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  1. Even though I (we) can't leave the house at the mo, I've found little time to model. I've been out to the shed a most afternoons to shunt a few units around. This afternoon I allowed my mates Parcels unit out to turn it's wheels. I've found a few more bonds that need replacing. I'll get my iron out once warmth arrives and the wind subsides.
  2. Having discussed the Hatton 66 I decided to get one of my old Lima 66's out for a run. I've replaced the motor in this unit and it runs well. But it is low on tractive effort so can end up with wheel slip. First run in 6 months or more after wintering in the shed and I didn't need to clean the wheels or pickups, which is always a pleasant surprise. I took 10 minutes to lubricate the wheel bearings on the wagons. One of the auto-ballasters was emitting a squeak. The "falcons" were running a little heavy. Lubrication is one of those jobs I mean to do, but don't get round to. With all this extra time on my hands I'll have to get to the bottom of a few of the running problems with my stock. Having had a very pleasant week for late March, the forecast is more gloomy. I'll continue with the rebuild of the campsite baseboard for which I have plenty of the static grass and look for a few more indoor tasks to work on.
  3. Task of the day was to tidy up the the scenics that live out, but under a canopy. On one side of the tracks is a farm and on the near side a campsite. The farm would only need a clean and patch. The campsite, well... The local cats have taken to sitting on it. There was no way that this could be cleaned and patched. I removed the tents, caravans and all the rest. These were rather well glued down, which explains why they have survived the feline assault. With all these bits stored i attacked the layer of static grass. This mainly came off with a green paint layer. Some of it was stubborn, but not much of the kingspan came away. I've covered the Kingspan with a thin coat of brown acrylic window frame sealant. Tomorrow I'l paint the whole thing green and get going with the static grass. I'm assuming I've got some!
  4. I got a couple of trains looping today. Usual derailing as trains enter or left the lift out section. A slight shove in the right direction an I could leave the two of them to stretch their legs for 20 minutes. I didn't bother with any of the scenics.
  5. Took a test train out. There are a few sections of track that are dead. The usual suspects. I really should to a proper job of rewiring them. Problem is I've lost track of how my sections work. Seen as Mick had introduce 31233 to Skew Bridge I thought it should have the honour of etc first run of the season. The rake included a new Hornby coach which was a Christmas present. Down side is that it is now too long for the turn back siding. Doing some maintenance on scenic boards this morning. Mainly repairs to damage caused by wildlife.
  6. Gave the rails a clean today. Tomorrow I may give a train a run out, see what has survived the winter ravages.
  7. I've been working on one of my back scene buildings. Had a couple of goes with the new facade before I got something I was happy with. Was further delayed when I realised I need to reskin the sides. The windows are of a new design for me. More like a Metcalfe with a plastic film. I also added a corner stone effect.
  8. Took part in #TwitterModelTrainsShow yesterday. This tweet was the most popular of Amblethorpe.
  9. chris


    We chose to close our coffee shop while the government dithered. I now have a lot more time to model. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/health/coronavirus/yorkshire-couple-lose-only-income-after-closing-coffee-shop-protect-customers-2504168 It's natural to point the finger at shocking and irresponsible behaviour. But remember that we all tend to behave in our own best interests. The shelves aren't empty because a few people are buying tonnes of stuff. It's because millions of people are buying a little bit more. There's £1 billion worth of extra food in UK homes. There's 25 million homes. That is £40 of extra food in each home. Or put it another way "up to Christmas levels." It's going to be very rough for a very long time. Blaming "the other" isn't going to help. I'm not sure what will help, but I put these up around the centre of my community early this morning. Stay safe, Stay Home, Save Lives.
  10. It looks like you've built your railway to W8 clearance. Lifting your structures to W10 is a costly exercise. One of my modelling mates is a gauging and clearance expert in the real world, I'm sure he could advise 😉 Modelling in On30 after you've got used to OO means the I have things bumping into structures all the time. Everything is so dam wide and high.
  11. It's that time of year. Spring is around the corner and we hope to get outside and attend to our garden railways. But, then we realise that it'll be May before that becomes a reality. However for me the season brings another treat. Aldi and Lidl stock their shelves with novelty bird feeders and birdhouses. So far Aldi have let me down, but Lidl have delivered. I picked up a large birdhouse over the weekend. I don't like the design or colour scheme, but it gives me a frame to work with. We were away in Pickering, but that didn't stop me starting work on the conversion. The first job was to cut the wire off and then strip the detailing. I like the build out and the able roof, but the gable doesn't protrude far enough. The solution to this was to remove the small green step below the build out. this helped, but I wanted a more pronounced effect. I cut 10mm off the bottom of the build out to allow the roof to sit lower and prouder. I like the roofline. It has revealed a gap at the top of the build out. I'll cover the whole side with card which will cover this. I've slapped a coat of very dark brown paint over the roof, but another couple of coats will be required to cover that blue. Work on this has now halted. I've left it in Pickering because I couldn't bring it back to York on my bike. My friend, who's house we stay at will bring it back next time she visits. I've been doing a lot of fiddly little detailing recently. It was nice to get back to working on something chunky.
  12. That ducting plastic looks familiar. I made use of that to create the information screen posts in Cowlick station. A couple of the corners had just the right shape. I'm often on the hunt for the right shape or colour of plastic in the bits that become waste.
  13. Nice work Mick. Great bit of scratch building.
  14. This week I've returned to adding lights to DMUs. Actually it was an EMU, but on this model its hard to tell the difference. It was a mates NSE Networker, he consulted with me on how to DCC the lights and it turned out to be annoyingly complex, so I offered to do it for him. The head and tail lights were the tricky bit and I ended up breaking half of the LEDs. Luckily I had enough replacements in the spares box. To show off I added interior lighting and door warning lights. My mate is very pleased with the result.
  15. Well spotted Mick. The fallen chap is missing the magnet in his foot. The hole was drilled in his shoe, but I think he was hiding when the the magnets and superglue turned up. Mrs Poe has not grown, the door has shrunk. Yes, most of the buildings have been named after buildings in the books. Actually that's not quite right. Some of them have been constructed to be buildings in the books. Mr Poe's house was built after close examination of its appearance in the Netflix TV series. It's far too close a copy, bearing in mind that this is meant to be a fantasy layout to allow me to freestyle an get away from the temptation to "rivet count".
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