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  1. Cut your blocks gently with a Jigsaw fitted with a long blade. I have cut plenty like that on the buildings. Just take time and let the saw do the work.
  2. I have 2 Hornby B12s in green here. Not sure of the numbers. They both ran perfectly, but have not been used for some years. Make me an offer. I need to get them out from the back of the shed.
  3. I bought bearing some years ago. They were described as 2mm. No idea what wheelsets I was using, but they all worked perfectly.
  4. Use a 6" block Then add a wooden trackbed and walls. The walls will not then impinge on the width of the block.
  5. I used to see similar wagons in Russia and counted up to 60 in a train. I lived not too far from the track and the noise brought my childhood back because the wagons slammed together uder braking and the other way when moving off, so you gout that clatter and rebound down the train. They were filthy and stinking of spilled oil.
  6. Replacement Bus Service operating from the nearest bus stops. Tickets will be accepted on all services.
  7. I was working outside the garage this morning. It is full of my stepdaughter's furniture. I can create enough room in there to work, but there is not really so much to do. I think I can create the necessary embankments and fix platforms and still fold things away. The choice really was have the foldable boards nice and compact, or go deeper to house the buildings and have it start to get cumbersome. I will have to put stock out, so what difference half a dozen buildings? I am not looking for any accuracy of operation or setting, and have bought Metcalfe station, goods shed, signal box and engine shed, as well as the platforms. All intended to occupy time more than anything. I am quite comfortable in the garage, and temperatures can drop quite low before I start to feel things. It's nice and dry in there, and if push came to shove, those two little boards could come into the house if I behave myself. I have a small campervan, and can make the buildings and some other work in there.
  8. I have made a start. Today I have made two baseboards, 36" x 15". Those boards have been hinged together and fitted with legs, so that the whole will open up and lock into place as my main station area which I shall then hopefully link with a garden loop. I can equally create a storage come fiddle yard on a third small board if I want to. Legs need adjusting for a little more splay, but let the pics do the talking.
  9. It took a lot longer than that for my Dad and thousands of other to be recognised for their time on the Arctic Convoys in WW2
  10. You are so right about Ads. I use an Adblocker. Others really don't see them. As I recall, it is something that doesn't actually generate anything, but you have to pay to not have them. As I have just rambled about Mick, you need your team to decide, rather than expect a total agreement from members. I am damned sure that we are all well behind you and the Forum, and I can't see anybody taking the huff and walking off in umbrage at a change or a charge.
  11. Hi Mick, Hope everyone is well. I am struggling to think of a solution to keep the Forum going. I suspect that we are all pretty much in the same boat. SO let's just write down my thoughts which are probably useless, but may help trigger something else. 1--- We need to know how many contributing members we have that are willing to subscribe. 2--- We can hardly deny an existing member, so they would have to be given Grandfather's rights. 3--- What is the cost per month or year or however it must be met? 4--- Regarding the Sales page. Yes why not? A percentage commission could be payable as per an Auction House fee. How would that be collectable? What would the commission % be? 10%? payable by both buyer and seller? My £100 loco would give the Forum £20 I think. 5--- Donate button, just for odd impromptu payments as and when we may feel generous, or like now, to honour a passed member such as Tony. I am just kicking random thoughts around with my hands in my pockets. 6--- I feel sure that Mick would remain in the Admin Team, to train and pass on his technical knowledge to shall we say two further members of that team? 7--- The Admin Team needs to be installed really, to make the decisions with Mick, before moving forward. 8 We will get there. The Forum will not die.
  12. I have been lurking for some years. Not contributing very much I am afraid. I started a garden railway back in 2013 or thereabouts. It worked fine but was ill thought out really, and my small garden needed too many crossing points of any construction. I have not left the Forum though, nor lost the interest. I have been following progress quietly. Now, with the news of poor Tony, and Mick's own plans for his future, I need to step up to show that I still support everything that this Forum stands for. One of my biggest problems was the small size of my garden. It occurred to me that N gauge effectively doubles the available size. More than 6 months ago, I bought an Autocoach that seems ok for my arthritic hands. I then bought an 060 tank engine, and have accumulated 5 small locos, another coach, more than 30 wagons and vans and some track. It's all a mix of Southern, GWR, LMS, and even BR, but who cares? I am building on the borders of several railway companies, and in the early BR period before the painters have finished! My intention is to build a Branch Terminus/Junction based on Bodmin, and it will all fit on a board measuring 6ft x15" (1800 mm x 380mm) I can fiddle with that to my hearts content over winter, and next year perhaps create a loop that my board can slot onto. I have the buildings in kit form, and I even have a new eye after a cataract operation on Monday of this week. What an immediate difference that has made! You can see that there are two single track branch lines that can be sent off to a loop and or sidings, and or the rest of the world. Station, goods yard, Engine shed, shunting, it's all there and is why this track plan has been created so often. Nothing complicated, and why should it be? I do really think that is a huge problem for a new modeller. Get as much in as possible, and it doesn't work somehow. Simplicity is the key and is an important lesson to learn. Will N work in the garden? OO does, and the only difference is that my rails are closer together. Wish me luck while I quietly carry on with my own plans. What name for my layout is the big problem just now. Rodmin? haha. Take care folks. Stay safe and well. Roddy
  13. Another way to do it if nobody wants to subscribe would be to use a free forum portal such as Proboards. I have created a motor car forum on there with help from a friend with the intention of having a reserve in case a much larger forum folded. My forum has never been properly launched. How would it all be moved from one portal to another though? I have no idea as I am barely computer literate either. Here is an idea of what can be set up though. https://mx5smilers.proboards.com Whatever happens, this forum will not fold. We owe it to Mick to keep it going somehow. In a funny way, we owe it to Tony as well.
  14. Yes it has. From both of me to both of you, keep on causing the confusion regarding what you are doing!
  15. That is very sensible thinking Mick. Not nice, but we all need to go through the process. I was on a popular and fact packed forum some years ago. Years and years of archive material in there. The only Admin and owner of the site sadly passed on, and even a year later, the forum remained inaccessible, and faded away. We may be a small group, and as I have said, I am not a good contributor, but I and the others seem solid enough to come together and keep it up and running. It needs just one to take the reins and the rest of us, I am sure, will back them wholeheartedly, and a moderator can be found to help out. As you say, we are a pretty well behaved bunch. No need for Politics, or Sport, or arguments here. If anybody did join, I feel that they would soon be given the bum's rush, even if not by you. I am a bit of a flitter myself. I blame being a Gemini. What's your excuse?
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