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  1. Superb photos, Mick. They really showcase both the models and the scenery.
  2. Two new videos A couple of excellent compilations from Josh reflecting two separate visits to the Dorking Garden Railway by him and Geoff: and
  3. Memories of the Metropolitan Line After the end of steam on BR in 1968, some of us were fortunate enough to live within reach of London Transport's ex-GWR Pannier tanks which were used on works trains on parts of the surface network. In fact I used to hear one puffing along the Piccadilly Line towards South Harrow if I lay awake after midnight. And I used to borrow my father's car to photograph the daytime services taking wagons of spoil to Croxley Tip near Watford. Earlier this week Robert brought his Metropolitan engines for a run in the fresh air to recreate those days from long ago. First we see L.97 taking a spoil train towards the delightful countryside of the Chilterns: And here it is on the return leg: Somewhat earlier, London Transport also ran the former Metropolitan Railway's electric locos for various purposes, and in this instance we see "John Hampden" on what looks like a railway enthusiasts' brakevan excursion: ...which on its return passed spoil wagons being shunted: With a closer view here: And here's John Hampden again with a train of (almost!) Metropolitan Railway compartment stock heading for Baker Street with an afternoon service from the outer Chilterns: And here's one of my photos of the real thing - L.89 at Croxley Triangle on 19 July 1968:
  4. How sad that cheerful, optimistic Tony, always so full of ideas, new projects and revisions to the plans for his dream railway, has now left us. All the regular readers of this forum will share his family's sorrow and will miss his fascinating contributions, and digressions into shipbuilding and other things. The loss to his wife and family will be tremendous. Tony had shared with us an earlier family tragedy which must have been a great blow to him, although his positive and ambitious approach to model railway building may have helped him cope with that. It certainly kept him occupied, and the way he revised his plans to adjust to the recent house move was another sign of his can-do attitude. I shall be very sorry not to see any further contributions ending with that cheery byline: "Tony from down under keep on moving ahead".
  5. I've only just got round to watching that video of the BP tank wagons, Mick, but it's superb. It really showcases the Skew Bridge layout effectively, and the scenery and trackside detail all looks really good and highly realistic. Well done.
  6. Meanwhile, out on the real railway Today was "Giants of Steam" at the Bluebell (although I didn't manage to capture everything that was running):
  7. Too true, Mick. Ballast would be a great improvement. As some of the trackbed timber needs replacing after nine years of service, ballast will have to wait for DGR Mark 2.
  8. You can wait a long time for a train to come along... so when it does, better have the camera ready. Here, after a lot of maintenance work on clearing the track, is the 4MT on a local train, first heading along Bamboo Curtain Straight: Catching the driver passing Throstlebeck Sidings: Rounding Sycamore Curve Three shots at different points on Foxdale Bank And finally heading into the sun across the Northern Viaduct
  9. All looks great, especially the ballast. Hope it all survives the ravages of winter.
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