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  1. Amazing stuff Tony, it takes me all day to wire up a point! All those wires and lights make it look like something out of an old Flash Gordon film. At least all those transformers will keep you warm in the winter. As you say Tony, keep on moving ahead.
  2. Tony If your free in December can you come and sort out my Christmas lights? Well done amazing stuff.
  3. Must admit l don't have much time for these "celebrity " vlogs either. I always wonder if they buy or are supplied (free?)the items they review. If the latter shouldn't they agnloigise that fact? Never seen anyone say the reviewed items rubbish either.
  4. None garden railway modellers always scoff that we can't run trains in the wet. Has anyone else seen the latest you tube video from Sam's Trains where he is running a Heljen Tango underwater in an inflatable paddling pool. Maybe not recommended but it proves a point.
  5. O K, electrical idiot here. 1. How do you disable DC on a decoder? 2. Can someone explain pulse power and feedback controllers.
  6. Only going on what I've read/been told. Could it depend on what equipment you use? Controller/chip? Could be a experiment to try though.
  7. Some DCC controllers allow you to use a DC loco on them, not all though, and the "experts" say that doing this can cause damage to the loco. What l do know is that DC on DCC makes a loud humming noise! Don't put a DCC chipped loco on DC powered track, disaster! I would advise against the use of infra red controlled walkabout units in the garden, sunshine plays havoc with them.
  8. I have used pre wired fishplates in the past, shop bought are expensive, and even made them myself, burnt fingers and ever rising blood pressure allowing. Anyway the wireing "error" is being left at present. I shall continue to wire up as is, at worst it will mean switching a couple of feeds round on the old part of the layout or l have a couple of reverse loop thingies in the shed somewhere. That aside l have a couple of H & M DC controllers that have stopped working, l thought l saw an advert in one of the rail mags for someone who repairs them but of course cannot find it now. Any ideas? I suspect it will work out cheaper to by a new one but l do like a bit of Nostalgia.
  9. I HATE ELECTRICS!!! Despite an ominous weather forecast it's a loverly morning so pressed on with fitting droppers to the bus wire. Trying to do a proper job with no wires snaking across the baseboard etc. One problem being that l cannot solder to save my life, people gave tried to show me how its done l just end up with melted sleepers and burnt fingers. Anyway pressed on with it and have to say was quite pleased at the results. That till l realised that l have wired them up the wrong way round, positive wire where negative should be etc. Time for a beer and Sunday lunch l think!
  10. Thanks for that. Think (Hope!) I have traced it to a point, removed it and everything seemed ok but am not convinced and can't see anything obvious . I do have a second Dynamis control box, and may swop them over in case there's a problem there
  11. Long time since anyone posted here so l hope someone notices the smoke signals ! I am still ploding along with the old style Dynamis, you know the one that was supposed to do everything the new one now does but didn't. Anyway, the handset keeps showing a "short" and stopping everything. Switched to DC controller and no problems there, back to DCC and up it pops again. Tried differant locos, problem still there, even disconnected track into sections but no change. Nothing on the track to cause it either. Any suggestions ?
  12. Although not powered up yet l couldn't resist a test run in between the showers so l fired up my battery power 08 , an old Tri-ang/Hornby one with a 9volt battery strapped to it! Found a couple of places where it kept coming off ( bird poo on track!) Then tried it round on the other track only to find that the point where the track flyover is is about 3 mm to low on that side and hits the loco. Lots of muttering and lying down trying to unscrew and adjust brackets, and yes it did start rain just as l reached the point of no return and yes l did get wet. How l laughed (not). Anyway l will test it out again weather permitting over the weekend. Yes there is a trianglar junction in the corner this when completed, again maybe this week, runs into the shed to a through station, then loops round outside the shed and back in side to a terminus station. This is the old part of the layout which is in need of a bit/lot of tic at present. That's a lot of track to clean l hear people say and yes it is but l am experimenting/researching with battery powered/RC controlled locos at the moment. Not cheap but solves a lot of problems. Trouble is at present some systems will only operate DC locos and some only DCC. So it looks like a lot of wireing and cleaning for now.
  13. Well l am still here, and yes so is the garden railway, just that life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, a brief catch up is in order. Last year was a bit of disaster to start off with. Several sections of baseboard had sagged over tbe winter due to quality of material and poor construction, all down to my budget and poor DIY skills ! Some extreme measures needed to be taken and a planning rethink undertaken. Well l say planning, not my strong point, more a whack something up and make things fit! The result was by the end of autumn 75% of an entirely new railway was built in front of the existing shed. Proper thick ply was used and support posts concereted in and some track laid before the weather turned. So the early spring weather saw me back out and the last bit completed, sort of, today. Still lots of tidying up work to do but l do have a runable railway again. It is a very humble effort , more an out door train set or railway in the garden than a garden railway. But that's what l wanted, somewhere to sit and watch the trains go round and round and relax. The old section when back up and running will allow me to play "Proper trains" or just watch have some fun on the new bit The link from the shed to the new section needs to be completed along with a final two sections of the old line which gave up this winter. Still lots more to do including the wireing which l hate, but it's a sort of running railway. And yes there are pictures, but please 'scuse the mess coz l am an untidy bigger!
  14. Excellent photos as always Mick and the viaduct and scenic shot looks even better now they have weathered a bit.
  15. A happy New Year to you all, shows how long its been since l've been here! So not a lot happening in the garden, has been far to cold this winter and every time l go to do something it snow lately. But a sunny day today has tempted me out to assess the winter damage. The windy weather has finally done for the fence behind the shed and l have decided to abandon that bit of the line, it's geting a bit tight for a rotund gent like my self to fit down there so l've salvaged the track and boards and the plan is to have a loop in front of the shed instead. Inside the shed it's a mess. So first off l need a clearout to make some space. The station baseboard has developed a bit of a bend in it and needs to be screwed down as it appears l forgot to do that when l rebuilt the frame work it sits on !! The long run down the side of the garden will be mothballed this year probabilly, to concentrate on the shed circuit which l hope will mean that provided l am prepared to brave the winter cold l can operate a short layout without problems throught the year. The experiment with radio controlled battery power still sits expensively in its box taunting me to wreck a loco with my soldering and electical skills...... So all in all a busy summer lies ahead l hope.
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