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  1. Perhaps your retailer could examine his other stock in case one of the other boxes has no driving/trailers but two NDMs! Most annoying for all concerned. I do sympathise.
  2. I'm pleased to say that my GBRf 640623/640624, Dapol B913A are also unaffected! After reading your report I was a little concerned as I had bought them at Dapol's open day off their "Not Quite Perfect" table in 2014. As far as I can see it's still only the box that's NQP.
  3. Incredible as it may seem, the tooling for the Bachmann wagons is over 50 years old. Commonly known as "whisky wagons," they were introduced in 1966 by British Trix who had them made by Liliput. They were fitted with Peco/Dublo couplings but had mounting positions for Tri-ang tension lock couplings. Liliput retained ownership of the toolings and supplied the British market directly after British Trix folded. In 1993 Kader Industries took over Liliput and the model passed into the Bachmann Branchline range the following year. It is still going strong and three different wagons are currently supplied in the "Whiskies Galore" train set with a sound fitted Class 20. With regard to changing the wheels of the Lima wagons, the axle length differs from other manufacturers and Hornby/Bachmann wheels do not simply drop in!
  4. That is a brilliant development! I thought at first that you had used Train-Tech's Animated Smart Screens but your model looks much more like what an actual station display looks like. Yours is half the cost as well.
  5. ViTrains certainly did have a connection as the company was set up by former employees of Lima after the takeover by Hornby. I heard that they had always wished to improve the quality of Lima's British range to the better standard of its European models but the importers were holding them to low prices. ViTrains saw the market for improved replacement mechanisms for old Lima 37s (and possibly 47s) and provided them.
  6. It certainly looks much better around the front windows than a standard Lima model. Has it had etched windscreen surrounds fitted? Good to know the sprung points have survived well.
  7. I've often thought that when I've noticed some around my garden. It would make a great scenic material for an indoor layout but it would need to be waterproof and regularly dampened so it's unlikely to happen!
  8. Yes, it looks as though they will be sending you replacements if you bought from them direct. Seems like it will take longer if you bought them from a retailer. My faith has been restored!
  9. Have you advised Accurascale of this discrepancy? I am truly amazed that a company which prides itself on attention to detail could make such a basic mistake. I think you should ask them to replace all the "wrong-handed" couplings with the correct ones. I would be surprised if they didn't agree.
  10. Hi Mick, I'm wondering whether you used the speaker which came attached to the TTS decoder or something a bit more exotic! If it was the standard speaker I would be inclined to email, or perhaps even telephone Hornby and ask them how it is supposed to fit. It is, after all, a Hornby accessory for a Hornby product and should be compatible. Their original sound fitted Class 60s from around 2009 were fitted with ESU decoders but I don't know whether they have ever sold any with ready fitted TTS decoders. I will need to dig out my 60048 some time and see if it needs to receive some attention.
  11. I'm guessing that wasn't Sir Nigel Gresley! 😀
  12. I really wish I could remember all your faces! I know I bumped into you at an exhibition (perhaps Burton-on-Trent?) . The “good lady” has a much better memory than me. She probably gently interrogated you and will be able to recall everything you said, just to warn you! I wonder if Trevor will be reading this?
  13. This website/forum whatever, was a real find when I came upon it nearly 10 years ago and I did wonder how one man, i.e. Mick, could find the time and money to have created it. I would be very happy to contribute towards the costs involved but I am too old to learn new computer skills, besides which I already have 2/3 almost full time voluntary jobs which have prevented me making progress on my own garden railway. I have hesitated to suggest this, and I know there would be negative issues, but has the time come to offer the domain to a commercial organisation such as a magazine publisher? At one time Pat Hammond ran an online discussion forum, called Model Rail Express I think, and this was much less formal than RMWeb but appeared most days. There was a brave attempt to put this on a commercial footing when Pat decided it was time for him to retire but I don't think it ever really took off. I do hope oogardenrailway continues.
  14. Cheers. Thanks for clarifying that. It seems the safest trackbed is Rubbercrete or light thermal blocks, both methods needing a lot of planning and "civil engineering". Good luck with your 00 garden railway and enjoy it, whichever way you go. Riddles
  15. I have hesitated to post this, and still await being shot down in flames, but from the figures you have quoted, is not the coefficient of expansion for the plastic 100 times greater than that of nickel silver rail?
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