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  1. Height is great for that length Tony. Reduce the height and you will lose the effect completely.
  2. Nice first try. You will get it right sooner or later. Biggest problem is getting scale smoke.
  3. I am always amazed at your station. It really does look so very real. It only needs some grime and pigeon poo to finish it off.
  4. Tony, Is this any good to you? http://www.modelrailwayscenery.com/2013/10/free-download-print-scale-rulers-for-railway-modellers/?fbclid=IwAR06mYfv4FoDMfq4hWK4cdZzMuoNPeCnwx31XryrJQ6etaaUsLkXlWF3Uyg It is a good site for downloads. SORRY TONY. Try this instead. Due to an issue earlier on, here's the link to the free download scale ruler: http://www.modelrailwayscenery.com/…/10/MRS-Scale-rulers.zip
  5. Used to hang wet washing out in Moscow at minus silly temperatures. Within 20 minutes it was solid. Bring it in and stand it in the corner. When it thawed, it was dry. Wife started moving furniture one day and rolled the carpets up. Out into the snow and laid them out. Shovelled snow onto the carpets and brushed it in with a stiff brush. Then hung the carpets over a fence and beat the snow out, before taking them back indoors again. I have never seen such clean and fresh smelling carpets as that day. She did it here in England a few years ago. Into the front garden. Neighbours all thought she had lost the plot.
  6. Just because Napoleon wanted everything in units of 100? No. Bring back Imperial and give the kids some proper mathematics to think about.
  7. You like a project Tony. Have a go at drawing this one up. Newcastle Central. Newcastle upon Tyne. 🤣
  8. Lovely Mick. I think the last time I went between London and Edinburgh on a night train, it was steam hauled. That viaduct is certainly weathering well too.
  9. May I wish every one of you a very happy Christmas and good health and fortune in the New Year.
  10. Snow? This is today. 8 December. Unbelievable.
  11. I'm sure that you know this chap. He does motorised bogies, so probably has one where you won't see the motor in the finished article. I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer. http://www.kwtrams.co.uk
  12. Don't forget Buzzards, Kites, and Ospreys.
  13. Well done Mick. Isn't it a priviledge! Looks like my one which was identified as a Sparrowhawk because of the yellow eyes. Looks a lot plumper than my one too.
  14. That works too Thomas. It will gain a natural colour anyway. Forget about the door. It is still only a shed!
  15. I doubt it Mick. You will always find dust. I have always varnished Tongue and Groove timbers. I worked in Wales and have used up miles and miles of the stuff there. Ceilings such as your shed, and walls, in rooms up to 100ft long and 30ft wide. Always varnished. But as with everything else, it's your shed, your choice. Natural wood does give a nice warm glow. If you want bright, then paint.
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