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  1. Meanwhile, out on the big railway There are still blood & custard coaches...
  2. Thomas, That looks like it's going to be a superb bridge. I particularly like the stone pattern styrodur, and also how you have the stones forming the arches (presumably you have to cut or etch the arch stone pattern yourself). I hope the rest of the build goes well, and look forward to seeing the finished result.
  3. That's very kind of you both, thanks. While I enjoy running trains and watching them run past in the sunshine, I also like to notch up a few good photos as a record of each session. The aim of these is to look passably realistic, which seems much easier on a garden railway than indoors. And my steam era pictures seem to look a bit more authentic if they have slightly faded colours...
  4. 1952 Jubilation (well, I haven't got a Coronation) I managed to dig out and scan some 70 year-old slides of Jubilee 45611 taking an excited crowd of people to London for a special occasion in 1952! Note trespasser on roof of first coach in final photo.
  5. How does your garden grow? Answer: very rapidly during May. I had to do some long overdue cutting back of vegetation on the scenic section of the railway this afternoon. Let's hope there'll be some scope for running trains shortly.
  6. Homage to Paul Riley After spending yesterday evening watching an RCTS Zoom presentation of the late Paul Riley's BR steam photos, I realised that in order to look like period 1960s photos, it helps if the colour has a faded, 'period' look. So I've reworked my last set of pictures by reducing the colour element by about 25 per cent in the hope that this makes them look more realistic. Perhaps colour accuracy and scene authenticity aren't quite the same thing. I think the faded look adds something to the atmosphere and makes it look less like a shiny heritage railway. The first photo shows shows the difference:
  7. Sleeping Cars on the West Highland Line Here's the video:
  8. Sleeping Cars for Fort William It being high summer(!), photos can more easily be taken of sleeping cars in daylight. So here are a few on the West Highland Line of a train taking passengers towards the Western Isles... The first photo shows the sleepers arriving from London in the suburbs of Glasgow, to be joined to a local portion for the onward journey. The two portions are combined into a 9 coach train... Quite a challenge for a Class 4 engine on what will be an arduous route Hear those exhaust echoes ringing off the rocks... But the crew enjoy the downgrades... And glance out at the dramatic scenery... While keeping careful eyes on the road ahead... So all is looking good for an on-time arrival:
  9. Very realistic, Thomas. Looking good.
  10. Goods to Go It was a freightful day in Dorking, and although we saw some wonderful wagons, there were also a few troublesome trucks (mostly in fact showing up track defects). First, a 9F came through Throstlebeck with a mixed goods train: Passing Foxdale Carr Hall Across Foxdale Bank and rounding Sycamore Curve Meanwhile, back at Throstlebeck Sidings a Black 5 was assisting with shunting and after being turned, departed with a rake of coal wagons Running off the Northern Viaduct across Foxdale Bank and passing beneath Black Ghyll Not long after, the 9F returned with another mixed goods which was last seen heading away from Foxdale Bank...
  11. Fantastically realistic photos, now that you've mastered painting in the sky. Brilliant.
  12. Back at the Ranch I like to get some winter running done, partly to show the doubters that it's nothing special. Outdoor operation is down to the weather, not the season. Today's chilly sunshine following a dry period was ideal. Mind you, I had to do quite a bit of gardening first to clear growth and debris off the track, but once the rails were rubbed clean and vacuumed the Class 66 with her newly acquired sound chip had a good day out, as did I. Now that the loco has a chip, photos can be taken with the headlights on which looks much better. Thanks, Josh. Memo to self: need to weight the containers to improve the poor riding - and to weather the wagons and containers... Not sure the pictures need any captions, except to say that the loco is shown hauling two different intermodal trains.
  13. The Long Way Home The Bachmann Class 66 has been away for a works visit to have superb sound installed (ESU LokSound chip, Jamie Goodman sound files and two speakers), the result of Josh being generous with his skills, time and advice. This evening we tested her out on Wellbridge, a layout belonging to the Crawley Model Railway Society, and the result was impressive. I'm hoping to get her out onto DGR metals again soon. Here's a nice photo of her attracting professional attention from the station staff (thanks to Ewan for the pic):
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