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  1. The best thing about being retired is no pressure to earn a living. I agree hobbies are to be enjoyed, thanks for the well wishes.
  2. As I said I am retired so this is only a hobby for me which I thought might be of interest. The protocab looks good, thanks for the link.
  3. Hi, I am a retired electronics engineer and I have just finished the design of a radio control for 00 gauge, using a Li-Ion battery I am getting good results, my test track is not powered so that there is no problem with dirty tracks. The charging can be done externally or via the wheel pickups, the loco can be run onto an isolated powered siding. The electronics are very simple, utilises 433Mhz four control button keyfob to select forwards, reverse, accelerate and decelerate. Multiple locos can be run on the same track and reverse loops are a piece of cake. At pres
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