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  1. Finally I'm back home after spending two whole weeks in Germany. Main reason was for a squadron re-union which was held over the last weekend of my stay, but prior to that a little bit of sight seeing was involved. First on the agenda was a trip to Hamburg, not to the Reeperbahn, was there last back in the early 70's, but to visit the Miniature Wunderland. There was so much to see that I spent 2 whole days there and still managed to miss a behind the scene's tour. Second was a visit to see an very old school friend who I last saw back in 1972 when he was my Saturday boy where I worked full time and he was part time. Also got to see my now ex father in law and boy was he glad to see me. Yes we did reminise about our times spent in Detmold whilst stationed there whilst in BAOR (British Army of the Rhine), talking about fellow colleagues who have finally found peace. Also personnel stuff which was enligthening to me to say the elast. I found quite a lot out about a certain person. Enough said on that score. Plenty of pictures and a few video's as well, once I've got myself sorted out Ian
  2. 10 months since my last update. Where has the time gone. Work on the GGR has been none existance. Done exactly nothing now on it for the last couple of years. Lose of interest and family come first. Grandson Leon starts school this September, thats nearly 5 years gone already, they grow up too quickly. Grand daughter Makayla-Louise starts school the following year. The old Mazda 626 estate is no more. Last seen at the local scrap yard minus quite a few bits. All that was wrong with it was the automatic gearbox but finding one was a non starter and a refurb was going to cost more than the car was worth. Now I'm running around in a 1998 Toyota Estima Emina 8 seater with LPG conversion and fitted towbar, DVD player for the passengers and I treated myself to a decent European satnav and new all singing, all dancing steroe system. Added a 1000 watt amp to the DVD player so that I can use speakers now mounted in a rear parcel shelf that I constructed myself, thereby keeping the DVD player and speakers totally seperate from the car stereo system. I've still got the 2013 Vauxhall Astra Tourer, but finding very uncomfortable to get in and out of and drive. However as I'm going to Germany later this year I'm going to preserve with it as I want to see what it goes like on the German Autobahn. Also plan on visiting the model railway in Hamburg along with hopefully a couple of trips on preserved lines at a couple of other places that I intended to visit whilst in Germany. Ian
  3. Done a quick survey of whats left of the GGR and its not looking good. Its all looking very very neglected and my MOJO just isn't there anymore at this time. Have seriously considered tearing it all up and maybe going back into the loft but thats full of crap at present. Ian
  4. Got a few projects on the go, all waiting for parts, mainly wheels from Bachmann. Been on back order now for over 12 months so I'm now looking at sourcing from elsewhere if possible. Still can't raise any enthusium for sorting out the running issues on the GGR. Apart from loosing about 6 metres of track thanks to the back neighbour putting up a new fence after the last one blew down. A few new items of rolling stock have found its way to me, but they haven't even been run on whats left of the GGR and thats around the shed. Even the shed needs looking at as its well past its best now, roof looking like a sieve. Daughter and the grandkids are certainly keeping me busy most days, Nursery runs or shopping with daughter, I hardly seem to get any time to myself at present. Daughter wants to do a car boot this comming weekend so its time to dig the trailer out, clean the inside out and get it loaded for Sunday. Wonder how much this is going to cost me? Ian
  5. Time for an update as its now 6 months since I was last here. Domestic's wise after daughter has tried doing what she wanted to do miles away from me, she is finally back home in Torbay for good. To say that I'm please would be the understatement of the year. Not done anything on the GGR and at present haven't got the interest to do anything at present either. Instead I've been buying a few more loco's and rolling stock and trying to locate items required to finish off a couple of projects. Had a couple of weekend's away to visit other railways including the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway and The East Kent & Sussex Railway. Ian
