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  1. There is one product which Thomas alerted us to, some months back. It is made in Ireland and is very expensive but sounds ideal. Check out "Medite Tricoya Extreme". An 8' x 4' piece 12mm thick can be had at present for £241.30 online. The blurb says "Medite Tricoya MDF is a revolutionary board that is characterised by its durability, dimensional stability and reliability properties, meaning it may be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels cannot, even in changing weather conditions. It can be cut, machined and used in exactly the same way as other wood fibreboards and is longer lasting, perfect for outdoor use or wet (interior) environments. It is made using a high performance resin which is also zero added formaldehyde, meaning the product not only exceeds EU E1 but is also CARB2 compliant. The product also comes with a 50 year Medite Tricoya guarantee, providing peace of mind. All boards are FSC® certified". I'm afraid I've no personal experience of the product and have no connection with the maker or any supplier.
  2. I see that Hornby is seeking warehouse space in the Netherlands to help overcome the problems caused by Brexit. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/26/brexit-dutch-warehouse-boom-as-uk-firms-forced-to-invest-abroad
  3. Hornby's cancellation of delivery to EU is not intended to be permanent, but who knows how long it will take to resolve the problems?
  4. It sounds much more refined than "fiddle yard".
  5. I am wondering how the ballast will survive, when the thaw sets in. Probably best to wait for warmer temperatures than put down salt or similar. More photos later please.
  6. Yes, you are quite right. With regard to Hattons & Rails and Bachman & Hornby it seems as though the two big names no longer have to compete for our business on a level playing field (to use the phrase of the day) . I know other suppliers stock both names and I do like to support my local shop as well but it is usually much easier to order for door step delivery. We had never used an online grocery delivery service until this year but we have had to try them all to get a delivery slot and there have been several "disappointments" including receiving an afternoon phone call from Sainsbury's saying that they had technical problems so could we click and collect. No. Then we had an Ocado delivery with a large crushed yoghurt (M & S) which had messed up everything else. Perhaps next year we will feel happier venturing out.
  7. There are also the Beilhack snow ploughs (ex-Class 40) from Hattons which look a little bit delicate. https://www.hattons.co.uk/234017/hattons_originals_h4_bh_001_beilhack_snow_plough_ex_class_40_zza_adb965576_in_br_yellow/stockdetail.aspx Many years ago Liliput UK sold one based on a A4/A3 tender with a continental plough blade on the front and of course there is the old Tri-ang Transcontinental one with fold back blades. Several on eBay currently but most with missing wings. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triang-OO-Gauge-R138-Snow-Plough-Wagon/313329238254?hash=item48f3e0c0ee:g:y3MAAOSwVIZfydIl Snow may not be an electrical problem as there is a You-tube video of a loco running on 12 volt DC under water
  8. On the odd couple of occasions I've had to return items to Hattons, they've emailed me a reply paid label. I'm not sure whether I asked for it or not. If you just post an item back to them without prior notice I don't suppose they will offer to compensate you. Rather naughty of them to send out defective locos as brand new though, especially when they are marked with known faults.
  9. The most important thing about any hobby is that it is something to be enjoyed. I hope you continue to do so.
  10. Competition may be good for the consumer but you may not be aware that a similar system is already being marketed. Please see https://www.protocab.com/welcome for something that is already available.
  11. I hadn't heard before you mentioned it, and it's only been confirmed today, so you are certainly keeping your eyes on the ball. I tend to agree about sticking with Hornby. Much of the new stuff is lovely to look at close up but can be rather delicate when you pick it up, especially outside in the garden.
  12. You seem to make a brilliant job of weathering in a very short time. Have you seen the new HAAs from Cavalex announced today? Their picture and copyright.
  13. Thanks for that Iain. Sounds nice and simple but no doubt time consuming. Probably very therapeutic after a stressful day!
  14. Did you use neat SBR, or the traditional diluted PVA with a drop of washing up liquid method? It looks very realistic. Can we have a little more detail of your method please?
  15. Sorry to hear of your problems Iain. To be honest I think Wiltshire, even if sweltering, is preferable to sitting in a tube in the sky with who knows what circulating in the air. If you obtain a free certificate of posting when you return the Class 117, I don't think KMRC could refuse to compensate you if it failed to reach them or was received damaged, if that is what they told you to do. I can understand your reluctance to do so though.
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