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  1. right, lets upload somephotos on here of the club layout. Some of the photos may be blury or out of focus. i just resized the photos and uploaded them. there is my 7F and schools class. and theres a viaduct onthe layout! Tom
  2. it is on the club layout, Wellbridge. it is a lovely finescale layout. lets upload some more photos shall i?
  3. as there has been a lack of updates, which i am upset about, i thaught i'd upload a few pictures.
  4. this is a great soulution to many of our problems with points. if it can be made water tight then a very good solution. i think this will have to be tested at some point... ( no pun intended) i have had a few solutions running around my head, they still need more thaught. Tom
  5. yes, i did, my last order with them was 3 weeks ago. i was really quite worried but i have checked my online bank statement and no charges have been made from them other than the one i did 3 weeks ago. it is annoying but these things happen. Tom
  6. i'm sorry to say i still havent ordered it. some unexpected expenatures have not aloud for it. besides, i havent had the time to test it out should i have baught it either. so it may have to wait a little while longer which is a little bit annoying. Tom
  7. Looking great Mick, i'm amazed at how much work you have done in the last few months! i think you have chosen very wisely to go with operational intrest rather than 2 continues mainlines. i do think that if you had 2 contollers you could get away with still running 2 trains if you so wish. or an extension lead run on the side of your layout to your favorite operating spot. just a thaught. Tom
  8. i'm sure between us something can be done. the thing that annoys me is that i baught 3 large radius right had points from the same shop at the same time and the other two are fine in the garden still. must had been a slip in quality control maybe. i do have a spare one but i will have to spend a while getting the other out first. it is in the middle of a set of 3 points so will be a challenge to release it. i do have a solution. its how we change points on the gauge 1 points. i will have to take a photo and upload it shortly. it will have to be made in minature to fuction perfectly though. Tom
  9. right, please excuse the lack of updates. been very busy at work, urgh. the last 14 days off work i have had 2 days of, and done 66 hours a week. and the days i have had off, one has been for a wedding, and the other for the girlfriends birthday. getting pretty tired of work at the moment :'( have been keeping up to date with other peoples threads when i get 5 minutes at work on my phone. i have dug up a few photos from an array of media devices ready to resize and upload when i get my laptop back but still awaiting its return. it should about another week. had a walk round the garden last night with a torch just to get my fix of the railway. had a feel of the points to see if the had grit in the blades, and came across one where the spring bit has rusted through! not to happy as it has been down 2 months max. its all bonded in and will require alot of work to replace the point. not to happy. Tom
  10. opps, my bad. i meant i have a couple of Standard 4MT tender locos that are rather easy to do. but my tank loco, that will have to be send off to howes or somewhere similar. i would really like to watch this loco with a sound chip in it plot around the garden! it would look so ellagent. cant wait to watch a video of your's in your garden when its done!
  11. i would really enjoy reading how you fitted the chip! when i get my first DCC system, i have about 5 locos that i need sound chipping asap, some i want done by experts so to speak. I have a couple of standard 4MT's that are fairly easy to do myself, so i have been told. i Have a couple of 4 foot baseboards for an indoor layout that will be made into a sound fitted only loco shed and coaling yard. all singing, all dancing with lights, signals and all things you would see. it will just be locos moving around re-coaling and turning around. thats the plan anyway! ahaha.
  12. Ther Signal Box have still got there sale on, lots of reduced locos. it's just been updated with alot more steam locos, BR diesels and modern image diesels. its worth a look!!!! https://www.thesignalbox.co.uk/index_new.php?pg=3&p_cat_id=102 Tom
  13. urgh after i posted that post, looked at the photos on the tread, the quality is awful! cant wait to get my laptop back!
  14. It is great to be back posting on the forum. i had been keeping up with all other threads on my phone at work when i wasn't busy still no work done on the line but i did have an hour or so running session today so i have a few photos to upload. its a very time consuming process to upload photos. My laptop is in for repair so if i wish to upload them, i have to connect my Camera to my Playstation 3, copy the photos to my Blackberry then use some photo editing software on there to re size the photos, copy them back to the Playstation and then use that for my Browser to upload them to the forum. or take them staight from my BlackBerry, resize them and upload them that way. either way, it takes a long time!
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