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  1. That's looking exciting, Thomas. Once you have a complete circuit you'll be wanting to run some trains.
  2. An exciting day (part 3) We end with a couple of shots of Castle Class "Earl of St Germans" seen hauling a portion of a long distance express from the West:
  3. An exciting day (part 2) This was starting to look like a fantasy diesel gala: Then "Western Harrier" took to the road:
  4. An exciting day (part 1) The day, which was to feature the first visiting locomotives this year, began with a sort of "Escape from Suez" commemorative intermodal train with the Class 66 and the slowly lengthening rake of container flats: And then the first of our exciting visitors appeared: Of which there will be more anon.
  5. Here's the 5 minute video from that last running session: Spring Greens!
  6. It's looking fantastic, Thomas. Keep up the good work, and I hope all goes well with you.
  7. As has been pointed out before, the normal term used by railway modellers, in British English at least, is fiddle yard. But I doubt you can find such a specialised term in any dictionary.
  8. Spring Greens After a month of cold and then wet, our weather hasn't been great until very recently. So I needed to seize the moment in today's sunshine and decided it felt like a day for running Southern Region branch line trains, using the N Class and the BR Standard 2-6-4 tank. Here are some of my many photos.
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