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  1. jimbob

    Jim's Garden Railway

    A happy New Year to you all, shows how long its been since l've been here! So not a lot happening in the garden, has been far to cold this winter and every time l go to do something it snow lately. But a sunny day today has tempted me out to assess the winter damage. The windy weather has finally done for the fence behind the shed and l have decided to abandon that bit of the line, it's geting a bit tight for a rotund gent like my self to fit down there so l've salvaged the track and boards and the plan is to have a loop in front of the shed instead. Inside the shed it's a mess. So first off l need a clearout to make some space. The station baseboard has developed a bit of a bend in it and needs to be screwed down as it appears l forgot to do that when l rebuilt the frame work it sits on !! The long run down the side of the garden will be mothballed this year probabilly, to concentrate on the shed circuit which l hope will mean that provided l am prepared to brave the winter cold l can operate a short layout without problems throught the year. The experiment with radio controlled battery power still sits expensively in its box taunting me to wreck a loco with my soldering and electical skills...... So all in all a busy summer lies ahead l hope.
  2. jimbob

    Mick's Drivel

    In many cases it not what they take but the damage they cause. I have been burgled twice, after the first time we started locking the internal doors down stairs but when it happened again (years later) they tried to prise the door of its hinges and in the process pulled the door frame of the wall!. The cost of getting that repaired was more than what l lost. I also had my business premises robbed, that would'nt have been so bad but as there was nothing of value there they set one of our vehicles on fire and smashed allt he windows on several others. The police arrested a couple of teens but they had an alibi, the local pub landlord said they were drinking there all evening. Two years later he was arrested for reciveing stolen property, oh hum. My rule now is if you can't afford to lose it, dont own it !
  3. jimbob

    Griff's Oddities

    Why is it that foreign trains look so much cooler than British one's? I suppose some of the newer stuff is getting close but there rather stayed liveries lets them down. All there interested in is packing them and getting your money over here. Great example is the seats on the HST sets that dont even have a window to look out of.
  4. jimbob

    Night Ferry

    Marcs models still do the sleeping cars and forgons as unbuilt kits or they can supplied built, both either challange my kit building skill or my wallet so it looks like one of those "if only " projects. Still it was an interesting to do a bit of research on it. In my minds eye a bit like the Orient Express l imagine spies in dinner jackets and glamours women in evening gowns although in fact it seems far from that and being woken up in the middle of the night by burly dockers chaining the coaches down on the ferry and again at the other side probably did'nt make it the most restfull a nights sleep either.
  5. jimbob

    Night Ferry

    Thanks for the link Roddy, very interesting. Followed the link to ls models in Belgium as well but the google translate does not understand railway talk very well ! Trouble being that everything is HO anyway. Its an interesting train service that l have never seen modeled here. Probably to much of a niche market for commercial production as well.
  6. jimbob

    Night Ferry

    The only thing l can discover was that the SNCF vehicles were specialy built for the British loading gauge in the fities. There were sleeping cars (wagon lit) and day cars, normal coaches on the train and one or two luggage vans with birdcage style roofs. There was also an advertised resturant car for sleeper passengers and buffet car for the plebs. I know at one stage they used Southern utility vans on the service instead of French one. Would this have been the only instance of UK vehicles being used in Europe at that time? Apparently the service was often double headed in steam days due to the weight of the train. It took eleven hours London to Paris, 9pm departure London arriving at 9am Paris time. Now you can pop over for lunch and be back home for supper. The Golden Arrow was the daytime version of the service, all British Pullmans, and passengers alighted at Dover for the ferry rather than the train going on the ferry its self.
  7. jimbob

    Night Ferry

    Does anybody know the train formation for the old London - Paris night ferry service ? The British locos are easy enough to find but are the suitable French stock avaliable from European model firms ? Any ideas anyone, just one of those silly projects that enter your head when you have nothing to do !
  8. jimbob

    Hornby changes

    See the new men at the top at Hornby are changing things again. They are going to stop bulk discounts to traders, such as Hattons l assume, in order to maximise there brand, whatever that means. I suppose on the good side this means small or local model shops will be able to compete pricewise with the big boys but on the bad side it will show up the high cost of railway modeling. More profit warnings, more delivery delays, new models put back or on hold. Can they survive? I am told a lot of hopes are being put on the new toy/starter train set there seĺling. Lets hope they can pull it round as l fear if they go, others may follow.
  9. jimbob

    Hornby chages

    See the new men at the top at Hornby are changeing things again. They are going to stop bulk discounts to traders, such as Hattons l assume, in order to maximise there brand, whatever that means. I suppose on the good side this means small or local model shops will be able to compete pricewise with the big boys but on the bad side it will show up the high cost of railway modeling. More profit warnings, more delivery delays, new models put back or on hold. Can they survive? I am told a lot of hopes are being put on the new toy/starter train set there seĺling. Lets hope they can pull it round as l fear if they go, others may follow.
  10. jimbob

