV etc.. Make it as difficult as possible for someone to access your garden undetected when you don't want them to. And I suppose the sensible advice is not to keep anything valuable in the sheds just in case.

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Whilst you may keep your shed secure dont forget to make your garden secure as well.

My garden has a six foot fence on the two sides which boarder the local park and bushes as well. One bit will be repaced this year as its had it but it still hides the railway from public view. The fence on the neigbours side is not as high but has a trellis on top of it which according to police deters people as well.

The shed its self is surround by raised track bed, another barrier to over come.

My sheds a "potting shed" with glass down one side. As this is in can throwing distance l've covered the windows on the outside with Perspex to bullet proof them as such.

Locos are kept indoors mainly and just a normal lock on door.

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I'd agree with making the shed as Bullet proof as possible. My windows have perpex over the glass and shutters on the inside, the rear doors are effectively home made very heavy duty multi layer like the roof and walls. They are 3 layer plastic /insulation /wood or wood /insulation/ wood / fibreglass.

The glass front door is double glazed and unusually pivoted and unusually locked ( The main lock is in a 4X4 inch door frame). All the locks are of good quality of course

As for an alarm I won't be having a commercial system because I can build my own, But it will include door opening sensors and several interior movement detectors. It will trigger a VERY LOUD interior alarm and a couple of exterior alarms on at the shed, one down by the house. All battery backup'd, the controls for this will be small, well hidden, but near the main door, whereas the main electronics will be elsewhere, where I can hide a big battery and the electronics.

You can buy the various parts at places like Maplins ( they also do the Response alarm amoungst others as well) or somewhat cheaper off Fleabay or the strong ladies.

The jungle laughingly called a garden is mostly protected by nettles, however I am filling in the gaps in the hedge rows with Rosa Rugosa or Berberis, both of which are thorny.

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An alarm system is only as good as someones response to it. If your alarm goes off due to a break in somewhere on your property and you're not home, you have to rely on neighbours to ring the police and they may take some time in getting to your home and the thieves will be long gone by then.

A back to base response unit maybe a better choice although it will be more expensive. But good solid dead locks or dead bolts so doors can't be jemmied open is also good. Bringing your prized locos into the house is good but if the thieves strike your house they can still steal your prized locos. Many model loco thefts are done by people who know what they're after and have a ready buyer waiting to buy your stolen locos. The average thief will find it hard to exchange your prized locos for drugs.

Also get an engraver and engrave say your drivers license number or a symbol known only to you on the base of every piece of rolling stock. That way it's easier for the authorities to identify your stolen locos, coaches and wagons etc. 

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