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  1. the Dorking Garden Railway

    It's raining today, and weather for the Easter weekend isn't looking promising...
  2. The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    That looks like great progress, Mark, and I hope we'll be able to see more fine photos in due course. As for any covering of your base boards such as roofing felt, since they've been pressure treated you might fine it's alright just to lay your track straight onto the timber - and it might look nicer too as the wood will probably weather to a darker and realistically uneven colour. I prefer the appearance of curved baseboards, but they certainly need a bit of forethought and effort. Enjoy the shopping when you get to Liverpool! We look forward to seeing the results.
  3. Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Glad to see you're looking at the railway again, Mick. Hope it won't be long before you're mesmerised by a train running through the sprouting spring foliage once more - and that there'll be the odd photo arising.
  4. the Dorking Garden Railway

    A couple more of the N Class:
  5. Disruption to service

    On a Southern byway Another day's snow photos here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=18014
  6. the Dorking Garden Railway

    On a Southern byway This was the scene yesterday as an N Class loco trundled its train through the light dusting of snow in the Surrey Hills.
  7. Disruption to service

    All White on the Night Another snowfall in Dorking and another chance for a few quick pics here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=18011
  8. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Some half-decent snow here in the Dorking Highlands today, so it was out for a quick photo-shoot before the bright sunlight started to clear away most of the overnight fall. First off was a train of empty mineral wagons pulled by the BR Standard 2-6-4 tank: Then we had the Black 5 on a train heading for Kyle of Lochalsh in some suitably wintry weather. Hope the steam heating was working in the coaches.
  9. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Black 5 Inaugural Run This looked like being the first dry-ish day for a while, so worth braving the cold to polish up the track after over four months of inactivity. It needed quite a lot of work; how long will it take to rub the code 100 rails down to code 75, I wonder! The new girl took to the rails with relish - and has a fantastic voice in the form of Hornby's TTS sound. Quite a looker too if you ask me. Here are some photos:
  10. Disruption to service

    And here on an adjacent thread are photos of (a little bit of) the real thing in Dorking: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=17925
  11. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Thanks for that, Mick. You're welcome. Down here in the sunny south of England we don't get much snow. In recent years we've only had an occasional minor scattering of white stuff. Today's shower wasn't much good either - not the light, deep, floaty stuff that looks good in photos, but rather soggy and wet. Even worse from a photographic point of view, because the garden railway is overshadowed by trees, the lines were completely clear. But I set up some pictures mid-morning, which turned out to be just in time, as all the snow had disappeared by early afternoon. Here's the local train on a rather unfamiliar route (temporary track laid across the middle of the lawn): Closer inspection shows there aren't many passengers on board today: Perhaps this new location has possibilities! But before long, the loco was getting too wet and the photographer too cold, so further efforts were abandoned before any damage was done.
  12. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Having long wanted a Black 5, the right version never seemed to be around - until now. She arrived this week, and is awaiting front steps and brake links to be installed. Fills a key gap in the DGR's motive power. As the sun was shining today, I decided a first photocall was in order. It will be better once she actually starts running - and I get to play with the TTS sound. One modification I've made straight away is to reduce the distance between locomotive and tender. It's strange that Hornby produce a fine model with such an obvious flaw as that vast overscale gap. She certainly looks a lot better with the close-coupled tender. All Hornby need to do is to put an extra hole in the existing drawbar to give scope for much greater realism. As it was I had to make my own inelegant substitute from a bit of scrap metal:
  13. Weathering Bachmann 16t Mineral Wagons

    That's lovely rust/weathering. A great example to me, as I've just acquired several old Hornby Dublo 16 ton mineral wagons, so could do with following your lead. Hope to see your wagons in use this year...
  14. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Looking for some photos to cheer up the winter, I came across these from last September: