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  1. On the other side of the level crossing is the stable and paddock (see above). Sarah suggested that we add a small house on the entrance to the paddock. With removable baseboards it was simple to slide the paddock along to fit small board in. We've had an unpainted resin bungalow for years. It'll do the job. When I get round to painting it.
  2. I've built a small baseboard with buildings to support my fuelling point. I've placed it next to a level crossing. With the static caravans behind a lot of foliage, including B&M Bargains plastic plant leaves. (as ever I'm following IanR's lead). I've painted a road surface on the roofing felt. I should get round to weathering the ground on the depot so the transition from black to grey isn't as stark.
  3. I've had some Ten Commandment castings hanging around for years. I finally found a way of using a couple of them. My fence is made out of interlaced planks of wood on either side of the frame. The construction allows the wind to blow through. It also means that the top plank is set back 4cm from the one bellow. I've finally worked out how to make this a feature of my railway. When I cover the near plank in pan scrubs I can place a low relief building on the rear plank and make use of the depth. Like so. I've also knocked together some low relief static caravans to make use of the feature.
  4. You say that you have a big oval. How big is big? My assumption is that you are thinking that you will be running one train on each track. Which is great. Buy a DC controller. However, if your oval is large enough (say over 20 metres) then running more than one train at a time on each track becomes very attractive. When friends are round we will run up to 3 trains on each (30 metre) loop, so 6 trains in all. When on my own I often have a slow freight lumbering around one track while two passengers operate on the other. For this operation you will need DCC. I use a NCE PowerCab, it's great.
  5. I've been using NCE for 6 years and I've got on well with it. I've not found it intuitive, but I'm the kind of person who will play with something until I find a way that works for me. These days I don't find I touch the PwerCab much. I have the USB interface and I control my railway using computer and iPhones and iPads. Again, it took get it to the setup I have now, but it is a great setup. One of the things that attracted me to NCE was the upgrade path. The PowerCab is a 2amp system and upgrading to a 5amp system is not expensive. But even with 6 trains looping round the garden I've not got close to the 2amp limit so I haven't upgraded.
  6. I'm trying o focus on scenery at the moment. The building site, which I've been building for three years has received rebuild and is finally complete. Attention has moved to a long strip of baseboard which is totally bear apart form the twin track. I did a lot of train travel in June and July, lots of rover tickets and spent a lot of time looking at what is right next to the railway. Horse stables and paddocks appear surprisingly frequently. I purchased the new Metcalfe horse stable and show jumps along with some fencing (Peco have redesigned there trackside fencing - looks the same, much better to build). Found some suitable hardboard, glued on some grass matt added the stable and fencing and within a week I had a nice new addition. They are four separate boards for ease of movement and storage. They need dressing with tree and shrubs to finish them off. Since the picture I've repainted the fence in a fresh coat of sky blue and will be adding pan scrubs soon.
  7. Have you tried working with a single piece of card cut into a stubby cross shape and then scoring and folding? The Metcalfe card building kits I construct make use of a lot of score lines.
  8. Trevor, In your Hornby Mag article, the thing that grabbed my attention was your use of SBR Adhesive for ballasting. Is there any particular technique you use when applying this to the ballast? I only saw the Bachmann Quays for the fist time last week and I liked the look of them. I am very impressed with the scene you have created with them.
  9. I'm quite confident on the respray these days. I'm tempted to have a go. So far I've made the rake up of Bachmann MK1s in BR maroon. I've added in a couple of pullman livered coaches and it looks right, even though it doesn't have the west coast branding. I could do with adding another BSK and a RU restaurant and I think I'll be happy with that.
  10. Shot some video a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't up to much. Finally got round to cutting this together. I've had this train for a couple of years, but so far it has been camera shy. Of to the show at NRM Shildon tomorrow which should give me some insipation. The weather is looking good for the weekend. I need to think up a storyboard for my next video.
  11. I have a container train on Amblethorpe. I'm thinking about doing a baseboard rebuild in the shed to allow me to have a small container depot in there.
  12. Short answer. No, I won't be buying them. And I have a good reason to buy them - I'm modelling a West Coast charter rake. That price is about double what I'd be prepared to pay for a coach. They do look very good models, correct detail and table layouts. Working lights adds to the cost. I'm not a collector, so I can't comment on whether this is a fair price for a limited edition collectors item. But as a modeller, it's way too much.
  13. Very enjoyable videos Mick. It's a great achievement to complete the loop and leave trains to run, even if it is because the controller has run out of juice. Have you thought about creating a U shaped baseboard in the shed? Joining up the two boards at the far end of the shed and running a chord between the two sides would add operational interest. It would also mean that you had a railway you could run within the shed as an end to end. I'm toying with this kind of idea for Amblethorpe.
  14. Thanks Ian, We still need to dress the station a bit further. We picked up some Noch figures half price from the Ian Allen Bookshop closing down sale while we were over in Manchester to see Springsteen. They still cost us a bomb! I need to make some signs and other clutter to make it (even) more realistic. I have a Metcalfe Station building that will fit on the end. But I see that they are just about to release a new upgraded version, so I may go with that one. I'm suffering from a lack of motivation, so not making anywhere near as much progress as I could be.
  15. That's the kind of crazy idea that might just work. I've just ballasted 15 cm of track mixing in a bit of cement powder and dripped some water onto it. No rain forecast for a few days so I shouldn't have to protect it. Ian, the backscenes are really effective. The pan scrubs and aquarium plants make a very good transition from railway to background.
  16. Well, the branchline in the bottom right corner has caught my eye. Where's that going?
  17. One thing I've learnt the slow and hard way is that sometimes it's not the track its the trains. Wheels that don't turn freely,Bogies that will rotate for a left turn, but not for a right.Direction of travel. Turn a locomotive round and it runs over the same bit of track and doesn't derail. Couplings can cause a derailment, still not sure how, but they do. Last year it took me several hours to get my intermodal container train looping round Amblethopre. After attention to wheels, bogies, couplings, adding some weights and careful ordering of the wagons it be came a surprisingly reliable runner and I didn't make any changes to the track. It took another hour to get it running again this year after wintering in the shed.
  18. Thanks The one thing about the photo that bugs me is the tension lock coupling on the Pacer. The model (which is superb) came with replacement cosmetic couplings and I'm wishing I'd swapped that one in. The reason I've kept the tension lock is because I do sometimes run it as a four car with the Sprinter seen in the video. I should replace the coupling at just the one end of each of those units to create a good compromise.
  19. The pillars themselves came from the kit for the roof Peco LK-20X. I have loads left over. To thin out the forest of pillars I created a span using Plastruct Open Web Trusses along the top I can't remember the size, but a larger size would have been better. The arch effect used a local supplier, York Model Making Canopy Bracket D109. The walls are foam board, 5mm, covered with Metcalfe M0052 Dressed Gritstone card. The Windows are York Modelmaking 00 Scale Window Frame 105 with 00 Scale Brick And Stone Headers 105. The valance at the country end is scratch built using glazing from the roof kit and plastruct I girder. The scaffolding rig over Platforms 1 and 2 uses some some bits form a faller kit but most of it is build from solid core copper wire soldered together, sprayed grey. The safety fencing is aluminium mesh sprayed orange. Station signs were printed on white card. The reason for the scaffolding rig is to give the effect that the glazing is being replaced. Half of the roof was from my original station build. It's glazing had faded yellow having lived in direct sunlight for 4 years. The contrast is stark, but I've worked with that and made it a feature.
  20. Thanks Mick, I've maximised my space, the railway loops around the complete perimeter of my garden. Having two terminal stations, one on the inside of the loop and the other on the out, does give me a good running length, even as an end-to-end. Sarah hasn't been too involved for the last couple of years, but she has just got back into it. Some of the scenes have suffered from the attention of wildlife, and Sarah has really enjoyed restoring them back to there original glory. We are thinking about adding scenery to the viaduct area next. A heavy application of grass-matt and pan-scrubs in the next few days. I also remember "when most of us were just building, putting up/down boards, sticking on the felt and so on". The exception was IanR, who had basically finished The Kirkfield and Warmthorpe Railway and whom I've shamelessly copied from the start. Yes, I've innovated my own systems and solutions, but without Ian and yourself I think I may still be considering building a railway in my garden.
  21. Thanks. Second go at this station and I'm very pleased with the upgrade
  22. I completed the loop in 2014. Last years big job was building that terminus station. I've added some photos to my gallery. Half of the station is built on a moveable board, this means I have been able to create something without having to worry about weatherproofing it. It's a very nice model. I'm particularly pleased with the central pillars, only using 1 of every 3 of supplied in the kit and building a span instead has worked very well. It's got the feel of a North Eastern Railway station. At some point I will add the Metcalfe Station building to it.
  23. How on earth have you created all that in such a short length of time? I'm very very impressed.
  24. Congratulations on completing the loop. Great job, well done.
  25. I've had the camera out today. First up, a video of a sprinter doing a full circuit of Amblethorpe. And I recreated a photograph.
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