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  1. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Black 5 Inaugural Run This looked like being the first dry-ish day for a while, so worth braving the cold to polish up the track after over four months of inactivity. It needed quite a lot of work; how long will it take to rub the code 100 rails down to code 75, I wonder! The new girl took to the rails with relish - and has a fantastic voice in the form of Hornby's TTS sound. Quite a looker too if you ask me. Here are some photos:
  2. Disruption to service

    And here on an adjacent thread are photos of (a little bit of) the real thing in Dorking: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=17925
  3. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Thanks for that, Mick. You're welcome. Down here in the sunny south of England we don't get much snow. In recent years we've only had an occasional minor scattering of white stuff. Today's shower wasn't much good either - not the light, deep, floaty stuff that looks good in photos, but rather soggy and wet. Even worse from a photographic point of view, because the garden railway is overshadowed by trees, the lines were completely clear. But I set up some pictures mid-morning, which turned out to be just in time, as all the snow had disappeared by early afternoon. Here's the local train on a rather unfamiliar route (temporary track laid across the middle of the lawn): Closer inspection shows there aren't many passengers on board today: Perhaps this new location has possibilities! But before long, the loco was getting too wet and the photographer too cold, so further efforts were abandoned before any damage was done.
  4. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Having long wanted a Black 5, the right version never seemed to be around - until now. She arrived this week, and is awaiting front steps and brake links to be installed. Fills a key gap in the DGR's motive power. As the sun was shining today, I decided a first photocall was in order. It will be better once she actually starts running - and I get to play with the TTS sound. One modification I've made straight away is to reduce the distance between locomotive and tender. It's strange that Hornby produce a fine model with such an obvious flaw as that vast overscale gap. She certainly looks a lot better with the close-coupled tender. All Hornby need to do is to put an extra hole in the existing drawbar to give scope for much greater realism. As it was I had to make my own inelegant substitute from a bit of scrap metal:
  5. Weathering Bachmann 16t Mineral Wagons

    That's lovely rust/weathering. A great example to me, as I've just acquired several old Hornby Dublo 16 ton mineral wagons, so could do with following your lead. Hope to see your wagons in use this year...
  6. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Looking for some photos to cheer up the winter, I came across these from last September:
  7. the Dorking Garden Railway

    This has been an unusual Christmas, as it was the first time in many years that I didn't need anything for the railway from Father Christmas or the family. Instead, I need time to run it and work on it, not more kit. But I do recall that Christmas 1962 was particularly exciting. My railway (which then was Hornby Dublo, 3-rail) saw the arrival of a much needed freight loco, the ex-LMS Stanier 8F 2-8-0 model. There were one or two hiccups at the time. Firstly there was a delay because the model my father had been sold turned out not to be the more recent ring field motored version which I wanted, so that had to be exchanged at the shop. Once the right version was acquired, somehow the plastic coupling on the rear of the tender got broken in transit, requiring the loco to be sent back to Meccano for repair. But eventually, some time after that Christmas, we were in business, and what a great model it was at the time. Within ten years I had managed to find someone to swap me a 2-rail chassis for my 3-rail one, so then we were all set for the future. But the following four decades saw life intervene, and the loco was confined to its box. At last the loco has been able to come into its own on the DGR. There are some photos two years ago on this thread: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=13058 or a couple of pictures here:
  8. Disruption to service

    Here's a new video of a garden railway operating despite the 'snow' - although it is gauge 1: https://youtu.be/GoQtZP3RC50
  9. the Dorking Garden Railway

    The latest excellent Duck End Railway video, once again starring Cyril and Daisy - and featuring LOTS OF SNOW - is here: The site for the railway itself is here: http://duckendrailway.co.uk/
  10. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Yes, petroleum jelly seems to be preventing them from rusting solid so far.
  11. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Back in the late summer I noticed something had been vandalising one of my Peco buffer stops: Good job each side was pinned down. But I decided a more robust solution was needed. This seems to have done the trick: Of course, another solution would have been to extend the headshunt to form double track all round - but that requires rather more work.
  12. the Dorking Garden Railway

    A less than personable visitor (the loco, that is!) Yesterday saw a return visit by Ivatt 2-6-0 tender loco number 43018. In her original double-chimney version she sadly doesn't win any beauty contests: But she ably hauled an impressive load of ten bogie parcels vans, seen here on Foxdale Bank: Here she is running tender-first with the return working on Sycamore Curve: And again, appearing anachronistic in her British Railways livery but hauling private owner wagons: Moving to a different Mogul, here my resident Southern N Class catches the late afternoon sun on the Northern Viaduct:
  13. the Dorking Garden Railway

    OLD PHOTOS Yesterday I dug out some old lineside photos, mostly 35mm slides from the 1950s, and was pleasantly surprised at how little the colours have faded! This is Jubilee 45611 carefully negotiating the pointwork as it passes Throstlebeck Sidings. Here's the same loco caught on Foxdale Bank Not sure who took this old B&W print. It may have been famous railway photographer Ivo Peters, judging from the Bentley in the foreground. It's a BR Standard Class 4MT on a goods train, obviously at Throstlebeck Sidings once again - maybe one of Ivo's favourite spots! This is another of my old 35mm slides; a goods train crossing the Northern Viaduct, probably hauled by a Standard 4-6-0.
  14. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Germany once more David again dug into his seemingly inexhaustible supply of German locomotives to bring some previously unseen examples into the light of day. Here a Prussian 0-8-0 pilots an unidentified Class 50 2-10-0 across the Northern Viaduct Prussian 0-8-0 and Pacific: and a somewhat cleaner Pacific: