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  1. Hi all, My father has recently passed and left behind boxes of garden railway. I do not have any idea what I have, if it is worth anything or if it would be something amazing. For this reason I dont want to stick it on Facebook if it could be a real find for a real enthusiast. I have taken numerous photos and tried to list out what there is. Firstly the distance between rails is 32mm and according to Google this is O gauge. 60 x 1 yard lengths of flexi track (metal rails/plastic sleepers) The words on the under side of the sleepers say "Stream lline Devon patern applied for PECO" 4 x left hand turnout points 4 x right hand turnout points Plastic track - 4x straight, 12x curves Jig stone mould set 2kg scale bricks 6x Center couplings 2 x Hudson Bolster wagons Halt & booking office plastic model kits 2 x buffer stop kits Bogie kits Box full of wheeks, gears, tail lamp, motor, bogies, track pins and coal hoppers EZEE range daisy railcar kit including guard van & 2 passenger coaches 5 x grey wagons 1 x grey brake van 2 x green pasenger coaches 1 x Shell tank wagon 1 x yellow flatbed wagon 4 x red passenger coaches 1 x black flatbed wagon Locos Mamod steam railways engine. This is part built and has all instructions (Think this may be live steam as the instructions mention cylendar and exhaust build stage?) 1 black battery operated loco. This works and goes forwards and backwards 1 red battery operated loco. This works and goes forwards and backwards, also has directional lights. Any helps with this would be greatly appriciated.
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