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  1. roddy

    Camdale layout

    You like a project Tony. Have a go at drawing this one up. Newcastle Central. Newcastle upon Tyne. 🤣
  2. roddy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Lovely Mick. I think the last time I went between London and Edinburgh on a night train, it was steam hauled. That viaduct is certainly weathering well too.
  3. May I wish every one of you a very happy Christmas and good health and fortune in the New Year.
  4. roddy

    My cobbled together layout

    Snow? This is today. 8 December. Unbelievable.
  5. roddy

    Adding a motor to a die cast tram

    I'm sure that you know this chap. He does motorised bogies, so probably has one where you won't see the motor in the finished article. I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer. http://www.kwtrams.co.uk
  6. roddy

    Bird Photographs

    Don't forget Buzzards, Kites, and Ospreys.
  7. roddy

    Bird Photographs

    Well done Mick. Isn't it a priviledge! Looks like my one which was identified as a Sparrowhawk because of the yellow eyes. Looks a lot plumper than my one too.
  8. roddy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    That works too Thomas. It will gain a natural colour anyway. Forget about the door. It is still only a shed!
  9. roddy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    I doubt it Mick. You will always find dust. I have always varnished Tongue and Groove timbers. I worked in Wales and have used up miles and miles of the stuff there. Ceilings such as your shed, and walls, in rooms up to 100ft long and 30ft wide. Always varnished. But as with everything else, it's your shed, your choice. Natural wood does give a nice warm glow. If you want bright, then paint.
  10. roddy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    White ceiling and varnished walls, or just varnish the lot.
  11. roddy


    Huricanes in the Northern Hemisphere, otherwise known as Anti Cyclones because they go the opposite way round to the Cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere.
  12. roddy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Two leds are also the same as a switch that is on/off/on. The switch toggle also indicates the direction of the setting.
  13. roddy

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Do you use Facebook? If so, this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/railwaymodellers.comsbuysell/?fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBDcga6NFSVR5rW0rf30pLbM42Xf8aFjTH6ZS6JgTloL0o1T2lkQZw8aLzKAjNFQw3KM8lvhf8Nk5dLNxeCIR-hUDjf2r6ir7AARDvZ-GDhKx_2GXwFAC4el70rvAxgaVJJxAIIRViTA8RrKRAZ3jTUCa4uCFOfR_YIRs2Q5g92UC4BKydfd5e4lxLaj-RV5l7gfRku_N5JwuNyKC5y3VPfqsT9Flt8vxZTCHM&__tn__=C-R sometimes has O gauge bits for sale. Only yesterday, a meat van and plank wagon. £16 for the pair. Not yet sold as far as I know.
  14. roddy

    Bird Photographs

    Nice photos Mick. I must try to upload a photo taken the other day. I was in my armchair and something flashed by my shoulder and there was a crash at the front window. An unexpected visitor had come at high speed through the open back door, not realising that the view in front was in fact glass. I then found myself holding a stunned Sparrowhawk. My wife couldn't even get the lens cap off my camera, so the resulting photo is not as good as it should be. I am priviledged to have seen it fly off at the speed of sound when I let it go. Sorry that I am such a scruff.
  15. roddy



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