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    It does not have to be so expensive. If you use electronics from DelTang you can put battery power radio control in a loco for about £40 or so and the transmitter will cost about £60 and controls 12 locos at a time so you probably only need the one. See http://www.deltang.co.uk/index.htm The smallest receivers are about 1cm square so fitting them in small locos is not a problem. Frank
  2. Hi, I'm new here but interested in using radio control for garden railways as I think there would be a lot of advantages in terms of simplicity, not having to worry about track cleaning, not having to worry about electrics out doors, etc. I saw the comments above but things have moved on a bit it seems to me. I model narrow gauge and have a couple of locos now with radio control and internal batteries in the loco in 009. This uses the DelTang electronics which works really well. So far I have only used it indoors. There is a video of one here: And one of it uncoupling here: Is anyone else trying this out for garden railways? I'm thinking of it in 0-16.5 outdoors, fitting it in a Smallbrook loco as a trial. Any thoughts? Thanks Frank
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