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  1. Hi Tony, the loco is a freelance narrow gauge 0-4-0 diesel such that would be used in a quarry or mine, it's powered by a 3.8hp suzuki petrol engine. I'm sorry but I'm not into boats at all so I'm unable to help with your quest to find your ferry. Glad to hear you've got your computer sorted out, and that you are making good progress with your layout, keep on the good work chap!
  2. This is my "Other" Garden Layout not exactly "OO Gauge" I know but fun never the less. My youngest son Sam driving our train at the local model engineers society track on Sunday 3/09/17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEKpMlzVCdg
  3. Thanks Griff, I have some more footage to upload when I get a min'
  4. Here is a couple of videos on the Jamestown and Brampton Railroad evening running session. Penn Central local freight train leaving eastern portal through the "Termite Tunnel" Penn Central freight coming down the Brampton Valley Railroad branch to Lander street relief cabin. I hope you enjoy these short videos.
  5. Hi Tony I will try to do the bit of video for you soon re the gravel loader. I'm on windows 7 here I can't get on with windows 10 I had it removed when we had this comp' built last year and 7 re installed. It is nice here at this time of year gets dark about ten pm now, bit earlier if it's been a grey rainy day though! .....Hate winter, gets dark at about 4.30pm cold miserable damp dark days! makes me depressed just thinking about it!
  6. Tony, the hoppers are loaded at "Lonesome Pine Agg' & Lumber" under the "Flood" loader a picture of which is on the first page of this thread, I will try to upload a bit of video of it actually working when I get a moment! Regards Nige.
  7. Yes Tony, the loaded hoppers leave the "Lonesome Pine Agg' & Lumber" yard and are tripped around to "Jamestown West Yard" where they are made up into a train usually consisting of 18 loaded 40ft hopper cars and a caboose then loco's are attached and the train departs for "Brampton" (which is where the unloader is situated as part of a small cement works) the journey is usually one full circuit of the layout then it proceeds up the " Brampton Valley Railroad" branch, the driver gets relieved at the bottom of the branch at "Lander Street" relief cabin. A "BVR" driver takes the train up the branch from there. There are always at least two loco's on each train as the branch is steeply graded. Upon arrival at "Brampton" the train is broken up and switched into the "South Yard" and then from there they are tripped round to the cement works for unloading as required! ......And great fun is had by all !!!!
  8. Hi Tony, the dumper is to be used for unloading stone from the short line on another part of our layout. It has worked on and off for a while but not very well and recently it packed up altogether! so I have had to re build the drive system and modify it so that it works better, hopefully it will be ok now.
  9. Finally I have managed to get this "Walthers" rotary unloader to work reliably. It's only taken the best part of two years! It must be one of the worse kits I have ever encountered, I have had to modify it almost beyond all recognition, and it was not cheap to start with! It was one of those jobs that once you had started you wish you had never seen but by then you are too far in to go back! Sorry video is a bit wobbly but I was trying to film and operate train and unloader all at same time! https://youtu.be/2vFIgBS2es8
  10. WOW Mark you have been busy! I'm very pleased to see you have decided to go for a ground level approach, much safer for you that way.............................not a ladder in sight!!!!
  11. Thanks Mark, and yes Griff it is an "Athearn" model usual bullet proof motor and running gear etc! Just right for outdoor running
  12. I bought this from "Ebay" a few weeks ago for the princely sum of £14.50! As you can see it had been crudely and thickly painted with some gloss yellow and blue paint. It had also been fitted with British type couplings. So it entered our workshop where a complete rebuild was undertaken:- It was completely stripped to its component parts and cleaned thoroughly, and all paint was removed. The internet was then used to get the correct number sequence for the company that we are running at the moment. Upon rebuilding it was discovered that it had a faulty wheel-set which caused it to de-rail on points and on uneven track, so a spare set was installed from a scrap SD40-2 I think it's turned out pretty well in the end, these next two shots show the the completed loco at rest in "Jamestown East Yard" Not bad for £15.00!!
  13. Hi Griff we've not spoke in a while, really sorry to read about your Dad. I lost my Dad over 20yrs ago..............still hurts like hell! Best regards Nige.
  14. Hi Tony, sorry to hear you are not well, being in constant pain is no fun at all mate as I can vouch for myself. I suffer with back pain most of the time as a result of a motorcycle incident in my younger days and now I have also developed sciatica which has taken pain to a whole new level, that said though, I am enjoying a (relatively) pain free period at the moment. We are hoping to have a running day this Friday (23rd) but the weather forecast says there is a big storm approaching our little island Thursday night and into Friday and then another one on Christmas Day They never normally get it right but you can bet your bottom dollar they do this time!
  15. Hello Ilkeston, welcome to the forum from Chesterfield If you used to work on the P.W then building an outdoor layout will be a doddle! It's just like the real thing only smaller (obviously!) foundations to put in, drainage to consider, weather proofing electrical stuff, and then general maintenance as time goes along, only now you don't have to set up a "possession" or make sure you hand it back on time! I have to pop over to Ilkeston on Thursday to Malc's Models for some Kadee couplings, I used to be able to get them in Sheffield which is a lot closer but the shop closed down Only other thing is we like lots of photo's /video so we can see what you are up to, ok? All the best for now Nige.
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