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  1. As I see it, you can either persevere and build with a known expansion problem, or change your plan and follow the proven methods on the forum.
  2. Hi Tony, long time no speak. Great that you are finally going home. You will need to rest up and slowly get back into the routine. I haven't done any modelling for a long time, but am playing just now with N gauge. The question will be, do I stay on a small baseboard, or dare I go into the garden, or even do I keep my small baseboard, but hook it onto a long garden loop so that the trains have somewhere to go? I have the same problems that you suffer. Big plans that never really get anywhere. Are you a Gemini by any chance? Anyway, take care old pal. Get your tracks running before mucking about with boats and other things.
  3. Exactly correct Thomas. Staging and Stabling yards are purely storage of complete trains. Fiddle yard is for making and breaking etc. Does Geigenhof, cover the term properly?
  4. Could they be carriage sidings?
  5. You may not use it as a passing loop, but would you ever have need of another rake available during a running session, in which case it is a storage siding.
  6. You should look back through Micks posts about weathering.
  7. I'm sure Mick will be back, but I theink he arranged his curves merely to look right. Have you read his posts about his layout? You will get the full story there.
  8. Who would have thought that India Pale Ale would work like that? 😉
  9. Tramway points are very much shorter in the moving rails as well. Railway points are really not prototypical for a tramway.
  10. No. The felt needs securing properly. Track pins will not stop it from moving with extremes of temperature, or even lifting in a wind and ripping the track out with it.
  11. You will not get booted off Mark. What you could do, is use the OO track as a narrow gauge industrial feeder line to the main line. Something like that anyway.
  12. Great to hear from you again. I have been wondering where you had got to. Good luck getting home, we are living in very strange times. Stay safe Mark and don't be a stranger.
  13. Why don't you just buy decking boards like so many have done? That will do a double track. You need more than that on bends and stations and any yards. This is why you have to have a plan to work to. I can't start buying materials for anything until I know what I want at the end. Your best place to sart is to read, read, and read again, until you know what you want.
  14. You must have used internal blocks. External grade blocks will take all weathers without degrading.
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