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  1. Spring Greens After a month of cold and then wet, our weather hasn't been great until very recently. So I needed to seize the moment in today's sunshine and decided it felt like a day for running Southern Region branch line trains, using the N Class and the BR Standard 2-6-4 tank. Here are some of my many photos.
  2. Mick, My friend Jannie in York just sent this photo, which looks rather like your layout so may have been taken on Skew Bridge:
  3. Great video, Mick. The layout has real atmosphere and all the details look just right. Who said you can't run full-length trains indoors (me perhaps!)? Nice to see all those EWS liveried 66s, and I love the way the signal aspect changes a few moments after the loco has passed it. Well done.
  4. Thomas and the snow Annie and Clarabel were delighted to see the snow, but Thomas wasn't so sure. "I don't think we'll be able to get out of the carriage sidings" he said. Even when they turned round to face the other way, the enormous depth of snow defeated them: "If we try to move from here, we'll just get stuck!" said Thomas. Annie and Clarabel were very sad. "Isn't there anything you can do, Thomas?" they said. So Thomas jumped everyone across to another track, but still the snow was too deep to risk.
  5. It's looking good, Tony. I like the way you're using those curved points - they look very effective. But I suppose with the points there on the curve, you can't really do any banking of the track. Keep the pictures coming!
  6. "Class 66 Heaven" The real-life version of that GBRF 66701 shot on the DGR makes a couple of appearances in Josh Barker's other new video which is well worth a look, here:
  7. New Video Tony has just mentioned a Class 66 in GBRF livery, and I hope his project runs smoothly for a Happy New Year! By fortunate coincidence, a very similar loco appears in this new video. It's my favourite Christmas present, and comes from Josh Barker who has just put together some excellent material from his visit to the DGR in August 2018 featuring British steam and modern image and German modern image trains.
  8. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD-NIGHT!
  9. Remembering what it's all about Fun in the summer sunshine: and a very Happy Christmas to all our visitors and contributors to this site!
  10. Isle of Man Railway 1967 & '68 This week I used some of my old colour slides for a Zoom presentation to the Dorking branch of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain, so I thought it might be worth slipping a few in here too. Douglas station, with "Hutchinson" and "Maitland" "Maitland" arrives at Douglas with a train from Peel "Hutchinson" approaching St Johns with a train from Douglas "G.H. Wood" crossing Glen Mooar viaduct with a train for Ramsey "Hutchinson" at Ballavolley Halt
  11. There are five pairs of intermodal wagons now. A sixth would help, and allow a few prototypical gaps without containers.
  12. Autumnal Interlude Having waited a while for some decent weather, I decided to go for a running session today despite it being overcast, in order to get some autumn leaves photos. Polishing up the track seemed to take a bit longer than normal, as it hadn't been used for such a long time. The new Class 66 was keen to have another stretch of her legs, and there was a new intermodal wagon to add to the rake. I hope the pictures convey that autumn feeling (and yes, it was a bit cold). A video may be along later.
  13. That cable stay bridge is looking great, Tony, after so much work on your part. Well done on getting so far. I hope you can get the main part of the layout ready soon. Looking forward to seeing the first train running! By the way, i'm not clear why you posted that photo of a very different bridge which is nothing like yours. Are you also working on a low-level pier bridge? All the best as the work continues, anyway.
  14. You've got the colour of the ballast exactly right in my view, Mick. Not many layouts seem to achieve the appropriate shade of fawny brown, as opposed to the unrealistic grey of much that is often sold as ballast.
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