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  1. English translation to follow 🙂 Sorry not a techie
  2. A nice Alexander bodied Leyland Leopard in Scotish bus group livery
  3. jimbob


    Unfortunately covid 19 has meant there is a shortage of track like Peco Flexitrack and rail joiners. Set yourself a budget and dont go mad. Ebay is still a good place to look, there was always a good selection of used, good condition track before the problems started but prices have gone up. Check the photos though because some sellers are a bit naughty in there descriptions. Don't pay over the odds either £1.50 to £2.00 is a fare price for a used 3ft length , but postage may be expensive because of the size.
  4. I supose if you haven't got it in stock you can put any price on it because you have none to sell ! Luckily l have a new box in the shed and a stack of used lengths as well, some hord toilet rolls, me track ! This does raise the question of a shortage of items from China and other overseas suppliers. Some stuff l want for my deadrail system is now on a 3 month back order from the USA and no guarantee then. Perhaps the likes of Peco and other UK producers may steal a march on the box importers, may even prompt a resurgence of home grown production.
  5. Because of lockdown l have not been shopping in my local superstore due to the queues. This means l don't have my weekly treat of buying whatever model railway mag is just out. In my now favoured supermarket the only mags tend to be about celebrities l have never heard of but today loud and proud was the May copy of Railway Modeller. Anyway looking through the Hattons add l was shocked to see that they have hiked the price of 24 lengths of Peco flexiable track from £66 to £77 in less than six weeks. I know Peco have shut down for the duration but this smells a bit of profiteering to me.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone. Finally got it apart this afternoon with brute force, how your suposed to get them apart god only knows. 3rd deadrail conversion now do e
  7. First sorry about the repost, tablet refuses to delete it! Secondly HELP Does anybody know how to get the body of a Lima class motor coach. Yes l've removed the screws from underneath, run some card along the carriage sides, there free, run a scaple blade along the front and back where l'm told ends there might be lugs, nothing. Bit of a heavy handed Harry so don't want to try to much force. I assume the body had to come of when l had DCC fitted or does the motor come out on it's own. Any suggestion welcome before l take a club hammer to it!
  8. It's not for everyone, justifying the cost to my self by saying l don't like/ need sound on coco's and the fact that all the railtours l have booked this year are now cancelled so have more money to spend !! Bluerail are developing (l think with Bachman USA) what is almost a plug and play system on which the battery is wired into the system and you just plug it into the DCC chip holder. They also reckon you can leave the wheel pickups in place and it can switch between track and battery power on it's own. All things to all men!! It was supposed to be avaliable end of last year, but.....
  9. Praise be to what ever God you support, it all seems to be working. Several circuits of both tracks completed without the loco falling off, running away with itself etc. Hooked up some coaches and the fun began, they just didn't like my track laying and refused to go round without falling of somewhere. Have sorted out most bits, had to relay a curve which was to tight for the 40 and controller seems OK or as good as an Dynamis can be in the garden. The 47 stopped going but that's a broken wire caused by my dodgy soldering. All in all not a bad morning. Needed to do some work in the garden and the railway shed looks like it's been ransacked and needs a tidy up so rest of the day taken up. Yes Mick, deadrail is definitely a niche market and adds cost to an already expensive hobby. Battery power does mean a slight loss of speed, yet to test pulling but both locos managed the incline with a rake of eight coaches with no problems. Cost per loco is around £55 inc battery. Space is a problem for the batteries, main line diesels and tender locos are ok but tank locos or shunters will be a problem.
  10. Well lockdown and good weather mean l have ventured out into the garden again. Anyway after years of gathering dust l finally took the plunge and and fitted my Tam Valley radio control board to an old Lima class 47 fitted a battery and low it works and Jimbo has gone deadrail. That of course was the easy bit, spent an hour or so clearing the winter detritus of the track (top tip never build a garden railway under a tree!) Winter has been reasonably kind to the railway, the new bit from last year anyway, Conected the radio ariel to the Dynamis track power leads and we were away. Train running and no track cleaning. Flushed with success l fitted the other board to another old Lima loco this time a class 40 and again away it went. Winter had opened up a few gap at the track joins so l set about fixing these when the class 40 slowly started up all on it's own and moved off round the track a grab of the handset showed that it was not under power and frantic pushing of the stop button finally stopped it. Took it of the track only for it to start up again a few minutes latter. So back to the drawing board. I think l have traced the problem back to to the Dynamis controller. Had mega problems with it cutting out saying there was a short last year which disillusioned me more than a bit and l walked away from the whole thing. Anyway l just happen to have a second Dynamis control box in the shed(as you do) and have bench tested this with the 40 and it is seems to be behaving for now. So Saturday will be crunch day, still need to sort out a few track problems but am determined to get at least one train running !
  11. I have blown the dust of this thread just to let everyone know after sitting in the packet for about 3 years in the back of draw l finally plucked up courage and fitted my Tam Valley battery powered receiver to a old Lima class 47. AND IT WORKS ! OK the wireing looks like spaghetti and the soldered joints are massive blobs rather than delicate joints but to my surprise l actually got it to work No more track cleaning for me, well for one loco anyway ! Pictures and maybe even a video in the next few days, probably.
  12. I have a load of code 75 fish plate l ordered by mistake if there any use to you.
  13. I hope your campers are obeying the lockdown rules! Excellent work as ever,
  14. Been out and watered part of my garden this morning. The grounds like concrete in places. I assume the windy weather has dried the top soil off as it's cracking up.
  15. jimbob


    Common sense is always in short supply with some people. Can't see that feeding a horse is any different to feeding sheep or cow's in a field. Some farms rent fields miles away from the rest of there land. Biggest moan round here is some corner shops profiteering, £7 for a pack of four toilet rolls, and idiots are buying them.
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