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  1. Mick, you have done so much to show how 00 gauge can work in the garden and perhaps more importantly how it can become part of the landscape so naturally. The difference between the Selby layout and Worsley Dale is marked, even though the first layout was inspirational in its time. Trevor Jones’s Flackwell Heath & Great Wakering, is a similar but larger superb natural railway in the garden. Thanks for keeping the website open and free, all at your own expense. Good to hear your memories of Charlie as well. Enjoy the rest of the festivities and all the best for 2020 and whatever it throws at us.
  2. The code 75 track, with your skilful weathering technique, certainly looks much better than code 100. I should have realised you were using the finer stuff!
  3. Both Peco and Hornby make 670mm straight rigid track (quad straight). I bought some recently for a display case as I do not want the track to be flexing when the locos, etc. are on it. The Peco (ST-204) was the better value at £3.50 a piece with Hornby (R603) being listed at £4.99
  4. They will also include as standard a "stay alive" capacitor which could be especially useful on a garden layout. Something else "big" in OO is to be announced by them tomorrow morning. I have several of their 24ton hoppers and have a Deltic on order. Really must build a layout!🤔
  5. Like Mick, I am waiting to hear how well the set mix takes track pins. I am also wondering how much SBR went into the slurry mix. Congratulations on persevering with construction at this time of year and under such horrible weather conditions (unless your garden enjoys a unique micro-climate!) - It's certainly too cold and damp for me to consider venturing out in Staffordshire.
  6. Quite amazing how all the main stream press have picked up on the article. Looks as though it's even front page on some of the red tops. I hope it boosts Railway Modeller circulation as they deserve the credit.
  7. Yes that does look as if it is a direct easy replacement. Apparently there are two ways of changing from fluorescent to LED, "Plug & Play" and "Retrofit". Doing it one way ditches the ballast unit etc. There is a YouTube video which explains the difference. Its obviously not British but I'm sure the principle is the same.
  8. I should go for an LED replacement (using the same holder). A wiring modification is needed and the starter choke etc. is binned. A professional electrician did mine but it wasn't expensive and the light is much brighter.
  9. Next month's Railway Modeller magazine cover will feature Rod Stewart so hopefully that will create some more positivity for our hobby.
  10. Sorry to hear you have had problems with the move. It must be very stressful. I'm very glad that you have not let it put you off your garden railway activities. Looking forward to seeing progress using a different method.
  11. It is a very personal decision. You need to try several systems. Digitrains at Lincoln and various exhibitions, have several set up on a layout and are most helpful. DCC Supplies probably have something similar and I have heard good reports about Coastal DCC. I have tried ZTC, ESU EcOS, both Bachmann types and all 3 Hornby types. My favourite is Z21 by Roco/Fleischmann but it may not be for you.
  12. OK, you disable DC operation in a DCC decoder by changing its value of CV29. You disable Bit 2, which is usually done by reading the total value of CV29 and altering it to a number which is 4 less. The decoder instructions should have the details. Some very basic DCC controllers may not allow you to read or change the value of CVs. A feedback DC controller senses the resistance in a motor (perhaps due to mechanical resistance or just that it is going uphill) and then automatically compensates in an instant. I hope someone else can explain pulse power more clearly than I could!
  13. Pure DC will do no harm to a DCC decoder. Most will respond to DC but will require more power to start moving. I disable DC running on most of my decoders to prevent spurious signals creating runaways which has happened. Pulse power and feedback controllers may not work and I would not risk attempting to do so. The big killer would be electronic "track cleaners" such as Relco. These will definitely damage DCC decoders.
  14. Simon Kohler has certainly spoken of his train spotting adventures with his elder brother and is of the right age, as is the CEO, Lyndon Davies. I don't suppose they have actually been involved in applying "weathering " though. I have mentioned to Simon that the tops of weathered locos are too clean compared with the lower parts and he has invited me to return them for further treatment but I declined the offer.
  15. Glad you got 10001 sorted. The 20 and 68 look and sound great, with nicely matched coach stock.
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