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  1. Sorry to hear you have had problems with the move. It must be very stressful. I'm very glad that you have not let it put you off your garden railway activities. Looking forward to seeing progress using a different method.
  2. It is a very personal decision. You need to try several systems. Digitrains at Lincoln and various exhibitions, have several set up on a layout and are most helpful. DCC Supplies probably have something similar and I have heard good reports about Coastal DCC. I have tried ZTC, ESU EcOS, both Bachmann types and all 3 Hornby types. My favourite is Z21 by Roco/Fleischmann but it may not be for you.
  3. OK, you disable DC operation in a DCC decoder by changing its value of CV29. You disable Bit 2, which is usually done by reading the total value of CV29 and altering it to a number which is 4 less. The decoder instructions should have the details. Some very basic DCC controllers may not allow you to read or change the value of CVs. A feedback DC controller senses the resistance in a motor (perhaps due to mechanical resistance or just that it is going uphill) and then automatically compensates in an instant. I hope someone else can explain pulse power more clearly than I could!
  4. Pure DC will do no harm to a DCC decoder. Most will respond to DC but will require more power to start moving. I disable DC running on most of my decoders to prevent spurious signals creating runaways which has happened. Pulse power and feedback controllers may not work and I would not risk attempting to do so. The big killer would be electronic "track cleaners" such as Relco. These will definitely damage DCC decoders.
  5. Simon Kohler has certainly spoken of his train spotting adventures with his elder brother and is of the right age, as is the CEO, Lyndon Davies. I don't suppose they have actually been involved in applying "weathering " though. I have mentioned to Simon that the tops of weathered locos are too clean compared with the lower parts and he has invited me to return them for further treatment but I declined the offer.
  6. Glad you got 10001 sorted. The 20 and 68 look and sound great, with nicely matched coach stock.
  7. One of the few benefits of the ZTC 511/611 is that it only takes 4 keys to be pressed to change it from DCC to DC control (or vice versa) so it can always be connected to my test track. It's nowhere near as user friendly as the Z21 system apart from that though. I hope you soon sort out the problem.
  8. I'm just wondering whether you were able to test them both on DC before you fitted the chips. Frustrating I know but I might be tempted to remove 10001's decoder and see if the stuttering still occurs with pure DC. If it does, it's probably one of the causes you suggested.
  9. The retailer in question is currently in a well publicised dispute with Bachmann and has not received any stock from them for some time. Perhaps they are listing stock at full RRP in order to maintain a broad range. They won't be giving them away if they can't obtain replacements. Just a thought but I may be off the mark.😊
  10. I hope you find a very suitable new property and the changeover goes smoothly, Don't desert OO when the time comes.
  11. No excuse needed: rule number 1 applies! I do like your reasoning though.
  12. The Dynamis Command Station seems to have a choice of track connections, either plug in, or screw terminals in a green connector. My Z21 unit uses a similar but probably smaller green connector and I once discovered a tiny single strand of multi-core flex was touching the opposite side resulting in a short. I suggest you examine this very carefully, with a magnifying glass if necessary. If the problem is not there, check the other end of the cable as well. Hope this helps.
  13. An awe-inspiring video, as well as the still shots. It shows just how good a OO garden railway can be. I'm not too sure about the height of the walls on the viaduct. I don't think they should be lowered enough for an unfortunate 1:76 p/way man to accidentally topple over. It is nice to see as much of the trains as possible but please don't lower the walls too much.
  14. Coastal DCC, in Ipswich and various exhibitions, seem to have them in stock for £19.50 https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/products/accessory-decoders/slow-motion/
  15. I've just realised that putting the image of the moving sign might be against forum policy. If that is the case Mick, I do apologise and would not be offended if you removed it. Chris has a dummy monitor at the end of Platform 4 (and possibly elsewhere) and I thought a working display could add something extra. Perhaps I should confirm that I have no connection with Train-Tech although I do admire their products, They are also very nice people! Like Mick, I was sorry to learn about Saturday's disaster and congratulate you on repairing the damage so quickly.
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