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  1. Thanks for info Mick yes it is outdoors and open to the elements I've given three coats of preservative it seems to be standing up well so far I think I'll give the polyfilla another go then coat with a matt varnish or something similar to help protect it
  2. hi I have a 8 meter long viaduct in my garden layout made out of exterior ply, does anyone have any ideas of what I can use to cover it with to create a stonework effect, I've tried using exterior polyfilla which works in principal but doesn't seem to adhere to the wood very good, any ideas be much appreciated
  3. moving house has given me the opportunity to extend my layout into the garden where i'm still at the planning stage, with the help of Mick I found the answer to building a viaduct but now ive got stumbled across another problem, theres a height difference of 200mm from where the railway will enter the garden across the said viaduct to a lower flower bed some 6.5m away now if i've done my calculations correctly this equates to a 1:32 gradient so will my engines be able to negotiate this slope when pulling a maximum of five coaches
  4. Brilliant thanks Dave do you happen to know if auto point motors are available so the train triggers the point just before it crosses it
  5. Hi every one i hope someome out there can help with my question, which is, i'm currently running an indoor twin track oval layout in dcc but have just moved house and now have the opportunity to extend it outdoors. what i would like to do is have a single spur coming off one of the twin tracks which then heads outdoors round a loop then back in, ie imagine a lollipop type of shape lol. so here's the question how do a wire it up without shorting out keep it simple please my knowledge of electrics is limited, thanks Bob
  6. Hi Mick Just a simply brilliant idea I've just moved house and my layout is going into an insulated outdoor building and I hit on the idea of extending the track it into the garden but it meant building a single track viaduct to span a 16ft lower flower bed to enable it to then loop round on a second raised bed returning back in to the building 'but had no idea off how to do it and my was initial thought was to do exactly as you did and build one out of wood but the maintenance of it was putting me off then bingo I found your article I have two questions for you, how is the track fastened to the blocks and what have you done about wiring to prevent voltage drop. This is my first time on this forum so i'm a complete novice to the garden railway scene. Cheers Bob
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