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  1. Sounds like you may need a project to get your teeth into. I can't find any recent photos of your branch station, but how about a rebuild of that into a two platform station and possibly an overall roof.
  2. I've been fettling loco's recently, stripping down motors, adding pickups to wheels and installing DCC chips. Working with my mate John we have turned several locos from the 1970s and 1980s into good runners again. I'd upgraded a couple of Lima Class 66 previously, including a whole motor replacement, but they still improved their running after a fettle. The improvement was big enough that to my surprise, the Freightliner 66 could pull my intermodal train. Knowing that the real thing passes my house around 6 o'clock each evening, I hatched a plan to film them both runnnig at the same time.
  3. With a OO outdoor railway and a OO indoor tramway, I've become rather tempted to build a outdoor tramway, but with a twist. I'll stick with the same track, 16.5mm (OO/HO) but run narrow gauge O on it. In the UK that's O-16.5 where as in the US it's On30. The idea appeals because it allows me to work in a different scale, (UK 1:43.5, US 1:48) yet without the big hike in cost. Bachman USA do a fair amount of On30, including some Street Cars based on no particular prototype. Having built my outdoor railway on a shelf a metre above ground I think that the garden tramway will be at ground level. So far I've resisted the temptation to buy a On30 tram, but I know I'll crack soon. I'll have to spend some time on here going back though all your threads of building at ground level to work our how I want to build the track bed.
  4. Started running Amblethorpe again this week. For reasons that are beyond me, my laptop doesn't want to connect with my DCC system. Will have to come up with a solution so full iPad control can return.
  5. Any chance you can post some pictures of your installation. Some one may be able to spot something amiss.
  6. chris


    I've followed Trevor's lead and used SBR on a couple of sections of Amblethorpe. They have both been down for over 6 months now and I don't think a single chip of ballast has moved. I had given up ballasting areas open to the elements, but having used SBR successfully I will get back to it this year.
  7. Rapdio are a Canadian business building trains in China to sell in the UK. I assume they are looking at all the projects they have on at the moment and doing a risk assessment. Their assessment of the Prototype HST will have shown them that the risk factors are simply too high and that the chances of them making a loss are considerable. The question is what are the risks? As they say. The drop in the pound is going to make their product more expensive in UK shops, which will make it harder to sell (I'll come back to that). Manufacturing costs in china are rising quickly, they will have to pay more to have them made. Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, knows what trade tariffs will be in 3 years time, that's instability that they talk of. Read any Model Railway forum, including this one, and lots of members are complaining about the high price of new models and how they won't be buying these expensive products. If you and I, their market, go online and say we won't buy models that cost £xx.xx then it will scare manufactures off. A brexit vote was always going to make imported goods more expensive, this was made very clear before the vote and as a nation we voted for it. The argument is that it will bring manufacturing back to the UK. Personally I don't think it will, I can't see Hornby taking back control of their supply chain and building everything in Margate, but I wish they would. That said it would probably mean they went bust, but I think they are going to do that anyway!
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