  6. Plans for Christmas. I think having a few too many beers is on the cards as I'm spending Christmas at a mate of mines away from home. Daughter will be in Bristol with the kids staying with her brother for Christmas so I would have been 'home alone'. After the few busy days driving here there and everywhere I decided that I needed some 'retail therapy' so popped over the Exmouth to visit Collets Models, owned by Leigh Collet and collected my Bachmann 'Ambulance Train No 40' set. Also managed to pick up at a toy fair an Athearn F7A and a Stuart Hobbies F7B unit, both of which are all drive power units, Union Pacific liveried. http://www.bachmann.co.uk/details.php?id=215" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; Sorted Ian
  7. Devon is one of many County's in the UK bordered by Cornwall on one side , Dorset, and I think Somerset on the other. Really need to have a look at a map. After help a friend out yesterday taking her and her sone to the lads Dad's funeral Birmingham way, a round trip in excess of 350 miles, the Astra Tourer is now reading in excess of 12000 miles and its not even a year old yet. Today its another road trip to Bristol to collect daughter and the grandkids and take them home to Torquay. 200 mile plus round trip, but this time I'm doing it using the Toyota. Should be able to do the complete round trip on LPG. Tomorrow, Wednesday should be getting the amplifier fitted into the car for the DVD player and its auxillary speakers situated in the parcel shelf that I've built for them in the back of the Toyota as they don't come with one at all due to the seating confirguration and the way the rear seats fold away. Hospital Thursday and then on Saturday its the Totnes group of the South Devon Railway's Xmas dinner for the volunteers and I'm attending. Social gathering of like minded railways nuts Ian
  8. Sarah and the kids could be moving to the Bristol area. If Sarah decides to move I am going to miss the grandkids a hell of a lot as I do Mums college run also taking the grandkids to nursery at the college so will miss doing that as it give's me a purpose in life. It will leave me with no family at all in close proximity at all and Sarah will be the closest at just about 100 miles away. Of course I will make the effort to visit at least once a month, but if I'm ever travelling in that direction I will make a point of calling in unannounced as a nice surprise for all, especially the grandkids. Being selfish I hope she decide's to stay put and not move to the Bristol area but ultimately its her decision and she must do what's best for her and the kids, and that is the MOST important thing. Of course I will do whatever she wants and I'll do it without question and except it with a smile and help. Ian Ian
  9. Well yesterday was hectic to say the least. Grand daughters 3rd birthday so it was up with the larks, get around to Mummies for about 8am with my presents for the birthday girl and then watch her open them all. Then off to see another of her 'nannies' for more birthday present opening. From there it was into Paignton to see her Daddy and yet another nanny and yes you've guessed it, more birthday presents and cards to unwrap. Man she has been spoilt rotten, bless her This evening we,as in Mummy, grand daughter, grandson and Gandad (Me) then all went out for a meal at Gandad's exspence. Mummy bought puddings for all and then the pub staff bought out her birthday cake, supplied by Gandad, all singing happy birthday for her and a candle in the shape of No 3 alight on top. She was over the moon with that final treat. All in all a very good day was had by all. Its now Saturday morning time 0530hrs and I've not been to bed yet, but that is another story as my daughter and the grandkids are now on their way to Bristol with their Uncle Gobert. I have some serious issue's that now need to be sorted. Can't say much more than that for now. Suffice to say I'm not in a good frame of mind and the persons involved in what happend last night are going to know about it. It might even have to involve the police this time around as I'm getting sick and tired of the crap they keep giving her, for their own misdoings. Lads think that they know it all, and when it all goes wrong they always seem to blame either their own mothers or ex girlfriends for the way they now act. Sorry to say lads this time your going to be dealing with the 'OLD MAN' this time around and I ain't taking no bloody prisoners now. You've had your chance and you screwed that up, now face the consequences like a real man, seeing that you think you are one. What is that old saying about ''up and getting pair of *ALLS''. Ian
  10. Apart from mine having alloy wheels this is a near as damn it identical to my Toyota Estima Emina. I've also got 20% tinted windows as well and a factory fitted towbar, plus of course the LPG conversion and the filler cap is located below the petrol cap in the bumper. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1996-1999_Toyota_Estima_Emina.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; Ian
