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  1. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Southern electrics in the Home Counties For a change, this week's visitors were a multitude of emus and Class 73s, adding unusual colour to the layout. The striking Network SouthEast livery always looked good against a background of high summer greenery: These 4TC sets ran on the Waterloo-Weymouth services and were hauled by a 4REP unit or a diesel or electro-diesel loco (or, very occasionally, two): These 4CEP units (also Class 411) ran on services to Portsmouth: One Class 73 ran in Pullman livery from 1992 onwards. Here is "The Royal Alex" heading an excursion train of Pullman stock: After so much activity, a bit of track maintenance is always a good idea:
  2. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    A pleasant afternoon in middle England Yesterday was a good day for running trains, dry but not sunny. Had to deal with plenty of bird poo before trains could run, and there were lots of insects risking their lives by trespassing on the railway, as well as several of those snails. The scene was 1950s Stanier territory, which allows for a lot of locations (although the regional prefix of the first passenger coach is "Sc"). A Jubilee romps across Foxdale Bank with her passenger train... ...before setting out across the Northern Viaduct... ...and passing a goods train waiting at Throstlebeck Sidings: The Black 5 takes its train out onto the main line... ...and heads round Sycamore Curve, where the occupants of Sycamore Cottage enjoy a great view of passing trains... ...after which the train's slow progress across Foxdale Bank gives the crew plenty of time to enjoy the lush summer vegetation. No danger of starting lineside fires here:
  3. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Heading back home...
  4. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    The West Highland Line Today's pictures try to evoke this sinuous route from Glasgow to the Western Isles. Early one morning a Black 5 in charge of a heavy train, including a portion from London with sleeping cars for Fort William, runs through the Glasgow suburbs. Here the train is getting out into the hills... Later, the same loco works back from Fort William with a parcels train: And on a summer evening we catch the return working of the London sleepers passing McGonagall Junction: ...before heading off towards Glasgow and the south:
  5. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    We now move to the Newcastle to Carlisle route. The first few pictures show a 9F arriving light engine at Throstlebeck Sidings and then paused to await its turn of duty, while a local passenger train passes on the main line: The following photos show the Black 5 hauled local train on Bamboo Curtain Straight, then the Northern Viaduct, Foxdale Bank and finally onto Sycamore Curve. Sharp eyes will spot the snail. These and bigger ones can cause derailments... Well, it is meant to be a garden railway... The timber trackbed is looking a bit the worse for wear:
  6. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    The Central Wales Line Here are some photos from summer in the 1950s. First, a Black 5 heads a Shrewsbury to Swansea (Victoria) train: Compare the well-established vegetation in this shot with that in the video taken five years earlier (with the same rake of coaches): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aos1UxK8-sU Then the Swansea train is seen passing Foxdale Manor... Elsewhere on the Central Wales Line we find the Black 5 with ECS on Sycamore Curve in the headshunt while a southbound freight rattles past behind a Standard Class 4: And then the goods train heads off across Foxdale Bank... ...before the photographer catches it again, this time on the Northern Viaduct:
  7. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    It's raining today, and weather for the Easter weekend isn't looking promising...
  8. Andrew

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    That looks like great progress, Mark, and I hope we'll be able to see more fine photos in due course. As for any covering of your base boards such as roofing felt, since they've been pressure treated you might fine it's alright just to lay your track straight onto the timber - and it might look nicer too as the wood will probably weather to a darker and realistically uneven colour. I prefer the appearance of curved baseboards, but they certainly need a bit of forethought and effort. Enjoy the shopping when you get to Liverpool! We look forward to seeing the results.
  9. Andrew

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Glad to see you're looking at the railway again, Mick. Hope it won't be long before you're mesmerised by a train running through the sprouting spring foliage once more - and that there'll be the odd photo arising.
  10. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    A couple more of the N Class:
  11. Andrew

    Disruption to service

    On a Southern byway Another day's snow photos here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=18014
  12. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    On a Southern byway This was the scene yesterday as an N Class loco trundled its train through the light dusting of snow in the Surrey Hills.
  13. Andrew

    Disruption to service

    All White on the Night Another snowfall in Dorking and another chance for a few quick pics here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=18011
  14. Andrew

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Some half-decent snow here in the Dorking Highlands today, so it was out for a quick photo-shoot before the bright sunlight started to clear away most of the overnight fall. First off was a train of empty mineral wagons pulled by the BR Standard 2-6-4 tank: Then we had the Black 5 on a train heading for Kyle of Lochalsh in some suitably wintry weather. Hope the steam heating was working in the coaches.

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