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  1. Looking better all the time. Put a grounded coach on piles of sleepers in the "bay" platform.
  2. No Tony. This was less than a month ago, on a trip to Scotland 10th May 2019.
  3. Ah, I didn't think about snow. It wasn't in Innsbruck last time I was there, but that was in 1963. 😉
  4. I like that tunnel mouth. Fairly new in design, to stop the boom (even sonic boom) as the air in front of high speed trains suddenly leaves the tunnel.
  5. So sorry to hear that Andrew. You should name a locomotive after him.
  6. Yes Mick, especially if you can add the sound and the smell. I can remember the London Terminii as a small boy, full of huge warm simmering beasts. The smell and the grime and the bursts of stem and so on are still with me. Guards whistles, and then that Puff puff puff as they got under way.
  7. Flying Scotsman heading Mayflower over the Slochd Summit on 10 May 2019. Highest rail point in the UK. Look at the steam from full power! I have been over there a good few times as a kid behind double headed steam. I can hear the roar still!
  8. What you need to really add an impression of distance, is some very small mountain climbers somewhere on the mountain. The smaller they are, the greater the distance will appear.
  9. Study photographs of the steep hills in the Lake District and other similar places. Is it possible to continue your mountain around to the tunnel mouth? I am colour blind and would make a hell of a mess trying to do your backscene, but remember that the further away you go, the lighter the colours appear, so by creating layers of wash indicating mountains or trees, they need to be darker to the foreground. This should start to give you some sort of perspective. Does this help in any way? I drove over Hardknott Pass in the Lake District a few years ago. Some of the facing hills are in shadow, just for your information.
  10. Have a look at Chris's backscenes in Amblethorpe Mick. That sky is really all that you need and to be honest is what I thought you had started above the tunnel. If you wish, you could suggest some hills, or a village. Note that I say suggest, rather than depict. That couple of simple washes would give the impression of being "somewhere", and I suspect that is all you need for now.
  11. Now there is a detail never seen before, and mostly un-noticed in life. The tree stumps from clearance work, and the discoloured patch from beneath the tree or bush.
  12. Hi Thomas. These cranks are most commonly used in Radio Controlled models, most often in aeroplanes. That is the sort of shop you need to look for. Sorry for butting into Ian's post.
  13. You are absolutely correct about the height of the walls on the viaducts. They are too high. Now what's the easiest way to reduce them? Dremel? Old fashioned bread knife? Hacksaw blade?
  14. I think it all looks charming in it's colourful eccentricity. Totally brilliant!
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