    Maximum grades on garden railways

    I belive the rule of thumb is 1 in 60 for OO gauge so thats one hell of a length to get to near ground level! To me the guide would be can your weakest loco haul a resonable length train up the slope, thats then your maximum gradient. Summer Hampton has a video on you tube on how he has improved the problem on his line.
  11. jimbob

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Re gradients, friend of mine cut a load of small groves in the track and then filled them with bulldog snot so the loco got power from the track grip from the snot. That was indoors though. Replica Railways now do a powered carrridge underframe DCC or DC, which may solve the problem of underpowered steamers.
  12. jimbob

    Jim's Garden Railway

    So just like Network Rail the garden railway is closed for the bank holiday for najor works. The loop at the far end of the line has been rebuilt after the tree fellers knocked it over, now l removed the track and placed it so it would go back as before, the new base boards, are the sane shape and size as the ones they replace, does it all fitt back together, does it hell!!. So several hours and a temper tantrum later its finished. Just need to to compleat the loop back into the shed where the ants ate the plywood base (they seem to love the glue) and l should be back in business. In the last couple if weeks l've been round the layout closeing up gaps that have appeared at track joints, just putting stuff away and noticed that a section that l closed up has reopened again in three places. May have to resort to soldering them up if this keeps happening. Any suggestions?
  13. jimbob

    New and looking for a project

    Welcome to the forum. Warning, you never have enough spare time for a garden railway!! As someone who stopped working full time last year l wonder how l did everything l did then when l have double the time to do it in now. So to the plan, l see no problem with using decking boards, many here use them with no problems, but the will need braceing underneath to stop them drooping or twisting. Also remember to give them a good coating of preservitive, even if you are covering with roof felt. Again no problem with having it close to the ground, but remember it does mean your on your kness laying track and when track cleaning as well. Remember also you may get splash back on the track from the surrounding soil. Depending how low you are going you could use fence posts laid across the base boards or the tried and tested mera post system if you are going higher. There is no bad time to start either. With autum coming it means your not trappling down growing plants, or thats my excuse anyway. What ever your choice have fun with it post plenty of pictures as well. This forum my not be the font of all knowledge but its dam close. Some techi isusse mean its been a bit quite here of late but l 'm sure there will be others along to welcome you soon Jimbob
  14. jimbob

    Birkdale Northgate

    I have been on at the council about two trees that overhang my property, shading a large part of the garden and depositing large amount leaves on the railway!. Shading is not there problem they tell me and its down to me to pay for it. Silly quotes from tree men so have learnt to live with it. Then recently l noticed one was leaning over much more than it had been and discovered it had become uprooted and was only staying upright because it was supported by the councils metal fence. Anyway, after a lot of phone calls the councils contractors finally turn up and start to cut it down. Que knock on door "sorry guv , a branch has fallen in your garden, can we get it, oh and we might have damaged your fence". So out to the garden to find large 8 ft branch lying across my fence, they then pull it off said fence on too the railway that runs along side it pulling the return loop that there with it !. OK it was never the most stable of structres but l was not best pleased to put it mildly. So off they trot leaving a collaped railway, damaged fence, and trampeld bush in there wake and a telephone number if l want to make a claim. So lady from council comes round with clip board and camera. Looks at fence damage, they pulled the top off it, mutters that it was rotten anyway, and moves to railway. More pictures taken and of she trots as well. Ten days latter letter from council they will pay £20 for fence damage and trappled bush, but nothing for "train set"as l "could have removed it to prevent damage". Now its not the money, all is repairable, its just a couple of bits of wood and the bush was a pain anyway its just the "so what" attitude of some people making light of something l do for pleasure, garden and railway, just because they have no life. Anyway, had a moan at local councillor, who was stupid enough to leave his e mail address once, and he's looking in to it. The wood is there to give me somthing to do over the bank holiday!!
  15. Sunday morning Meldrew moment. So cut the grass, which l hate doing because it gives me back ache, and decide to sit down have a cup of tea and then as its a nice sunny day do some work on the railway. Whilst having a cup of PG's finest l decide to check on my e bay sales that are ending today. After 5 attempts at login in, my password rejected everytime, l decided that l must be having a senior moment and get a tempoary password , great login first time to find a message from E bay saying its deleted my password as they think my account has been hacked. So E bay you block access to my account and leave a message on my account which l cannot access to tell me you have done so! It then takes me an hour to reset my password because the tempoary passwords are single use only BUT you have to log out again to reset your password so have to get a new temporary password. Eventualy found out how to do it and account back in working order. Anyway it had'nt been hacked it because some idiot that did not pay wont to pay for something he won claimed he hadn't placed the order. I cancelled the transaction, he then claimed he had paid for the items but l hadn't recived the money so had not sent them. He has now got his money that l did not recive back from ebay for an order he told me he had not placed Aarrrghh. His account is now blocked....... So stuff the PG, it's time to crack open the wine box, have Sunday lunch and a sleep on my fresh moan lawn in the sun this afternoon. The railway will still be there another day.

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