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  1. Hi Griff, Just seen the pics. It happens to us all! Pics from this corner of my layout (can't remember what pages they were on...Page 13, I think) looked lovely a while back but now the Bougainvillea plus banana trree are claiming bigger squatters rights. So it's all being pulled out. Don't know how long the fix will be as other projects keep coming up, hence not added to the forum for quite a while. Meanwhile, the main station still active...Not sure how an IC 125 crept up on that Patriot... Cheers Rossi
  2. Hi Griff, Just seen the pics. It happens to us all! Pics from this corner of my layout (can't remember what pages they were on...Page 13, I think) looked lovely a while back but now the Bougainvillea plus banana trree are claiming bigger squatters rights. So it's all being pulled out. Don't know how long the fix will be as other projects keep coming up, hence not added to the forum for quite a while. Meanwhile, the main station still active...Not sure how an IC 125 crept up on that Patriot... Cheers Rossi
  3. Tony Replies: Turbines. We have a good few over here but I still think they look ugly. Language: Mine is English!!! Canary Isles is Spanish.(or to be more correct, Canarian which is butchered Spanish lingo. They have a dislike of the Spanish.) Drive shaft: Bachmann supplied it direct. Took 6 weeks for the delivery. Went on a circular route as usual. Always goes to Spain peninsular, then they read more of the address & find that we are islands off the coast of Africa. Rossi
  4. Delicate Bachmann locos. Wasn't so long ago we had probs with this drive shaft. Had to request another spare, and then that one split. After some probing about I found the original debris from the first shaft still wedged into the loco, so maybe this was fouling subsequent replacements. Hopefully! Anyway, to further try my patience, a trusted Bachmann class 25 started playing up. For the last two months it has spasmodically refused to climb gradients, giving up the ghost and emitting a whining sound. Not all the time. Some days it would run perfect. Then it started doing it after descending gradients and later on doing it on level track. The dreaded drive shafts thought I. After checking, taking them out and replacing, the problem still persisted. (And they are the very devil to man handle without de-soldering some wiring!). I then checked that both ends of the inside engine were turning together. OK. So no problem with the expensive part. Another week went by, frustratingly running it like this. Then after much thought I could only assume that the cog/cogs turning the wheels had somehow lost some teeth. A reasonable assumption as the whining was coming from that area. No. All complete. I couldn't understand how the driveshafts were functioning and not turning the wheels. Then the penny dropped as I checked the maintenance sheet. That little plastic b***ard (that's my frustration) part number 8, had become worn and was not gripping the shaft on the bogie worm sufficiently. Replacements from Bachmann rectified the problem immediately. But it shows how delicate some of these parts are. The loco is a few years old, but I can't say it's been hammered. Ok, outside use. But would this do more damage? Anyway, if any fellow members come across this problem, well... now you know!!!
  5. Shaun, I had exactly the same problem with the class 47 and wrote about it on page 5 of "Rossi Railways in the sun." That small piece of plastic (guard rail) in front of leading wheel seemed to catch on certain points so I clipped it off and it sorted the problem. (But don't mention the ongoing saga of broken drive shafts with this model...Still awaiting ANOTHER replacement from Bachmann.) Might be worth a try. Rossi
  6. A few photos taken today. It's surprising what they show up...Need some signalling at this end of the main station!!!
  7. Hi Tony. Just to underline the fact you mentioned...Soldering feeder wires to the track is definitely the way to go. It's the lazy person in me, although I have some feeder wires around the layout. Fishplates/rail joiners only last so long (over here) due to the amounts of sand/dust accumulated. My soldering leaves a lot to be desired hence the quick fix. THOSE carriages! The previous page shows what I did to the ends of the coaches (an idea given to me in earlier posts). It helps the situation, although not faultless. The other week I inadvertently left a class 24 towing one around the layout whilst being in the front garden. The diesel uncoupled and obviously caught up with the stranded carriage and derailed with it... still with power on and straining at the leash! The engine has suffered (probably mild burn out as it still runs, albeit at a snails pace.) Not sure if the carriages are really worth the effort. Rossi
  8. It's like going over old ground and things us seasoned campaigners should know better. Fish plates/ rail joiners. How often do we preach about the weakness of these things in the garden? On my viaduct I've had 3 small lengths of rails joined by fish plates and for the last few months I've been losing electrical contact under the closed section next to it. OK, not actually stopping the flow of traffic but voltage drop. Stupidly persevering with it and "tapping" the rail joiners or nudging them with pliers etc. things work out and on we go...but today I decided to remove the lengths (8 rail joiners in total) and slip in a new length of almost a yard of track. And there we go! Back to normal. Just shows, that all our earlier rantings of rail joiners in the garden were correct. So, to all newcomers to the forum...Take note when you read about the frailty of these electrical contacts. There are better ways!!! PS. Griff, yes I was talking about the coaches from the "build a train set" Running a lot better after filing away the obtrusive overhang.
