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  1. Just back from another 6 month stint in OZ on the Goldie. But annoyingly didnt make the connection with you being so near in Ipswich (a place we used as a location twice). Ive made a mental note for next years trip.
  2. I have yet to do last winters projects, let alone this winters!
  3. its all very much weather dependent at the moment. Theres a glimmer of hope in the coming week. As awesome as the APT is, it looks like a real faff to put together, and they even recommend that its stays coupled when not in use... which is a real issue for anyone that has a garden railway. The only real option is to build a loading cassette with the full rake assembled, so you can just run it straight onto the track. But with a full rake and three extra coaches, thats going to be a real pain... so who knows. I may just flip it on ebay and get a bit of a profit (not my original intention, but its an option) I think Mrs CC and I will hit the garden centre next weekend and get to some tidying up. Im off to Oz in the Summer for another Marvel Film, so will miss all of our good weather, spending Summer in Brisbane instead If I dont do a run this year, I think thats a good sign that I may just not be feeling it as much as I was a couple of years ago...
  4. My first advice would be to send it straight to John at Hornbys service dept, even if it appears to be a runner. Check boiler for residue... Which indicates that tap water has been used ( bad ). And then unlearn everything you have learnt about running trains... Live steam requires a lot of forethought. Like a real steam train, you have to think ahead as they need time to slow to a stop. Practice indoors before doing a run in the garden... Get used to the workflow. Get the live steam rolling road. An essential part of the fun, and a great way to unwind. Lastly, don't get ripped off!!! eBay is full of £300 plus loco's....
  5. 'just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in!' thanks to a mwssage from Traingeekboy this morning, i figured id log in and see what i have missed. looks like many had a quiet winter too. ive been so busy that the last picture posted above was also the last time I ran a train. Admittedly, I have laser scanned a few for our beleaguered friends at Hornby, and even purchased a good few, but Ive just not had the time (or the motivation) to go and repair the winter damage... hopefully the better weather will change that. Bottom line, I kind of overdosed on the train thing last year and probably needed a break. Something is clearly amiss, because when I ordered the Rapido APT-P last year, I was chomping at the bit to get it up and running in the garden upon its arrival. Well, it arrived last week and Ive yet to even open the box and take a look. Its the full set, DCC sound and three extra coaches. I worry that it will in fact be headed to ebay... So thats where Im at right now.... all work and no play.
  6. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8Q_asJgaKDw/VZWRMuxO0tI/AAAAAAAAHEY/KWjcJubn9Nk/s640/exeterSteam2.jpg' alt='URL>'> It has always been my favourite side of the layout, although the station side is now looking pretty good again after all that maintenance. https://igcdn-photos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t51.2885-15/11355879_838169409623696_1172583352_n.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  7. Yes, that side of the layout catches the light very well, and backlights the smoke from the loco and steam from my live steamers very well. Its when I see a shot like that that i find myself asking why I wait so long to do a run?
  8. Good to see your up & running. Looking forwards to seeing the layout in a bit more detail, from a few different angles
  9. "> Another run this evening. Station has been cleaned and new lighting in the canopy. Old crappy or damaged figures removed. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iMM_hOBdqXs/VZL1gj7RjRI/AAAAAAAAHD0/NpvRPXgc3B8/s640/IMG_3444.JPG' alt='URL>'> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qb2p5gNEqLA/VZMDHlH_0PI/AAAAAAAAHEE/n9DYjI-OSCQ/s640/IMG_3448.JPG' alt='URL>'>
  10. Thanks No sound effects used. Thats all coming from the DCC sound chip, fitted and re-blown at Olivias Trains
  11. "> I'm back. But have a lot of work to do. Started to refurb the station to find each building was home to a big black juicy false widow spider and egg sacks. I don't like spiders! But had a run with Exeter today. Nothing needed on the OO civil engineering side
  12. Thanks Rob... just happy snaps on the iPhone.
  13. I have no excuse... other than a combination of poor weather and very little free time. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-g87lIKf0upU/VYWxAEY-w2I/AAAAAAAAHDc/6ZdTuNUhGqE/s1600/IMG_3400.jpg' alt='URL>'> I have a list of things that need doing. I started on the list earlier this year, starting with the power connection to the layout. Previously, I just ran cable out of the window and connected to the junction box. Now the layout has a permanent connection to the house... and its working well The suburban station canopies have warped, so I need to look into that. I do have a rather nice Bachmann Sheffield Park station waiting in the wings which would be less prone to such deformations, and probably prettier as well. But that will require a little bit of planning with regards to the track in that area, as the current set up has the single platform sandwiched between the up & down tracks. Sheffield park juts out so may have to conform to the more traditional two platform scenario, and therefore an overhaul of the actual structure that the track is on. Anyway, considering how little its been used this past 18 months its not faired too badly.
  14. So glad you joined the forum, as I always found the lack of online material on your GR a little frustrating, because its such an inspirational layout.
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