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  1. Just back from another 6 month stint in OZ on the Goldie. But annoyingly didnt make the connection with you being so near in Ipswich (a place we used as a location twice). Ive made a mental note for next years trip.
  2. I have yet to do last winters projects, let alone this winters!
  3. its all very much weather dependent at the moment. Theres a glimmer of hope in the coming week. As awesome as the APT is, it looks like a real faff to put together, and they even recommend that its stays coupled when not in use... which is a real issue for anyone that has a garden railway. The only real option is to build a loading cassette with the full rake assembled, so you can just run it straight onto the track. But with a full rake and three extra coaches, thats going to be a real pain... so who knows. I may just flip it on ebay and get a bit of a profit (not my original intention,
  4. My first advice would be to send it straight to John at Hornbys service dept, even if it appears to be a runner. Check boiler for residue... Which indicates that tap water has been used ( bad ). And then unlearn everything you have learnt about running trains... Live steam requires a lot of forethought. Like a real steam train, you have to think ahead as they need time to slow to a stop. Practice indoors before doing a run in the garden... Get used to the workflow. Get the live steam rolling road. An essential part of the fun, and a great way to unwind. Lastly, don'
  5. 'just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in!' thanks to a mwssage from Traingeekboy this morning, i figured id log in and see what i have missed. looks like many had a quiet winter too. ive been so busy that the last picture posted above was also the last time I ran a train. Admittedly, I have laser scanned a few for our beleaguered friends at Hornby, and even purchased a good few, but Ive just not had the time (or the motivation) to go and repair the winter damage... hopefully the better weather will change that. Bottom line, I kind of overdosed on the train thi
  6. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8Q_asJgaKDw/VZWRMuxO0tI/AAAAAAAAHEY/KWjcJubn9Nk/s640/exeterSteam2.jpg' alt='URL>'> It has always been my favourite side of the layout, although the station side is now looking pretty good again after all that maintenance. https://igcdn-photos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t51.2885-15/11355879_838169409623696_1172583352_n.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  7. Yes, that side of the layout catches the light very well, and backlights the smoke from the loco and steam from my live steamers very well. Its when I see a shot like that that i find myself asking why I wait so long to do a run?
  8. Good to see your up & running. Looking forwards to seeing the layout in a bit more detail, from a few different angles
  9. "> Another run this evening. Station has been cleaned and new lighting in the canopy. Old crappy or damaged figures removed. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iMM_hOBdqXs/VZL1gj7RjRI/AAAAAAAAHD0/NpvRPXgc3B8/s640/IMG_3444.JPG' alt='URL>'> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qb2p5gNEqLA/VZMDHlH_0PI/AAAAAAAAHEE/n9DYjI-OSCQ/s640/IMG_3448.JPG' alt='URL>'>
  10. Thanks No sound effects used. Thats all coming from the DCC sound chip, fitted and re-blown at Olivias Trains
  11. "> I'm back. But have a lot of work to do. Started to refurb the station to find each building was home to a big black juicy false widow spider and egg sacks. I don't like spiders! But had a run with Exeter today. Nothing needed on the OO civil engineering side
  12. Thanks Rob... just happy snaps on the iPhone.
  13. I have no excuse... other than a combination of poor weather and very little free time. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-g87lIKf0upU/VYWxAEY-w2I/AAAAAAAAHDc/6ZdTuNUhGqE/s1600/IMG_3400.jpg' alt='URL>'> I have a list of things that need doing. I started on the list earlier this year, starting with the power connection to the layout. Previously, I just ran cable out of the window and connected to the junction box. Now the layout has a permanent connection to the house... and its working well The suburban station canopies have warped, so I need to look into that. I do have a rather
  14. So glad you joined the forum, as I always found the lack of online material on your GR a little frustrating, because its such an inspirational layout.
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