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  1. Thanks for the 'heads up' on re sizing Mick. I actually thought it meant the size of the physical image was too big And many thanks for putting up here. Appreciate that.
  2. Thought I'd just throw in my ha'penny worth re the CMX. I found a major problem with this excellent product in as much as finding suitable motive power to shift the thing. Easy on a level, but my layout is anything BUT level - the indoors bit runs on a continuous falling gradient to ground level as it exits the place, so I have not been able to use the CMX as I hoped because of lack of loco's with the necessary 'grunt'. First, I bought a very ancient Hornby 'Deltic' - had the grunt, but it was too high to get through the outdoors tunnels ! Then I bought a Bachmann class 40 - had big problems with this as it was not man enough plus it's leading sets of wheels kept de railing and so I finally bought two class 20's on good advice now hey presto ! I can get that cleaning tanker anywhere with the 20's in tandem. Anyway, after paying a good price (almost £100 !) for the CMX, I decided I couldn't 'live' with 'American' look of the thing, so I modified it with buffers, solebars, ladders, a footway grid on top and re paint in good old black ! I added a little bit of signage (more to do yet) just to give it a PW departmental look. See the pic of it on my Flikcr page (my username is 84A ) Take a look and do let me know what you think. I would have uploaded the pic on here, but even after heavy cropping, it was still too 'big' ! Oh well !
  3. If like me you are laying track directly to concrete or brick as well as wood, you will find this product is the ONLY thing that will stand up to: high and low temperatures, rain, sun, snow and frost - it can even be applied to wet brickwork etc and STILL dry successfully. It's what I found worked after many wasted hours, not to mention pounds ! It's name ? Fast Grab. I am going to make a short video on how best to apply it after which it will posted on my channel on You Tube.
  4. I am desperately trying to find a model maker who could build me a working conveyor belt which looks and runs like a protypical industrial one. Problem one - It needs to be approx 3 ft in length (belt length) and must run using a fully weather protected motor (which will be operated automatically by the train, using micro switches) Problem two - It needs to be of roughly scale size to OO gauge and fully enclosed (at least covered, because of the 'product' it will be conveying) OK, let me explain further: I had this (crazy !) idea of running a rake of old working bottom drop hoppers to an enclosed discharge 'shed' where upon dropping the loads of each wagon, the conveyor will start and transfer the loads from a 'bin' up about 3' to discharge the load (bird seed!) straight onto a bird food table. This was the main reason for me to construct this long and very expensive indoors/outdoors railway (the money spent on this project so far is astronomical !) As soon as I have bought yet another box of Peco Flexitrack , I will film the entire layout from the inside bit which literally runs through the middle of the house via 2 'tunnels' in walls and a hole in a back door, by this time it has descended from approx 3.5 feet to ground level. The original line was rushed, and looked like you know what ! You can see the video of the last train over this awfully laid line on my You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-xF9rshQuM
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