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  1. Thanks! Its all outside so I put trains out every time. However most of the time I'm just running one or two around whilst I do things. If I've a full relaxed day and its dry I'll fill up the fiddle yard 😄 There's also a shunting section so if I'm lazy I just play with that, though it only takes ten minutes with a track rubber, occasional wipe with alcohol to get going. There's an outdoor 240v socket for the controller and it plugs to the track with 2 pin plugs like you use for a mower.
  2. Thankyou! Its certainly not your layouts level, but its fun to play trains again! The signals are very old hornby dublo with some beefing up to the bases. They seemed the most robust option for outdoors
  3. Thanks! Aside the accurascale tipplers I'm slowly collecting secondhand stock and locos I can fix / detail or repaint. Its nice to be able to run long trains!
  4. I already posted in 'members garden layouts' but really shouldve posted here. I returned to the hobby due to lockdown. I was a member of Barry and Penarth model railway club from 1993 to the early 00's (youngest member back then by a long shot) built one or two exhibition layouts but left the hobby until lockdown, when I retrieved the only trains I had left...a rake of honrby MGRs and some lima locos. I fancied running them but had no space so after researching outdoor layouts here I am! The idea for a simple loop in the garden has escalated a little though. Been good to get back into the hobby, even if budgetary contraints mean I'm slowly collecting mostly secondhand locos and stock I can fix /detail or repaint. This forum was a souce of some useful info for sure!
  5. Thanks. Its been through one so far. Its sheltered and I cover it up so in adverse weather so I'm cautiously confident
  6. Hi everyone. I returned to the hobby during first lockdown. Hard to believe that was 18 months ago. Due to lack of space, love of running long trains and looking at peoples outdoor layouts I built my own! Its been reliable so far. Running DC to save money, though every track joint has soldered bridges and there's a 'bus' running all around, points have been modded with live blades etc Reclaimed outdoor switches used for some isolating sections. Some buildings and details, mostly from the bargain bin or scrap box
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