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  1. OK, just caught up with your thoughtful replies on this. By 'section' does that refer to a single 36" rail length - or is it a composite of several?
  2. Thanks again. Just one more key question: how many feet of track can I go before needing to refeed it as I understand the power strength diminishes the further I go out. I'll be about 250 feet of single track when complete. Other extensions will doubtless follow!
  3. Thanks. Is DCC a good idea - and am I able to have basic sound without it? Since the layout is experimental (hanging off the side of buildings) I expect simplicity is the first step so analogue is probably right. However, it would be nice to have sound. What would you advise?
  4. Wow - quick work! Thanks so much for the input. The 'garden' is all round the house but my plan is to run from the backyard deck along 'viaducts' attached to the outside walls of the house then join various decks and verandas as I go. Plan A includes a bridge across the garage door that raises with the door (nuts, I know, but I'll give it a shot!) My real concerns are how many feet can I go without adding power to the track? 2o? Is there a preferred controller? Is there a loco (I'm a steamer) most suited to the more rugged outside task? I'll start with one and work on from there. Really
  5. I have been advised by hobby shops that this is impossible or at best unadvisable so, naturally, I am pressing on. I would appreciate any solid, basic input on the pitfalls. I grasp that I can't run this thing in the wet but then I don't intend to, so what else do I need to know. I've got about 250 feet to play with, am planning a single track, and just need to grasp the key issues before going ahead. Thanks for your help, SeaBeast
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