  9. Decided to scrap the front station roof as it's started to get the "bends." It means a shady part of the railway has gone where I can park a couple of trains. (Maybe a rebuild or something) Anyway it looks like a bit of a clean up is necessary and probably new platforms. We'll see.
  10. Thanks Mick. Much appreciate the time and effort you put in ( undoubtedly speaking for all of us on this site).
  11. Have a merry Christmas everybody. Ho Ho Ho..oo!!!! Pic from a couple of seasons back. Christmas dinner outside for family. Hope yesterdays drizzle stays away.
  12. Oh No! Our aviary houses a handful of budgies & they are reaching the time when they will be called to the higher bird cage in the sky.(We always sold on the young born) Recently we discussed not replenishing the aviary and pulling it all down. Now you see the dilemma, especially planting the seed of an "O" gauge shunter! Down the opposite side of the "OO" railway? Get thee behind me Satan!!!
  13. Iain, thought I'd give those coaches another looking at. First off, took a look at the buffer beams, and noticed the curvature on it. Definitely interfering with that stupidly designed coupling. Small hacksaw (very gently) got rid of it. Of the two coaches, one now runs ok without any derailing. In fact, it's done about 30 laps! The other one still acting up. I suspect the bogie is not free enough, plus, like you say, might benefit from some weight. All told though, a pleasing hour or so outside.Also thanks for the advice.
  14. Probably my bad positioning of words. My power controller hasn't died, just the forgetfulness in my old age of leaving it on during the rain storm.Seems feasible that it was this problem that caused the colouring on the rail (electrolysis?). The village oo scale layout (magazine)has finished now. Those coaches: At first they seemed ok but I've given up on them as they seem to want to derail. I even coupled them with the village trucks (magazine) so that all couplings were the same, but they still persisted on coming off the track. Old Lima coaches are more reliable.
  15. The power on? Goodness me! That could be the answer. Although the transformer is well buried under the boards (water tight) I had left it plugged in throughout the rain. These things happen at a certain age. That's why I thought it strange as it hadn't happened before...(or not that I can remember!)
  16. After the bout of rain, finally removed the covers. (See previous pics) Strange findings on some of the rails. This odd turquoise/bluey colouring. Acid rain? Something from our volcano? Hope I'm not going to start glowing in the dark!
  17. Tom, back for a short break, finished the main background landscape: And now, after about 7 months of dust and sand we have the first of the winter rain. An hour or so of allowing it to clean away the remnants of sand particles and on with the sheets. Seems ages since these were unfurled!
  18. My good friend Tom arrived back on the Island bringing some goodies and his paint brushes! Asked if this was any good?. Found in a second hand shop. Don't really remember it, but what an exquisite carriage. Needless to say it had to be put to use straight away. Runs like a dream. GWR was never my first love, but now with the addition of coffee and cream coaches (EBay)and this, I'm getting pretty fond of the stuff.
  19. Love it!!! And there's me still having bits of a struggle with the Spanish lingo.
  20. Marvellous project up and running with the restoration of a Big Boy 4014 in the USA. https://t.co/U4AopeRrvT
  21. Now with the addition of a crane at the end of the canal, It seems a bit silly to have an up market bungalow next to it! (left of pic)
  22. Getting to that time of day when a cool beer is about to be produced at the bar! Plus, sometimes you never know what's coming into the station next. Whilst at the other end we still get problems with leaves on the line.
  23. Photo of KOYLI (9002) and Flying Scotsman on their way from York to Shildon.
  24. Found two tunnel mouths. Well, you've got to use them some how haven't you? Back of the layout, we now have an extra sanctuary for a train to dodge the sun. Now need my good friend Tom to get over here (September I think) and start blending the old backscene with his magic brushes. Whole section just lifts off the tunnel mouths.
  25. Just goes to show that us modellers are never off duty. Yesterday, revamping our kitchen, Mrs Rossi put some plate/Cups shelving outside ready for the bin. WHAT!!! "I know exactly what that could be..." Voila! A new station roof. Only needs some made to measure plastic sheeting. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After an hour or so, it bit the dust.Off to the tip!
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