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  1. I knew when I was typing that this morning that I was myself making a 'school boy' error by not checking. I shouldn't type on here straight after a night shift... (doh). 37520 didn't have snowploughs with small numbers I'm afraid. She left Crewe at the beginning of September 87 and by the 17th she already had the big numbers. Snowploughs were fitted about a year later. I forgot that the last few of the batch (514-21) left works with a red-stripe rather than Thornaby painting it on themselves, . Of those there is one candidate that fits your needs, although it only lasted like that for possibly days rather than months... That would be 37518.
  2. Basically your screwed. The only other one to carry red-stripe Railfreight was 37502 which had the stripe and plates applied at the same time as 37506. I'm also not aware of any of them carrying snow-ploughs. I suggest you just sit back and enjoy it, or if you want to sell it I will give you £50 for it.... 🤣🤣🤣 To be honest I'm not much of an expert on class 37's.... you should try me on class 47's... 😁 Regarding your second point it is really truly amazing how many manufactures make 'school boy' errors when producing locos, something that with even the slightest bit of research they should discover.
  3. The big gotcha with 37510 is that it never had a red-stripe, it also had the full colour version of the Thornaby kingfisher, and in a different place. She also had the large numbers applied in August 1987. Another little thing that annoys me, and I forgot to add in my last post so I will add it here... (lol), is the new Bachmann class 47 model of 47004, which is advertised as being in Railfreight Aggregates livery, which is correct. But she carries the Tinsley shed symbol, which was applied after her transfer away from the Railfreight Aggregates pool at Eastfield and in to the Railfreight Distribution pool at Tinsley. So in theory, everyone who runs it with an aggregates train is pretty much incorrect. Of course it matters to nobody else but me probably, but I do wish that Bachmann would have acknolwedged this somewhere. This whole thing is a nightmare once you get going!! Best just to run Rule 1!! Just had to get that off my chest... now, where's my beer.... (lol)
  4. I guess it depends how much you want to worry about that when you run it. Thornaby also painted on the red stripe and she was like this by 01/02/87. You could add the nameplates and then get a little more longevity, but then she had large numbers added in 10/87, so you would only extend it slightly further. Add the large numbers and you get a few more years... I guess we all have our own little bits of pedantry. Personally I have a bit of a thing about 47/7's running on model railways with snow-ploughs fitted. At the end of the day you can do what you like, but I often feel compelled to tell people, just in case they don't know, there is never any real issue from me, but I'm sure some people take it the wrong way. I have the Lima model of 37506 with the nameplates, but without the large numbers, so I get a few more months than you, and I don't have to worry about breaking off any of the details when it has an accident or I pick it up... LOL
  5. Lovely picture of the 'Tip Top' (class 26). It's pictures like that one that inspire people. The water feature looks to be of to a good start, but my immediate thought is, if it's that shallow will it not just evaporate really quickly? Perhaps it is deeper than it looks? I'm just thinking of my bird baths and how quickly the water disappears on hot days, and it's not just the birds. It's something I've been pondering (pun intended) myself for a while as I'm thinking of putting some guttering down one side of the track in one section and claiming it as a canal. Maybe I will have to experiment myself...
  6. Unfortunately I can't answer your question with any definite answer but I would suggest it would be one of the following reasons. a). Scotrail trying to claw back some of the money they will be losing by running shorter trains. I seem to recall they were considering doing this anyway? The shorter trains also have the advantage to Scotrail of pitting the passengers against the drivers. b). Something in the rules that says that the connecting or disconnecting of units is not part of their daily duties and as such should be made as an additional payment or similar, so something that drivers can't indulge in when working to rule. Total guesses, somebody must know for sure?...
  7. I have bought a couple of cheap Lima engines that had had the CD motor conversion. I threw the CD motors away and put a good old Lima pancake back in. I've never really seen the attraction of the CD motor. I find Lima engines will run really nicely if you give them a little care and attention, even in the crawl, although I'm not a crawl fetishist... LOL
  8. Great stuff! Need some Lima engines so they make a nice growl 😁
  9. Great work. There was recently a guy selling new Bachmann class 37 chassis's on ebay quite cheaply, probably worth keeping an eye out there if that is all you want. I have one I bought which is still in the packaging somewhere. I bought it for a Bachmann class 37 I bought on ebay for £15 which has quite a bit of cosmetic damage to the chassis ends. Another project that sits patiently waiting.... LOL
  10. I take it you have seen the post before this on this part of the forum. He seems to have all the answers. but unfortunately he doesn't seem to venture on here anymore. If you only want one locomotive just going backwards and forwards I would have thought it would be quite simply to do. The issues come when you have to 'bind' the controller to a specific loco (once you have a few to choose from) and also the charging, if you want to do it through the track. I was looking at doing a little outdoor line using the Hornby Drewery and class 06 shunters, but as you imply, you would need a seperate wagon in order to house the kit I reckon. Although you might be able to do it in the cab area. The older bigger diesel models though have more than enough room inside. I will hassle my friend again at the weekend. I might even pay him!! (lol)
  11. I would also like to find out the same. I have seen a couple of options on the market (although they all seem to be sold out or discontinued) and they seem to be around £100, which to me seems excessive considering you can buy remote control cars, etc, for less than £20 which should have all the stuff required in them (although charging the batteries through the track would add an issue / expense). It's not much money when compared to DCC but I just don't want to feel I'm massively over paying for something. In terms of which locos to convert. Any of the old Lima bogied diesels should be OK as they have a mountain of room inside their bodyshells and most can be made to run pretty smoothly - they also emit quite a nice motor growl as well. I've been trying to convince my friend who is an electrical engineer to 'knock something up'. He says it would be quite easy, but he can't see any money in it. I will try again though.
