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  1. I have a "Skew Arch" near me in Raynes Park SW London. I don't think it's official name it's just that it goes under the railway at an angle. It replaced the tunnel under Raynes Park station which was a typical LSWR on the cheap build about wide enough for 2 horses and low enough to bang your head on. Useless fact the is an arch way in the middle of it which used to be the original access to the now long gone island platform. Any way back to Skew Arch, so even after this was built it was still very low 10ft 6in l think and only one lane wide with a narrow pedestrian pavement that always terrified me as a kid. It was controlled by traffic lights and caused traffic chaos in the peaks. This was eventually replaced in the seventies by a new bridge on the site of the old Raynes Park signal Box. The designers in there wisdom dug a large dip to allow for full height vehicles under it , unfortunately they didn't put in sufficient drainage and it even now turns into a covered swimming pool in heavy rain.
  2. I think you may have hit the nail on the head here Mick. Am l the only one who hides there copy of the Modeller in the bottom of the trolley when pick it up in Sainsburys. The general public see the programme as entertainment in the same way as Bake Off, they like to see people try and fail. Add to that a few eccentric looking modellers, a couple know it all's, both judges and contestants, and top it off with self styled internet influencers plus the constant "will they finish in time" references and you have the perfect car crash television.
  3. The questions in the title really "How green is our hobby? As an individual l try to do my bit for the environment, l recycle, l dont use chemicals in the garden and grow my own if possible, and use public transport. On the other hand l run an "evil" old diesel car of the type that the London Mayor is trying to ban me from using. Most of the models l own are now made on the other side of the world in a country that seem to ignore pollution. It's then transported boat to be sold here. The wood we use to construct our layouts is imported from all over the world too. O K most of the models l buy are used, pre owned, or what ever you want to call it so l and helping there I suppose. I'm no lentil eating tree hugger but just wondered what other modellers have thoughts about this though.
  4. Oh dear, l say this very softly, but l do not like this show. Yes l know that having any show on TV that promotes the hobby must be good but there is just something about it that erks me and l don't know quite what it is. So let's dissect it a bit. Well, it all appears a bit hurried, trying to build a working layout in a few hours from scratch is not what the hobby is about. Perhaps in between the segments a short "masterclass" in things like ballesting, track laying, simple electrics etc could be shown. To much emphasis is put on kimicks, although many a boring exhibition layout could learn a thing or two here. However l do like that they have pushed the boundaries beyond just running a prototypical layout and have shown that a purely fantasyland layout is still a model railway. Perhaps it's just an age thing and l'm to set in my ways to accept change. Still it's your layout, and if it makes you happy that's all that matters.
  5. Sorry if you thought l was putting Sam's Trains down it was not my intension. I actually found the underwater running very interesting, it certainly dispelled a few miths. Railway modelling comprises of a very broad church of people, those who want the minutest detail to be correct to those who just like to play trains (me!). Each to there own. I have my pet loves and hates within the hobby, especially on you tube and unboxing videos are one of them! Having said that others love them and who am l to disagree with them if they are promoting interest in the hobby then more power to them.
  6. Amazing stuff Tony, it takes me all day to wire up a point! All those wires and lights make it look like something out of an old Flash Gordon film. At least all those transformers will keep you warm in the winter. As you say Tony, keep on moving ahead.
  7. Tony If your free in December can you come and sort out my Christmas lights? Well done amazing stuff.
  8. Must admit l don't have much time for these "celebrity " vlogs either. I always wonder if they buy or are supplied (free?)the items they review. If the latter shouldn't they agnloigise that fact? Never seen anyone say the reviewed items rubbish either.
  9. None garden railway modellers always scoff that we can't run trains in the wet. Has anyone else seen the latest you tube video from Sam's Trains where he is running a Heljen Tango underwater in an inflatable paddling pool. Maybe not recommended but it proves a point.
  10. O K, electrical idiot here. 1. How do you disable DC on a decoder? 2. Can someone explain pulse power and feedback controllers.
  11. Only going on what I've read/been told. Could it depend on what equipment you use? Controller/chip? Could be a experiment to try though.
  12. Some DCC controllers allow you to use a DC loco on them, not all though, and the "experts" say that doing this can cause damage to the loco. What l do know is that DC on DCC makes a loud humming noise! Don't put a DCC chipped loco on DC powered track, disaster! I would advise against the use of infra red controlled walkabout units in the garden, sunshine plays havoc with them.
  13. I have used pre wired fishplates in the past, shop bought are expensive, and even made them myself, burnt fingers and ever rising blood pressure allowing. Anyway the wireing "error" is being left at present. I shall continue to wire up as is, at worst it will mean switching a couple of feeds round on the old part of the layout or l have a couple of reverse loop thingies in the shed somewhere. That aside l have a couple of H & M DC controllers that have stopped working, l thought l saw an advert in one of the rail mags for someone who repairs them but of course cannot find it now. Any ideas? I suspect it will work out cheaper to by a new one but l do like a bit of Nostalgia.
  14. I HATE ELECTRICS!!! Despite an ominous weather forecast it's a loverly morning so pressed on with fitting droppers to the bus wire. Trying to do a proper job with no wires snaking across the baseboard etc. One problem being that l cannot solder to save my life, people gave tried to show me how its done l just end up with melted sleepers and burnt fingers. Anyway pressed on with it and have to say was quite pleased at the results. That till l realised that l have wired them up the wrong way round, positive wire where negative should be etc. Time for a beer and Sunday lunch l think!
  15. Thanks for that. Think (Hope!) I have traced it to a point, removed it and everything seemed ok but am not convinced and can't see anything obvious . I do have a second Dynamis control box, and may swop them over in case there's a problem there
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