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  1. Mick, even if your railway is “only” single track it sits so naturally in your garden and I hope one day to have something approaching it in quality. With so much of it at or near ground level it is inevitable that it will always be a work in progress.
  2. I imagine Griff means 20 degrees Fahrenheit which is the way they measure in USA. That's minus -6.666667degrees Celcius/Centigrade. Zero degrees C = 32 degrees F (freezing/melting point of water/ice) End of physics lesson! 😊
  3. I was thinking varnish might highlight the inevitable dust which will land on it. Paint would hide the contrasting piece of timber on the door and could be used on the electric conduit as well: not sure which would be the least expensive.
  4. Personally, I think I would use paint, but not a dark colour, to make the different textures more uniform. Perhaps paint the ceiling white for maximum lightness. It's definitely looking good and snug.
  5. Looks like you’ve thought of everything. Very impressive. I hope the double track portal meets your expectations and arrives soon.
  6. If you plan to fix it further inside the shed, why not put a vertical lifting shutter behind it, which when dropped would keep wildlife out? You will definitely need some protection from invading mice and such like. Even if you have a door outside I think two levels of defence would be good.
  7. I do have to admit that it looks lovely! Keep the 00 though.
  8. I was concerned that you might have difficulty keeping a good power connection outdoors with sectional track. The Kato and Roco track does not seem to lend itself to soldering dropper wires to a bus supply. I see that Kato supply feeder connectors but that still just relies on a mechanical connection. The general consensus seems to be that all power supplies should be soldered to the rails on outdoor electric railways but I should be delighted if this can be proved unnecessary.
  9. The Roco and Kato ready ballasted track both do look good although I am not sure which is which! Do you think they will be durable enough for outside use or were you just planning to use them indoors?
  10. You always seem to strive for and achieve, a really tidy and professional finish on the outdoor section and now you've extended this to inside the shed. You should be really proud of what you have done.
  11. Oh dear! I do hope this isn't the end of another great 00 Garden Railway. Perhaps you could run it on someone else's railway if the temptation does overcome you.
  12. I fully appreciate your reticence to order a Z21 without seeing it but to be honest there is not much to see apart from a very neat black box. There is also a separate power transformer and the wi-fi router. The main user interface is whatever mobile phone or tablet which you have to hand. Control can be remarkably fine. Altering the angle of your finger or thumb on the throttle can make a very slight difference to the speed. Android users seem to have had more problems than Apple users (iPhone, iPad etc.) because there are many different variations of the former. Mike, I do agree with Mark that you should approach Gaugemaster to have the round knob controls repaired. They do have an excellent lifetime repair guarantee for their analog products but they may wish to promote a good reputation for servicing the digital range which they market. I suspect that they were reluctant to offer the same guarantee on the digital range until they gained some experience of what might go wrong and what the potential liability might be. Mike, you mentioned the sniffer port in your posting on Tuesday. Just to avoid anyone being disappointed, this is only fitted to the full price black Z21 system and is not included in the white z21 controls supplied with some Roco/Fleischmann starter sets and which are sometimes available separately from split sets. There is no separate programming track output on those either.
  13. The Seuthe smoke units must have much better heat insulation than the last Hornby smoke units did. I remember watching horrified as the chimney and smokebox of my 28XX loco slowly sank down as it overheated. It took me over 12 months to find a replacement body so when I did, the smoke unit was removed a.s.a.p. That was on analogue control as well so current was only passing when the loco was running. Steam/smoke does add so much to the realism when it's done well.
  14. Truly inspirational. This is a 00 garden railway that looks like it has a purpose and is going somewhere.
  15. A sad ending but at least you know you did everything you could for him.
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