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  1. I wish you well with the construction work, Stese. Looks like quite a project, so as Mick says, it's good that you'll be doing it in stages. Best wishes!
  2. A great video, thanks, Mick. What a lot of wagons! And, as you say, there's quite a bit of weathering in store if you plan to get them all done - but quite a good proportion seem to have been done already. As a consolation, the scenery is looking pretty good now and presumably is largely good to go/stay.
  3. Another Black 5 One of Santa's deliveries this year was another Black 5 for my collection. This one is by BigJigs, not Hornby, and I hope my grandson will let me run it on his layout:
  4. At last It's been a long wait for a day of good weather that was also convenient for a running session, but today seemed like a good opportunity to test run the Caledonian Single locomotive and coaches acquired a couple of months ago. I knew I should have tested the Single indoors first! In fact she wouldn't turn a wheel today, so all those photos are just posed. Will have to try some indoor TLC. So then it was on with the trusty BR Standard 4MT which is always reliable. Here, it is passing Throstlebeck signalbox with a few vans. Coming off Foxdale Bank, with Sycamore Cottage in the background and, with a couple more vans added on, bowling along Bamboo Curtain Straight Despite last night's frost, everywhere was still very wet from the recent rain, and fortunately this trespasser was spotted and ejected before any damage was done:
  5. Well said, Mr Riddles. Thanks a million, Mick. Happy Christmas to all, Andrew
  6. Hello Tony, I hope all goes well as you move into the new house, and that you will have a great Christmas and brighter prospects for the New Decade. As you are about 12 hours ahead of us here in England, it's just about Christmas already for you folk. And I wish you good luck with adapting the plans for those railway modules to fit the new accommodation. Looking forward to seeing you running some trains in the New Year. All the best, Andrew
  7. Catching up As I've not been able to post any new photos here for a while, here are some older ones (well, 2018 anyway) which haven't been shown before, of the Black 5 in sunny weather.
  8. Mick, You're very welcome. That is just to say a big Thank You on behalf of all the contributors and visitors to this superb website which you have diligently maintained over so many years to provide so much enjoyment and encouragement to people interested in model railways. Long may it, and you, continue! Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Decade, Andrew
  9. The scenery is looking good in those dark colours, Mick, and the whole thing is coming on impressively. I hope you can keep up the good work even if/when the weather gets colder. It was interesting to see your comment a couple of days ago: and the whole point in building a layout up in the attic is to run all those trains I've been hanging on to for years and which wouldn't fit in anywhere else. That well sums up my reasons for building a garden railway - nice long trains, and of course the scenery is already there. Anyway, each to his own. It's great to be able to follow your rapid progress, and to see the videos.
  10. That's a nice bridge, Mick, and your detailing on the stonework has come out very well. All looks most promising. I'm trying to work out what the bridge is made of; presumably resin rather than plaster (which would be too fragile). If it is resin, then there would be scope for me incorporating something similar on the garden layout...
  11. Thank you, Mick. Just to set the record straight on 'the sunny south', the runnng session for all all those Cornish pictures was in fact rained off by late afternoon, and I don't think we've seen the sun since. So you don't need to feel hard done by. But you might consider a treacle mine to fill up those empty wagons on your loft layout...
  12. Final helping of Cornish 68xx Grange class 4-6-0, No.6869 ‘Resolven Grange’, of Penzance shed (83G) brings an empty stock working down from Newquay into St Blazey. The first vehicle is a Siphon G. Meanwhile, a 45xx (again probably No.4570), is still busy in the yard marshalling china clay empties.
  13. Cornish Pastures After working an express down to Plymouth, Castle Class No. 5043 ‘Earl of Mount Edgcumbe’ of Old Oak Common (81A) retired to Laira shed (83D) for servicing and repairs to a damaged smoke-box dart. A smart turn-round on these tasks provided the Laira shedmaster with the opportunity to allocate this locomotive to a special duty, taking a large party from various local Sunday Schools back to Newquay after an outing. The first photograph shows No. 5043 easing down towards Laira Junction, where it will turn on the triangle. The next two images show No.5043 passing through the north end of the yards at St Blazey, before making an assault on the long climb up to Luxulyan, some of it at 1 in 37. In the yard an unidentified 45xx (but possibly visiting No.4570) is shunting china clay empties. The last photograph shows No.5043 and its train approaching Luxulyan.
  14. Small Prairie and B-set on a Cornish branchline
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