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Found 2 results

  1. After years to procrastination I have finally started work on the Paltryville Ridge & Peak Railroad. My second railway in the garden, it will run close to ground level below Amblethorpe which is on a shelf about a metre above. Running on 16.5mm gauge track at 1:48th scale it is an American Narrow Gauge O Scale commonly known as On30. Paltryville is a fictional location found in The Miserable Mill, the forth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. The book begins with the children traveling on a train to Paltryville when they find themselves working as slaves in the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill. The Ridge comes from the design of the layout. The main run will be on a raised bed built from aerated blocks. The blocks have been carved to create a rock face effect, the railroad will run along the ridge. The Peak is in there because I like the interlaced alliteration and that the abbreviation P.R.& P.R. Ground works have begun. Blocks have been carved. Track is on order.
  2. I've been looking for a small boat to sit in the scene on my On30 layout. I searched for a kit, doable but not a cheap option. Then twigged on that a child bath toy could do the trick but nothing really worked. Eventually I came across a children's craft kit for making your own boats. They're very basic, but provided me with the shape I needed. I bought them, dismantled them into their three parts, confirmed they were what I needed and then did nothing with them as while procrastinated for a few months. I mucked around with my plotter-cutter to get the shape of the deck sorted. Then struggled to work out what I wanted to go above deck. One morning I was staring at the Jim Edwards painting that hangs in our living room and received inspiration. I've always loved the simplistic, blocky way that Jim paints boats and realised that the structures on my On30 layout are simplistic and blocky. I now had something to copy. Several plotter-cutter prototypes later and I had a boat structure that fitted together and a few lessons on working in 3D had been learnt. I chopped up some cereal boxes and set the cutter to work producing 6 boat kits. All I have to do is build them...
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