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  1. I got a chance to see the new APT and I have got to say, it looks fantastic. I'm sure it's also very delicate, I'd definatley want it to be on a storage track permanently if I had one.
  2. Today I managed to get the railway running again and, I used my MK1s that I am still yet to finish. It's one of those projects that I've just lost interest in but maybe ill get them done someday.
  3. yes, I'm guessing he used a homemade flexible (silicone?) mould with plaster poured in
  4. I'm guessing the brick is some kind of plaster by the way its chipping off at the sides
  5. right, I'll see about giving it a go. From my memory it stopped on a strait section, I took it apart and tried running it inside with the body off, and the decoder popped and started smoking, at least I think it came from the decoder, although it could have come from the PCB underneath...
  6. I remember seeing the TAY video and wondering how they made those viaducts, I actually think it was one of Micks video's that inspired me to make my railway, I didnt even discover the forum till about a month after I finished.
  7. my layout is DC, and so the decoder was set to DC mode, that might be what fried it, as its at a lower voltage and so higher current.
  8. Yeah, it would be fine, Ill still go to the model shop (as gives me an excuse to go) but thanks for offering.
  9. Thanks very for offering but I'll pass, I think the problem is with something else that caused the decoder to pop, and I'd rather not give out my address on the internet when I can avoid it for obvious reasons. I'm sure the local model shop will have some spare as they do decoder fitting I agree, theres definatley a fine line between quality and price, and it might be one thats just impossible to hit. Theres definatley high demand thats currently filled by exclusively used models. The problem is none of the budget offerings have really advanced, Hornby is still selling the same ringfield railroad 47s for £70, so I can see why people would buy £50 lima or Hornby diesels from the 80s and 90s. They're effectively the same model...
  10. I'd heard good things about the Hatton's 66 but I have never had one, but its a shame the model is like that (I remember hearing something about axle boxes falling apart but I didn't look too deep into it) my Bachmann 25 died and its made me reluctant to buy anything high detailed and complex, I think the decoder died but id need to get a blanking plate to see if thats the problem... I think ill be sticking to cheap Hornby and Lima locos for now.
  11. I think latter examples were black, I'll tone mine down to suit. Do you recall any 60s running without ploughs? many pictures of 60008 show it with no plough at all... my bad for copying that photo, it should be covered under fair use, but better to be safe. in future I'll just link to the website. I think the hattons 66 (with its shortcomings) is a good example of what can be achieved for a fairly reasonable price, theyre on sale for 120 which I don't think is bad for such a detailed model, ill still stick to old Hornby, Lima and Bachmann stuff though. I've found some files for an IOA wagon, its slightly out of period but I'm more of a collector than a rivet counter so I think they'll look good with my 60, 47 and 37, I might make one to see how it comes out.
  12. 60008 seems to not have had the gray ploughs at some point [photo removed due to copyright message] though theyre so covered in grime its hard to tell, it also seems to have been lacking them in a couple of photos, I dont know the procedure on when ploughs are on or off but most photos of other locomotives have ploughs. I could potentially 3d print some suitable wagons and paint them up, its just finding or making a suitable design for a stone hopper, I cant justify the price of a new or even used wagon rake. you must've been lucky to catch it just as it went past. The ploughs definatley look out of place, even in real life. I feel that only 5-10 years ago locomotives were a lot cheaper. I have copious amounts of lima and hornby diesels that I got for around £30 a while ago, maybe its just inflation, or lack of cheap new locos, or maybe its just me.
  13. I managed to pick them up near the end of the show at 55 for both ( so 25 for the Deltic and 30 for 60008), and the 60 is considerably better detailed than a railroad diesel at less than half the price so I'm pretty happy with how it went. As for the ploughs I think thats how they are sold, in factory fresh condition. I believe they were quickly repainted in black, or just turned black from all the grime, so I'll tend to toning it down. I think the Loadhaul livery suits the 60 though I still prefer the sectorisation livery, now I just need a suitable rake of wagons for it to pull, or I could just keep on using mk3s and mixes of big four and early BR wagons and vans. It was nice to get back on the railway today, though it started raining whilst I was cleaning the track so I had to go in for a bit. There are still many jobs to do so hopefully there is a final few warm sunny days to work on the track.
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