  12. Thanks for the info. I use PWM anyway so that is great for me, I didn't for a minute believe that Hornby would have that as a feature!. Thanks for taking the time to post all the info. You mention that they are being sold off, I presume you mean the P9600 - just for my clarification. I take it HM6000 isn't discontinued already?
  13. Hi. Really like to know how you get on with your HM6000. I do love my H&M but would potentially love the ability of Bluetooth to let me go out and watch the trains running. Does it at least have a panic button should you be outside and there is a major derailment? What is the Bluetooth range like?
  14. I think when I was doing them they always had a CK in the rake, but as I'm starting to age now and the memory is not what it was I thought I would do a brief search just to see if I was dreaming and came up with these shots pretty quickly. I also found plenty with the Mk2 BCK in the formation as well, although those tended to be later on than when I used to do the trains, more circa 88. I think the only time I really noted the Pompey-Bristols that year was when I was waiting at Southampton for a 47 and Thornaby's NB 31323 rolled in on one heading towards Bristol. The only time I have ever seen a 31 on them, although of course they used to be booked for 31's before the 33's took over. And just to complete the set (ish... lol)
  15. Glad the weather has been kinder to you were you are. I was thinking about knocking up a test board today, only for it to rain persistently all day. While I could have at least done some work in the garage the damp air put me off. Obviously the felt covering method is well tested, but I can't help but think that plywood would be better left without it. I always imagine roofing felt as being a material to cover less well manufactured wood or on areas were there are a lot of joins and water integrity is a must. I imagine if you cover a plywood sheet with it once water gets in it won't get out and the rot will literally set-in. I plan just to use marine-ply and cover it with some form of liquid sealant just for a little extra protection, but hopefully still giving it a little room to breath. I would have thought spending the money on bracing it well would be better spent? I'm a complete novice here so please correct me or share your point of view as this is how I'm learning.
  16. Probably hoping that somewhere along the line the vibration was going to bring out a nice juicy worm! LOL
  17. A great rake and I very much enjoy watching them on your YouTube channel. The 'Pompey-Bristols' were one of the first trains I used to regularly 'bash' in 1983 at the beginning of my 'bashing' career before I settled down on class 47's around 1985. Doing the route between Southampton and Pompey you could get a fare few in during the day, although I recall it was often a 0-0 connection at Southampton with some mega fast leaps across the bridge! Didn't take long to get nearly all of them in 'the book', even the no-heat one 33047 and some 'Slim Jims'. The only thing I would say though is that I'm sure when I was doing them they were load 5 with 2x Mk1 BSK's in the rake, often marshalled back to back. I remember because I always thought it odd them having 2 half-brakes. Now I'm lost in nostalgic thoughts of window hanging along the Solent listening to some Sulzer magic up front.... I even remember the day they were filming 'Howard's Way' on one of the stations and we were trying our best to get in it... lol
  18. Hope this is allowed and in the right section? If not please delete or move. Just over a week ago I bought a Gaugemaster / Dapol N gauge class 73 on a bit of a whim as I was a bit frustrated at not having a railway to run and build properly. Anyway... It arrived and the whim has gone, with my eyesight today I have no idea how anyone models in N gauge! LOL The loco is 73128 in the civil engineers yellow and grey colour scheme and it comes with a pack containing etched nameplates (I mean how do you even fit them, and what would be the scale size of the glue?), plus additional couplings (I think). I haven't run it but the ebayer who sold it to me says it runs well. It appears to be mint. I'm happy to accept what I paid for it, which was £65 plus postage, if anyone is interested. I believe that is a good price.
  19. That 25 looks really good on those Hornby 21tonners bathed in natural light. Love it.
  20. I love cats, but I think that 37 is on to a loser there 😁
  21. Health & Safety!! I bet the drivers union are on to that! LOL
  22. Ah, now that makes perfect sense. I knew there had to be a reason and I guess if you cut them from one block it would either make the supporting piers too thick or to fragile for reliable support. I'm learning stuff everyday.
  23. Slight drift here, but... When I was a kid back in the 70's / 80's my uncle used to be the guy who repaired, overhauled and restored all the steam engines for Carters Steam Fair. Many a childhood winters day would be spent cycling over to White Waltham. First for a look around the airfield, then for a trip up on to the bridge to watch the trains going up and down the GW mainline before finally popping into Carter's place for some quick chat and if we were lucky a go on the shooting game. Happy memories...
  24. Back in my day they were referred to as 'copper clad' sleepers. Not sure if that s the terminology they use today.
  25. May I ask why you didn't cut the arches into the blocks first? The height of the arches is going to be set by the flat top of the plywood and the blocks would have been more manoeuvrable when you're cutting. They also would be lighter to lift.
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