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  1. roddy


    I can't see it lasting to be honest. Why not use decking boards as others have done. If you need a wider area for a station, use the dearer ply. I understand the budget thing, especially by the time you buy the track and everything else. Buy cheap, buy twice is the saying. You really don't need to do it all in the first year either.
  2. Looks like a direct switch to me Mick. Change the starter too.
  3. You answered your own questions. They were my first thoughts too. I do agree that a low board does improve things
  4. Showers all morning. Just had a nasty bout of sleet that was enough to turn everything white.
  5. Why is that? Park in an empty car park, and somebody will park next to you. Go fishing on an empty riverbank, and you soon gain a neighbour. The only place to get left alone is in the Gents, where it becomes almost obligatory to leave an empty urinal between people. Mayflower was certainly working up to that bend, and what a sound. I remember often as a kid, being double headed by steamers over the Schlochd Summit. Hanging out of the carriage window to see them leading the train around the curves. What locos would they have been from the mid 50s to the end of steam?
  6. Chin up Mick. I am to the North of you. This weather front is moving south. It stopped raining here at 10.30, and I am starting to see some blue in the sky.
  7. MOUNTAINS! THat embankment is not too high Mick. There is no fixed hight to determine an embankment or a cutting is there.
  8. Regarding the ice, I imagine that when ice was 6 miles thick across the northern hemisphere, it was a tad chillier than it is now. The less ice we have, the warmer we get, which melts even more ice. But I do agree Mick about dropping littler. We were taught, "Don't be a litter bug". "Keep Britain Tidy." How many of you look at facebook pages from your past? Medway through time, covers where I grew up. The streets were spotless. Why can the authorities not see that we did not need to walk about with a coffee in hand, or a bottle of water. We did not walk the streets eating the stuff from MacDonalds, or Subway et al. I'm sure I speak for you if I say that we still do not need to eat it. Any sweet wrappers or fag packets would have gone into the bin. Yes Mick, everything came from Hong Kong didn't it. The rubbish stuff anyway. Whatever happened to our own industries? Sacrificed for the good of the European Empire, leaving us importing from China. Whatever happened to the idea that Europe would be self sufficient and supply itself? A bit like Communism I suppose. A wonderful dream that could never quite work.
  9. It appalls me that everything has to be imported from about as far as it is possible. It angers me that we are expected to cut back and cut back while the countries continue to spew forth more than we ever did. It pees me right off that the local Council expects us to recycle, just to send it all to Pakistan. The whole electric car thing is the biggest whitewash ever because nobody considers how electricity is generated, or the processes used to gather the World's rare materials in order to make batteries. Finally, I do not believe that Global Warming is man made. The world started to lose ice and warm up, at the end of the last Ice Age millions of years ago. End of rant.
  10. I have seen that deck board, probably in Wickes. You can also buy rolls of the strip to put into a plain board.
  11. I am mixed with it. I don't like the presenters at all. I can see the fun in getting something going in 3 days, especially with the gimmicks. Some of them are very cleverly thought out and executed. They tell a story using a model railway as the vehicle. It certainly is not for the serious prototypical modeller, but it can feed the imaginative side although how many people want James Bond entering a moving train and then leaping into a pool? Even the one hour challenge with odd articles is entertaining in it's own way. It is the presenters that kill it for me.
  12. Just like Balbeggie, you don't need much in the way of buildings. The landscape seems much larger without them.
  13. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/1353-balbeggie-sidings/&/topic/1353-balbeggie-sidings/page-3?hl=balbeggie
  14. roddy

    Gas Safe Register

    Good Luck with it Mick. Here is an example from 2004 when I started working for myself with a little Donut trailer. I bought the trailer brand new from a reputable supplier, and with it came a certificate of safety from the Corgi engineer, even though it was Propane powered. I started work and Environmental Health appeared of course for the first inspection. They wanted an isolating valve fitted. I argued the point, that it was certified as safe by the regulating body, and who were the Environmental Health people to tell me different. If I changed it to suit them, what happens to my certificate of safety? He cleared off and came back within the hour with his boss, who agreed with his man that an isolating valve should be fitted. After some time of discussion, he said that he would have to contact the Health and Safety Executive to find out who was right or wrong. That was in early 2004 and I still have no answer. I retired over 8 years ago. Heads and backsides come to mind. I shall pass on your thanks to Pat.
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