  11. The GGR has been taking a back seat for quite some time now. This is due to situations out of my control. They are however being actioned upon and should come the New Year have been all sorted out, or at least being actioned upon. To date I can't say anything more, but suffice to say, and with a bit of help I hope to have the GGR up and running again in 2015. Apart from the Challenger and coaching stock bought I've also got another Tri-ang snow plough and again its a complete model. This is not common as they are usually missing either one or both of the side blades or the horns on the plough roof. It will be going towards the Thomas collection, along with the already owned Tri-ang snowplough, that I'm currently building on as I also managed to get 'Old Slowcoach' at a very good knock down price at a model railway exhibition in Bournemouth. Hernia wise, its still giving me a bit of grief, but ha ho, no pain no gain. The house revamp. Well the contractor finished back in September but due to the Hernia repair and not being able to lift anything, I'm still getting stuff back into the house. Yesterday was spent getting a few pictures rehung in the living room, hallway and stairs. Seem to have misplaced a couple of pictures so will be trying to find where I safely put them away. Looks like my motobility car is also going back to whence it came from. As I'm now having problems getting in and out of it due to it being low and the door being smaller than that on my old Mazda 626 I have gone and purchased a much bigger motor. In this case its a Toyota Estima Enima, that should read Emina. Its a 7 seater 2.4l petrol engined with an LPG conversion done to it. With LPG costing only 66 pence per litre as opposed to £1-20p per litre its cheap to run as well. The LPG tank. a 60 litre one, has been situated where the spare wheel well was. A small price to pay for cheaper motoring and as its only a space saver spare it takes up hardly any room in the boot space. It also came with tinted side windows so I've had the rear window tinted as well. Makes it look even better looking than when I bought it. I've also added a few 'toys' for the rear seat passengers and of course myself as well. First was a new European Satnav, as I'm off to Germany and France next year. Also a top of the range stereo, that I'm still trying to work out todate all the facilities that it has. Ian
  12. Afraid to say that the GGR is looking in a very sorry state. Nothing has been done now for nearly 2 years and its starting to show signs of neglect. Seems that I've misplaced my mojo for running it at present. Winter doesn't help either, as its rain rain and yet more rain. Ian
  13. Did offer to repair it using Gaffer Tape but his responce is not repeatable on here Ian
  14. YIPPEE finally I found the camera buried under a load of paperwork that I should have sorted out about a month ago. Pictures taken of the Yank stock, no no yet as I was away this weekend watching Banger racing at Arena Essex Raceway. Couple of pictures of what its all about and of course yours truely. A friend of mine Dan raced this car paying respects to another banger driver, who was also a great mate of mine. His widow has seen the RIP on the boot of the Vauxhall Omega and has already passed her thanks onto Dan. The next couple of shots are what it looks like after the first race had finished. https://imageshack.com/i/idgezJRQj' rel="external nofollow"> After it was T-boned its now only fit for the crusher after the race tuned 2 litre Ford Pinto engine has been removed along with all the safety cage and the like that every driver must have fitted to his banger car before being allowed to race at all. Ian
  15. When I find my camera which has disappeared since starting moving furniture back into the house after the revamp, I will get some pictures taken of the new stock acquired over the last few weeks. Went to a show this weekend that was all American and was shocked at the price of an identical new Challenger. Think that I got mine at a bargain price. Along with the SD60, EMD9 and the Big Boy I'm getting quite a fleet of UP loco's and rolling stock. However they didn't have any F7B's two of which I want or an F7A either. Looking for Athearn one's as I've already got a Bachmann one but its pretty crap pulling anything over 3 box cars or a single heavyweight Pullman coach. Also went to Cradley Heath MRC exhibition which was on Saturday. a 3 hour drive both ways but well worth it. Again spent too much on vent vans and other bits and bobs. I also caught up with a couple of fellow modellers who frequent other forums that I also frequent. Ian
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